"Ah, ah, ah, ah, what a cute puppy! Let me have a good play with you." Dressed in red and white and a witch, Zhu Naizhan spread his wings in the sky and made a crackling explosion.

"There is a sprint ahead to stop the old man from merging with Ealibur!" No, Leah, go and say that Yuuto Kiba is red and has rushed over. The biggest enemy is just around the corner. How can you make him not impulsive?
Since the darkness, the three-headed dog in hell growled and bit at Yuuto Kiba, who was at the front.
A number of magic swords quickly emerged around you, and the body was flexible and trampled on its own magic sword.
The three-headed dog in hell growled and ate a mouthful of dust for a second, and six slender magic swords emerged beside Yuuto Kiba.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Bellows rang, Yuuto Kiba landed smartly and moved on, leaving six eyes pierced into hell, and the three-headed dog howled in pain.
However, its howling didn’t last long, and it was dismembered by the kitten and Genova who came from behind
"This guy’s progress is really fast." Looking at Yuuto Kiba Genova, who just accurately stabbed six swords into the eyes of a three-headed dog in hell, he couldn’t help but be surprised and admired.
"That’s because the enemy is just around the corner." Himejima Akeno, located in Central China, shook his head and sighed.
"It’s done!" Balu Papi excited the sound, and at the same time, four Ealibur in the middle of the school began to shine very brightly.
Kirk Bohr clapped his hands in the movie.
"Did you finally turn four Ealibur into one?"
The sacred light spread to the school court.
Because it is too dazzling, I have to cover my face closest to Yuuto Kiba. If I look at the center of the school, I can see that four Rapier are overlapping.
Ealibur was originally a handful, although it was divided into seven, but the four over there are becoming one.
After the dazzling light, there is a Rapier that releases blue and white aura in the center of the school.
"Thanks to the light emitted by Ealibur when it became a weapon, the operation was completed. In less than 20 minutes, the city will collapse. Do you want to lift or defeat Kirkbor?" Balupa proudly said a very shocking word.
However, the expression of fear did not emerge from the faces of all.
Balupa has no time to think about what the Rubik’s cube array in the school field has given off light and the inexplicable power marks have begun to gather, which is enough to destroy the whole city.
"Balupa Galileo, it’s up to you to wave this fusion Ealibur. Surely that’s what you’ve been expecting, isn’t it?" In the sky, Kirkball called the priest’s name.
"Very happy" Barupa’s abnormal light flashes in his eyes.
"See, I’m the right one, Lord? Did you see that the glory of eLibur is blooming in my hands again … What a beautiful glory?" Holding eLibur Balupa in the school, he laughed wildly for a while and then put his face in his hand, and eLibur was intoxicated.
Chapter 54 Artifact hands off
"It’s heresy … you are so heretical that you don’t deserve to continue to believe in my Lord!" Looking at Barupa still boasting there, Genova couldn’t help but say angrily.
"Ha, ha, ha, what do you know? The Rapier plan is so perfect. If you hadn’t hindered me, I would have regained the glory of Ealibur!" Waving his hand, Ealibur barupa said angrily
"Balupa Galileo, I am the lucky person of the Rapier Project. I was killed correctly and lived by turning into a demon." Yuuto Kiba coldly announced to Balupa that he was boarding a fire of hatred and his eyes were glued to Balupa there.
"Oh, the lucky plan, this is really unfortunate, but it is also fate to meet in this far eastern island country. Hehehe"
"I used to like Rapier. Even when I dreamed, I would think about it when I was a child. Ealibur said that it always made me yearn for it. When I knew that I didn’t make the sword fit, the horse was desperate." Suddenly, Barupa spoke in a gentler tone.
"Because of my own method, I look forward to it very much, which can make people’s idea escalate. Finally, I immersed myself in the research of artificial creation of the sword, and then I finished it. Thanks to you," Barupa looked up and gave Yuuto Kiba a ferocious smile.
"What? Done? Aren’t we judged to have failed and punished? " I was very surprised when I raised my eyebrows in the wood yard. According to the wood yard, Lilias and Genova dialect, Yuuto Kiba included all my companions at that time, and they should have been killed by the Ministry after that.
But Barupa shook his head than cruel and said
"It is necessary to notice that it is necessary to make Rapier, because I have investigated that the subjects with numerical adaptability, teenagers and girls, all have causes, no matter which one meets the requirements of controlling the Ealibur value, and then I have come to a conclusion that’ if you take out the cause and get it into a person’s body, can you do it?’ Then after that … "
"So that’s it. I know that when the swordsmen accept the blessing, they put it into the body …" Genova seemed to notice the truth and gritted his teeth.
"That’s right, the sword makes the girl draw the sacred cause from the person who owns it and make it into a crystal image like this." Barupa said and took out a luminous sphere from her arms, which was very dazzling and gave off a sacred aura.
"Thanks to this sword, the research has made great progress, but the church guy has taken away my research materials as heresy rejection. See you, I think my research has been inherited by someone. Damn it, Michael wants to break my sin, but it’s still like this. Forget it, that’s the angel. It’s much more humane than me to take it from the subject because he didn’t kill this list."
Balupa laughed wildly and finished talking about everything, ignoring Yuuto Kiba Genova, who was already red in the eye not far away.
Having said all this, Barupa happily looked at the front Yuuto Kiba.
"It is said that thanks to you, I can complete my long-cherished wish of waving Rapier."
"Killing his companions is just to extract Rapier’s sexual factors?" The woodyard is full of murderous look. Ask Barupa.
"Yes, this sphere is the product of that time. This is more magical than anything. Even the devil can make Rapier. Hahahaha."
"Although the body has become like that due to extreme power conflict, the child is still very happy. It’s a good test. It’s a pity that I don’t know who killed him." Barupa shook his head and sighed that his mouth was naturally killed by Ye Yu.
"Balupa Galileo, you did your own research, and your own desires actually put so many lives …" The woodcutter trembled and wrapped himself in the magic generated by anger, which was a very powerful force.
"Hum, since you talk like this, I’ll give you the meme. The research has been carried out to the stage of mass production if we want to tidy up the environment. First, Kirkbor destroyed the city together, and then it was kept in Rapier all over the world. Then, after mass production of the sword, Ealibur declared war on Michael and the Vatican, so that stupid angels and new groups who wanted to convict me could have a good look at my research results!" Baru Papi said enthusiastically.
Immediately, Balupa lost the crystal like a lost interest and rolled it on the ground to Yuuto Kiba’s feet.
Yuuto Kiba quietly bent down and picked up the crystal.