Commentary Xi Reggie and gaga, even all the audience’s minds have not recovered from a wave of little dragons. rg Red buff Wild Area gdeyes, this powerful anti-wild movement, once again made everyone nervous.

"Rick came to the underground tunnel with E skill to fly Raven, but gdeyes directly pulled an E skill and sent a punishment at the same time. Take this red buff, but the tsar hu on the side has outflanked it and was poked by the Shabing to slow down, but Raven Q skill has improved for a while and jumped directly from the dragon circle. That should be no problem. It’s really a little angry to be forced to run."
"I really fuck a little after I get some heroes. This wave feels that there is actually no need to take risks to grab this red buff, but he just grabbed the key and really ran away."
On the big screen, czar rg and rexer also have the heart to watch raven leave as raven turns over the dragon circle.
"But I, God, Raven, have made a scene."
"I feel that Raven, the hero, is still a little chatting in the early stage. My god has already got two heads, but it’s no fun to watch both strokes."
"Brother Raven, this hero is like this. You have to kill each other in a set after the equipment gets the advantage. That kind of picture looks pleasant, but it is impossible for you to show this kind of base in this level of competition. Raven seems to be worth looking forward to when he gets it in the game. In fact, you certainly can’t see any wonderful exercises. It is impossible to play the base of the second kill picture."
"Yes, it’s impossible to play a set of seconds kill in this kind of game. If gdeyes plays well, it will help jzh and zei to add some damage when they encounter a small-scale battle in this wild area. It’s impossible to show it."
In the audience, this wave of raven grabbing the red and then jumping the dragon circle to escape also made many fans and viewers in the live broadcast start to discuss.
However, for this game, the gg team pulled out Raven to fight wild. Although Raven was gdeyes, no one recognized him as a big deal.
Indeed, it is impossible for Raven, a hero, to show that kind of rank in this level of competition.
"Come and get this blue and that blue."
At the same time gg game night maple also said to Huang Zeming
"After this wave robbed the red buff, my god Raven should help the ice girl Ozawa with this blue buff, so that the ice girl’s ability to clear the line will be much stronger."
Reggie and gaga looked at the screen in front of them. After the team battle and the tension, the game between the two sides once again turned to a peaceful situation.
"After a few more waves of wild monsters come home, is this wave for me to synthesize cooling shoes? Plus a hammer, it should be slow to cool Raven, but in this contest, your error rate will be very low. Maybe once you are hit by two, you will be directly bloody. "
After the big screen wave helped the single ice girl get the blue buff, Raven took away the wild monsters and went home directly.
Then Reggie saw from the screen property panel that Raven’s equipment was updated to synthesize straw sandals into cooling shoes and then made up a hammer again.
He immediately knew that this game of gdeyes raven was the most common cooling flow raven.
But the cooling flow is common, which means that it is common in rank bureau. In this level of competition, the whole team acts as if their hands and feet are harmonious. It looks more like a gamble for you to slow down like a crispy raven.
"Do you think it will be better if this shoe comes out of cloth shoes? Otherwise, Swiss is too brittle in team battle."
"Maybe gdeyes has his own ideas. Let’s see what he chooses."
The screen raven took the spring water and ran directly to the wild area. Both sides of the middle line were not bad, and they were controlled in the range of development.
"This wave of my god Raven has come over to catch Lubron and the big mouth line jzh. The bull’s head has already topped Lu Xi ‘an’s slide to level A and Q. The blood volume of the big mouth has instantly dropped by half, and the speed has slowed down. The distance between Raven and gdeyes is still a little far. Lu Xi ‘an’s big move is to baptize the big mouth with a holy gun!"
In the pilot lens, when the development of both sides came to fifteen minutes, Lu Yibo’s team battle started instantly.
This is the night maple raven coming from the river support to enter the rg wild area and preparing to bypass the back wave line B, and the bull’s head approached the wq second company limit and reached the big mouth.
"But it seems that I don’t need God Raven to get to Lucian. It seems that I can kill him, but the rg line happened to come over and block it. Finally, the big move flashed!"
Bang! (Bang! )
"oh! After Xiao Pang’s Q skill cools down, he is ready to flash with Q to kill his big mouth, but this wave of wu also reacts very quickly and directly dodges this Q skill or he will die. "
"There should be no chance, but this wave is also a bit dangerous. I was almost killed by the line, but a little dragon is going to refresh the rg. Can it be defended here?"
After this thrilling battle on the big screen, less than 200 blood points were lost, and the big mouth was taken away to let him escape, the second little dragon was about to refresh.
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The fourth volume DiQiSanqi weird around after
"I feel that it might be better if I can wait for God Raven to come over here and make moves again.
"But rg Online has made a lot of horizons. My God Raven has actually been detected. If you don’t make a move, rg Road may run away. In fact, this wave of B is beautiful, but it is still a little difficult to kill rg Road skills."
Commentary: Reggie and gaga watched this wave suddenly explode and fight back. Although the final result was a flash exchange between the two sides, there was no head killing, but the process was still thrilling to watch them.
"So is this little dragon brushing rg team ready to let go or come and defend?"
"They’re coming here. This little dragon should be rg, but they don’t want to let it go because their group war is still stronger than gg’s big mouth when it comes home in 5v5.
Reggie took a look at the positions and skills of both sides and said, "Look at both sides. They are both on the way, but now they both have delivery orders in their hands. They should be able to support the key skills at any time. Except for the flash of ad, others are still flashing, especially my god Raven. Look at the performance of the two dragons here."
When the game comes to sixteen minutes, the second little dragon will refresh quickly.
Now that the gg team has the advantage, it is naturally impossible for them not to move this little dragon, but at the same time, rg has been beaten and ad’s big mouth is coming quickly, and their eyes are equally accurate.
"In the equipment, both sides are the first big piece to complete the second big piece. It should be said that the influence of the equipment here is not too great. Although Da Rui Wen and Bing Nv each have two heads in the account, the equipment is also slightly ahead. This wave of real fighting still depends on the two sides. The lp troll on this side has an advantage over the line before Bobby has an advantage. This wave of soldiers will start to return to the spring and wait for delivery."
"It’s hard to say this wave. Although gg has two head advantages here, if they really fight, their team’s fighters are too short. In positional warfare, there is no way to fight rg. They can rely on the ice girl to force their advantage. It is necessary to force a wave and kill one before they can win."
"That’s right. To put it simply, rg and gg in this game are a wave of group battles and a continuous output of group battles. Which side can control the group battles and which side fits the situation has a great possibility of winning the game."
This little dragon may lead a team battle, and Reggie and Dongka are also trying their best to analyze the factors that are hidden in the array.
"This wave will leave if it doesn’t get the dragon with their group."
"But my position may go around. Pay attention to my position. My position."
At the same time, the gg team seats Huang Zeming and Fu Weibo have almost completed a wave of exchanges.
The big screen assisted Fu Weibo’s bull head to slip away from the front team in the place where rg had no view, interspersed in the wild area of Xiaolong Circle and then went around to the triangle grass position.
There is a true eye of gg team in the grass.
"They didn’t notice me. They didn’t notice me. Look at my position. Look at my position."
In the picture, the bull’s head started this key walk after the rg array landed!
"Look at this wave of rg trolls waiting to send them at home. The visual field that can be sent is sufficient. On the front side, the single hu Tsar Sha Bing poked two consumption trolls and began to send him. The sending position is the back visual field. Bobby also opened the sending position to meet his teammates!"
"That should be to open a group … but tauren position! ! !
My God! ! Directly around the … Q lightning flew to the tsar, a tsar was seconds! "
Reggie’s gentle and slightly nervous commentary suddenly got out of control and entered the audience’s ears through the square loudspeaker on the spot.
The enemy player has been killed on the huge screen in the center. This is a sudden surprise. After the commentary Xi Reggie saw that he suddenly rushed into the screen, he was stunned by Q flash and then pushed into the crowd. The tsar was frozen by the ice in the fall.
Then the blood volume suddenly dissipated.
The enemy player has been killed!
It’s really a blink of an eye. When Tsar hu was surrounded by this strange wave, the bull’s head went straight into the gg crowd. It seemed that thousands of different skills were blessed in the Tsar’s body at this moment, and Tsar hu was instantly killed.