Bai ri Lian Wu Chang

Blue sky Gu Yan pointed to the martial arts field brother and said to Zong Yue, "This young mountain knife method is something that every young knife villa brother needs to master. You want to marry my concubine, and naturally you need to master the younger brother. However, when you are a Mahayana monk in half a month, it is natural to shorten the time I will give you three days."
Zong Yue picked up the broadsword and put it aside. "That’s no problem. Tell me the formula."
Gu Yan pointed with a straight face at the hard, dark stone not far away. "My formula of Yang Dao Villa is nothing more than this. It’s not difficult for me to wait for you. When will you be able to make a crack in the knife-testing stone? Even if you don’t blame me if you don’t wake up, even if you move the knife-testing stone, it will naturally absorb it and come into contact with the spirit."
Zong Yue listened to him, and he had to learn the art of raising mountains by himself without giving himself a formula. He smiled, "Two men want horses to run fast and don’t eat grass."
Gu Yan’s face doesn’t change color. "If you want to go into my family, you must keep my family rules."
"Two male kidding? I haven’t cracked the stone for ten years. "
"When will a younger brother understand the art of using Yang Shan knife for half a month? It took me more than a month to pick up this knife."
Young Dao Villa knives are all specially made, and all of them weigh 100 Jin. Beginners practice with wooden knives until the foundation is built, so they are qualified to come to the martial arts field to start this fine steel black iron refining treasure knife.
"How can this be done in three days?"
Watching brothers murmured
"It seems that the second public thinks that I can’t do it?" Zong Yue gently turned the wrist and the knife danced the treasure knife weighing 200 Jin so that it was "not good for two men in three days"
She leaped and waved her long knife at Gu Yan and all martial arts field brothers, and split the knife stone in two.
"such as?" Zong Yue inserted the long knife into the soil and asked lightly.
"You, you, you … are you cheating?" A younger brother of Yang Dao Villa didn’t resist pointing to Zong Yue recently and asked.
"Can I still cheat when you try the knife stone in your villa?" Zong Yue smiled. "This kind of weapon is always one inch long and one inch strong. As soon as I entered the martial arts field, I noticed that your Yang Dao Villa Dao is not only long but also heavy.
"Since this knife-testing stone can absorb and touch the spiritual force, it will increase the weight of the back of the knife in the spiritual force. Naturally, it is my first time to split the crack in this knife-testing stone. It is really shameful that I am not skilled in cutting this knife-testing stone directly."
Someone was dumbfounded at the place.
"good!" Gu Shaoyun, the owner of Yangdao Mountain Villa from outside the courtyard, strode in. "It took ten, twenty, thirty or fifty years for others to understand the truth. How can a Taoist friend see through it at a glance and not know where his friend and teacher are?"
Gu Yan, the "father/owner", and his brother at the scene hurriedly saluted.
Zong Yue smile hand a ritual way "in just scattered repair is not a teacher".
"scattered repair?" Gu Shaoyun looked at Zong Yue and praised him, saying, "San Xiu has such a talent. If he had a good teacher when he was young, he would have been famous in Zhongzhou today."
Zong Yue smiled, "Lord Gu Zhuang is ridiculous."
Gu Shaoyun helped her up and signaled that she didn’t have to salute. Seeing her in this martial arts field and trying this knife again, she asked, "Can Taoist friends come to my Yangdao Mountain Villa today to discuss martial arts?"
Zong Yue shook his head lightly and said, "I’m here to marry a second male concubine, which is just a test for me."
"Nonsense!" Gu Shaoyun scolded Gu Yan, "I’ve only been away from home for a day, and you want to marry a concubine?"
Gu Yan wronged "this is my mother’s decision."
I heard that Xie Lingshu decided that Gu Shaoyun’s face changed but didn’t say anything.
He looked at Zong Yue and sighed, "Even if you marry an ordinary clan and become a matriarch, you will not be married to my children’s concubine?"
Zong Yue said calmly, "It’s excellent to know that Yang Daoshan’s banker’s great cause is great, but he’s humble and can’t be happy to marry two concubines."
Gu Shaoyun became more and more satisfied when he saw that she was not afraid of being arrogant, advancing and retreating, and not aiming too high.
His mind moved and he asked, "I wonder if you want to marry me as a child or into our family?"
Zong Yue one leng doubt whether the Gu Zhuang master see color up intention from Gu Yan grabbed her.
Anyway, she also wants to stay at home.
Zong Yue lowered his eyes and replied, "I was thinking of marrying the second husband. Today, seeing the owner of the manor is not like others who are biased against us, but every word of praise is good. I can’t help but want to stay at home."
"Good good" Gu Shaoyun caressed his beard and was very satisfied. "So good"
Gu Yan hesitated and asked, "Father, did you see Zongdaoyou?"
"Looked at" Gu Shaoyun way
This is a concubine room getting smaller. Mom?
Although not forced to marry Zong Yue, Gu Yan still rejoices "but mother’s side …"
Is it not a slap in the face for my mother that my father suddenly married a concubine?
"I’ll talk to your mother," said Gu Shaoyun. "Your eldest brother is 60 years old and it’s time to get married."
Didn’t my room become a little mother, but a big sister-in-law
"What? Do you want tired children to marry her? " As soon as Xie Lingshu got up from his chair, "I don’t agree."
"Madam," Gu Shaoyun hurriedly appeased her and patiently advised, "You also know how many people are willing to marry their daughters to him."
"You can’t just marry a woman who’s not from the right background."
"You don’t understand this," said Gu Shaoyun. "I heard that this woman is not others but Xie Yi and Xie Zhao. Since she can save Xie Yi and Xie Zhao, she said that she is a good girl with kindness and strength. What’s more, today, at the martial arts field, I think she has a good understanding of our villa’s knife skills and is practicing our villa’s knife skills."
"What about a good seedling? If you really value her, you can make an exception and accept her brother to marry her to tired children? "
"I’m not thinking that she’s talented and wants to have children in the future, and her talent must be amazing, so it’s better to inherit our knife method and inheritance at Yang Dao Villa."
Xie Lingshu’s heart trembled. "Do you mean to leave Yangdao Villa to the tired children?"
Gu Shaoyun was confused. "Tired children are our only children. If we don’t leave them at Yangdao Villa, who can we leave them to?"
Gu Shaoyun had long thought about marrying him and giving Yang Dao Villa to his children because he was tired and physically weak.
"That Gu Yan? Don’t you always let him lead the team to set up a reputation in eliminating demons in Yang Dao Villa? Don’t you … "Want to give Yang Dao Villa to him?
"Yan ‘er is fine, but he is not our son. Why should I give Yang Dao Villa to him?" Gu Shaoyun became more and more confused. "Besides, his father was also the leader in our meeting in the past, and now this responsibility is not just for him."
"I still …" Xie Lingshu stared at Gu Shaoyun with complicated eyes.
"What?" Gu Shaoyun was confused for a moment and suddenly realized, "Madam, you don’t think it’s me and Fu Fu, do you?"
Xie Lingshu said slowly, "You were so happy that you wouldn’t have married me if it wasn’t for Gu Xie’s early finger marriage."
"It wasn’t that seed of love, who was young and not sensible, mistakenly took a liking to him. Later, I fell in love with my wife at first sight and didn’t know what I really liked?"
Xie Lingshu charming body a shock "now you just say you know me, I almost …" Did something wrong.
Her child was born with a congenital disease and can be fostered in the back of the mountain. Her husband is alive and kicking when he gives birth to a child with someone else, and he is still fostered in his own name. He plans to give him the villa. How can her competitive generation not complain?
Gu Shaoyun also pointed out that she almost misunderstood a generation and said, "Since Shao Han and Fu Fu died, I have brought Yan Er back, and my wife has been treating him very well. Although the gossip in the villa keeps on, my wife knows and believes me."
After all, who would be so kind to a rival child?
Xie Lingshu really wants to knock his head open to see if there is a wooden stick inside.
If you don’t clarify such an important matter, you will clear yourself if you just think about it.
How can she be jealous and mistreated by Xie’s daughter?
"Do you have to let tired children marry that Taoist friend?" Xie Lingshu is still afraid of playing against Zong Yue yesterday for fear that Zong Yue will notice something wrong.