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Chapter four hundred and two Pick the stars peak
It turns out that Ouyang Rong Er has never relaxed her habits and ideas in the past few years, especially the alchemist’s face. It seems that there has always been a string in her mind, and she must try her best to become an alchemist. It seems that only then can she really get rid of the talons of willy.
In fact, the concept brought to her by willy is not advanced. Only four words practice makes perfect. Many people, even if they are not qualified, will often get good grades if they focus on one thing for a long time. Ouyang Rong Er has a good talent in this respect.
Originally, it was estimated that Ouyang Rong Er’s impact on the master consumption of alchemy in the past 20 years would be an astronomical figure. However, the fact is that Ouyang Rong Er, in turn, has made a lot of money over the years and devoted himself to basic alchemy. Ouyang Ronger has never been too ambitious in refining some low-order Dan medicines. After 100% success, he refused to stop there. Instead, he made a series of improvement plans for those low-order Dan medicines
Don’t really tell her something very effective, just like she developed some low-grade Dan medicines, which are often superior to some of the same Dan medicines on the market.
This batch of Dan medicine flowed into Leidong Shedan drugstore, which soon sold well, making the name of Leidong Dan drugstore better and better. Several low-ranking monks flocked to Leidong, and Leidong had already studied that the world was mostly monks in the gas refining period. Although the monks in the gas refining period were poor one by one, there seemed to be no spiritual stone, but once the number was formed, the profit was extremely considerable.
Don’t mention that the old money left by the shopkeeper of Dan drugstore was really a self-aging guy. At the beginning, Willy just instilled a large set of advanced ideas into him and didn’t take care of it, but the old money was to put all the ideas into a book by Willy, and a little research and active digestion. Not only that, but also the basic ideas were greatly expanded by Willy.
In just over 20 years, willy invested in that Dan drugstore, and now it has spread all over the sphere of influence of Yin Shazong, from one to 20, and the total asset value has reached more than 50 million souls. Although it is suspected that the peers are selling at a low price, there are millions of souls in every year’s profit. This result can not be ignored, and it is tantamount to picking up a golden hen for nothing.
Of course, Lao Qian’s success is not only the achievement of his business philosophy, but for the fact that this is the sphere of influence of Yin Evil Sect, with thunder and Ding Wanyan’s ghost cave cards on his head, it is hard to say that in the process of its rapid rise, it would have been swallowed up without even the belt bones.
It is also from this that Zuo Chao has never interfered with the operation of Dan’s drugstore. He was instructed by his teacher to supervise the shipment of a Dan’s drugstore for willy, so he swallowed such a golden laying hen to outsiders.
With such a good foundation, I don’t think about whether to lay Dan medicine from Zhaozhou before going to Kangzhou. Dan medicine is sold to big merchants respectively, so I don’t care.
But now that we have such a good foundation, it is a pity that it is unfavorable. As far as we know, our own team has also helped us to initially establish a small force.
It’s a small force, but it’s not too small to know that it’s throbbing. The reason is very simple. Among the forces, attracting those people is mostly controlled by the ghost method, and this thing is that even the monks in Yuan’s infancy are provoked, and they feel extremely horrible to resist things. When choosing each puppet, they have to consider it repeatedly and have a deep study of their temperament before they can do specific operations, such as those who are sexually strong and ready to fight with people desperately, and will not touch it.
Of course, although these are all development plans, now The Hunger has not returned and owes an east wind
When the urgent thing is to solve the problem of Ling Xiao, after taking control of Ouyang Rong Er, he took Zuo Chao Ouyang Rong Er and several of their preconditions to go straight to the top of the star, which is a vision.
The Star-Picking Peak is located in the sphere of influence of Yin Shazong. It is a mountain with steep terrain and towering peaks. It is freezing all the year round, let alone ordinary humans. Even monks can’t resist the gas refining period. They can barely enter the Star-Picking Peak without the cultivation of Dan and the foundation period. But if there is no Godsworn then to protect and share against some Gangfeng, I am afraid it will be a long time to stay.
That’s why the battle of the Star Peak was limited to monks in the then-elixir period, and monks in the foundation period had to be covered by someone who was willing to help.
Willy is equal speed. In the past, it was only three or four days, about ten days earlier than the day of the decisive battle, but things were unexpected. This road can be regarded as a "sea of people", especially in the thousands of miles of the peak, which is almost full of people.
All kinds of light in the sky reflect each other, and their momentum is reflected in the strong then period and the foundation period. Most of the middle-level monks are all over the mountains, but the monks in the gas refining period don’t know what made them lose their minds. They even spent hundreds of thousands of miles and miles to come to this star-picking peak for half a year.
Of course, the peak is so high and so scary, but staying at the foot of the mountain is always not a problem.
This is by no means an exaggeration of throb. It is a throb that really doesn’t want to squeeze into it when it comes here. It is a folding of the breath. It looks like a monk in the construction period and Chen Ge Ouyang Rong Er and other people landed on an inconspicuous hillside
Even on a hillside, there have been seven waves of people, each of which is three to five people and seven people. Most of them are monks in the gas refining period, mixed with a small amount of monk Zhu Ji’s thunder. It is from their chat that it is discovered that the monks in the gas refining period have come from thousands of miles, and the purpose is to build a monty Fang.
It’s a long way to go, even for people like yourself who are then. Don’t say that flying is not much slower than snails. It’s really lucky that monks are not dead.
Willy estimation is good. This duel involves the number of monks in Kangzhou. When they heard the news, they rushed to this side. I don’t know how many times there have been fights and murders, and I don’t know how many monks have disappeared quietly. Of course, many monks in this world have met some special opportunities, such as worshiping a mentor or finding something precious.
It’s not a joke. Once there are more things, some incredible things will gradually become common.
In some places, there are fights naturally, and they just can’t fall out of the range of half-column incense kung fu and throb, so they feel that there are not five fights, and one of them has directly caused people to die. Looking at those mountains and plains and camping casually like ants, many monks can’t help feeling that they are not as good as seeing monks this time.
However, no one dares to provoke throb. Although there are only a few people in this group, they are all masters in the construction period. On the contrary, the monks who occupied this mountain in the seven waves of gas refining period directly retreated to other places and were willing to squeeze with others. Conflict is very desperate.
The law of the jungle scene is revealed here.
Good willy and others didn’t wait for just less than an hour. A strong red light was drawn from the sky. All kinds of light were flying in those days, and they quickly dodged to make way. That light was a monk then. If you can’t afford it, you can honestly leave.
That light went straight to the front of thunder, and when a subtle fragrance crept into thunder’s nose, the woman in red with a silk scarf giggled and said, "Brother Lei, are you pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger here again?" Wonderful eyes swept around and found that the low-order monks in the surrounding mountains and valleys could not help laughing.
However, when those low-ranking monks Qi Feifei’s eyes swept past, they all looked down at each other in a hurry. No one dared to look back. God knows what this powerful woman in red is. It is not uncommon for the world to look at people and get killed.
Willy’s waiting here is also unwilling to rush around, and he doesn’t want to expose himself. Then he knows how to hide his sharp claws so that the world can live for a long time. He sent a ghost to inform him politely.
"Feifei politely said that they also arrived?" Willy freely said
"Brother Lei politely said that they couldn’t come to pick you up with Monty’s adult." Qi Feifei smiled and said, "All my maids are here, but it seems that the magic weapon refining is very smooth."
It’s also a slight relief to see Qi Feifei so relaxed and throbbing. It seems that Monty should be quite sure about this battle. When he just wanted to ask Qi Feifei to take them away together, the hill next to him flew in a slow way. At the same time, a brittle girl said, "Then sister help!"
[Thank you! 】
Chapter four hundred and three Spirit Method Door
With a slight sweep of mind, willy impressed the little girl’s preliminary information department on her mind. The high-order subdivision of refining gas should be the tenth floor. At this age, uniting to this level is already a well-qualified Xiaotian. At the beginning, willy was just entering EN at this age.
It’s just that it’s hiding from the light, not evil, as if it’s a natural awe-inspiring spirit. Although its repair level is poor, its foundation is deep. It’s obvious that this girl should go out of the right path
I’m afraid the help I called was still in those monks wrapped in black and green evil spirits. When the little girl didn’t come to Qi Feifei, four miserable green Se dodged the light and followed closely, and the momentum was impressively four monks in the foundation period. The monk was already a high-ranking old man in the foundation period.
Don’t look at willy’s contact with you now, it will often be some monks who are very young. However, in most cases, the monks in the foundation period are quite small, and they can dominate the megatron side in certain circumstances.
Especially when there are many miscellaneous monks in the gas refining period around here, it is quite an eyesore for the four monks in the construction period to go out together.
Rao is that little girl is a day, but after all, she is too young to repair her life. She is just a little refined and refined, and she is chased by four Buddhist monks. The hope of escape is of course very slim. If she is not afraid of J and anger, Qi Feifei will be directly arrested early.
Do throb for chivalrous car has always been no interest, even if there is, it is also because of the interests, so I took a faint glance with my hands and lost interest.