The peaks are surrounded by green trees.

La la la la la la.
Chapter seven hundred and sixty Lugang town
"Cute as hell."
"MengMeng MengMeng Meng"
"How can there be such a strong little girl?"
"I love her voice brainwashing cycle for a hundred times."
"Ha ha, it’s all over my head."
Comments Hey, the dreamer tour group bus is also hey, the rollover is "la la la la la", which is not a general feeling.
"Well, I told you, like you, my precious disciple, you can play ten times to see if the scenery of Sun Moon Lake is the first to press you."
Suluo provocative looked at Yuxuan Leng and said.
"Yeah, I pushed you too."
Yuxuan Leng turned a supercilious look. Who dares to compare the powder absorption ability with the big teacher elder sister? Isn’t it purely seeking abuse?
"Where to go next?"
"I won’t rest here. I guess the reporter will be here soon, and the wind will call us to go to gogogo, Lugang."
How can the geese leave no trace when they leave a person’s name? It’s still good to have a heart to check. I don’t want to be exposed when I find suluo.
Or it may have been exposed, but the best thing about wearing a mask is that you can guess, but I can’t kill myself if I don’t take off my mask for a day. I just …
They all have to think about whether they want to be public or not. They are all guessing that these three people are from the Bay Area, so it will take a while.
"Is it getting dark now?" Yuxuan Leng asked.
"It’s not far away, it’s less than 1 km, and the hotel has already booked it until just after midnight snack."
Suluo a hug cosette cosette wench "la la" for a whole afternoon constantly yawning drowsy.
"Master, is there a deer in Lugang?"
"There are many deer. You can see them after sleeping for a while."
It doesn’t matter whether there is a deer or not. The important thing is to put this girl to sleep first. It is the origin of the name of Lugang. It is said that it was named after the Dutch era when this port exported a large number of deerskin.
After arriving for a night’s rest, the journey continues.
"One house, two deer, three monga" Yuxuan Leng sighed. Lugang town is really a small town.
"That’s all in the Qing Dynasty. It was the second largest town in the Bay, wasn’t it? Look at this urn wall. The wine urn base is ventilated and beautiful, and there are so many wine urns that can be used to build walls, which also reflects the prosperity of Lukang in the past."
Suluo replied with a smile that the times are constantly developing. There is always a place to decline and a place to rise. When Lugang was mighty, Shenzhen was still a small fishing village. Now Shenzhen gd is always going to surpass Xiangjiang.
In this way, the ancient town has a unique flavor, and this ancient charm is rarely seen. The streets and lanes of Lugang town are full of rustic simplicity and ancient meaning, such as being out of the way in the alley. You can still see ancient Chinese medicine shops and cloth shops on Zhongshan Road, an ancient house.
A trip to Lugang’s "Little Quanzhou" ancient style tour, the elder martial sister estimated that she had seen the most temples in her life.
I won’t go to the Tianhou Palace with a "cold queen". What is this? It’s easy to be cursed and laughed at by Tianhou.
Longshan Temple is still going to see it. It is considered to be the most complete temple on the island. The Qing Dynasty temple was built in Qianlong Dynasty, and its shape is simple, simple and quiet. It is true that other Guanyin Dojo is different.
Sitting in front of the square, the big banyan tree was resting, and suddenly a signpost came into suluo’s eye.
"Aha, hahaha, found it" suluo shouted excitedly.
"Find what?" Lengyu asked curiously.
"The most famous scenic spot in Lugang, ahem, I didn’t see it myself?" suluo pointed to a street sign in front.
On the first line of the road sign, it says "2 meters in Mo Ruxiang"
"Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa"
The wolves are booing again.
What are you still looking at? I’m not interested anymore.
"Go for a walk to see a"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Yuxuan Leng has a headache. Who are they?
A group of people set off in a mighty way. suluo tutted, "Look at you. Looking at Chinese is more interesting than English, isn’t it? It’s not a hierarchical culture. Narrow alleys have no artistic conception at all. What’s so strange about narrow alleys? But it’s called touching your lane and it becomes a scenic spot."
"Ha ha ha ha"
"There’s one in the sea, too. It’s called Mona Lane."
"Well, the same result is achieved. Hahahaha"
This is a long shop, a fire lane. The narrowest part of this narrow lane is less than 7 cm. If men and women happen to pass each other face to face, it will be awkward if you let me or you let me. So he was dubbed the name.