If Yunmingyuan published this directly, they would probably think Yunmingyuan was perfunctory with strange things.

He didn’t get anything from Yunmingyuan’s mouth, so he took it sadly and went on studying.
"Hey, old Qin, are you still watching this?" Coming from the other side of the flying boat, Gao Jing saw Qin Zhuo with some surprise.
Several of them have seen this together, but they all gave up because they couldn’t understand those strange things.
I didn’t expect Qin Zhuo to still give up.
But if you think about it, it’s also Qin Zhuo’s favorite to take a fairy cloud and make a fuss. It doesn’t seem strange to have such a performance.
Qin Zhuo glanced at Gao Jing and frowned. "What about Tianxing and Sigh?"
"They are communicating with the alchemist over there." Gao Jing crowded his eyes.
Qin Zhuo "…"
Most of the practitioners are alchemists, and the number of female practitioners is small. Almost all of them are men, and all of them are hot-blooded. It is normal to gather together with alchemists, especially female alchemists, to exchange feelings.
It seems that there are more women among alchemists.
On the surface of both sides of the mage and the Fuofu division who followed him, they often got together and ignored them.
"Words old qin don’t you want to communicate with an alchemist? Maybe it’ll cross your eyes with the alchemist. "
Yunmingyuan is the leader of their team in name, but Yunmingyuan doesn’t care about anything, and most things are handled by Gao Jing.
Moreover, he is the only one of all the people who have lived in Qizong.
Qin Zhuo sensed that there was no teasing in his tone.
"Forget it, you single people don’t know the benefits of being a couple." Gao Jing patted Qin Zhuo on the shoulder. "I went to talk to Brother Yun about the situation and went to find my couple."
Qin Zhuo did not notice the ostentation in Gao Jing’s tone.
He nodded. "Go ahead."
Gao Jing "…"
Just now he spoke as if Qin Zhuo didn’t listen at all.
He was silent for a long time. He should have thought of this man as a elm knot as Brother Yun.
Speaking of it, Yun Mingyuan seems to have said that he has a companion, but no one has seen his companion, and almost no one believes this sentence is true.
He shook his head. Although Yun Mingyuan was lower than them, it was enough for them to call Guan Mingyuan a senior with the immortal cloud.
Gao Jing found YunMingYuan will be an alchemist handover situation over there Dou Yun Mingyuan said one.
Chapter 57 Two people meet
This means that if someone in the family is a practitioner, ordinary people can also make others connect, which brings convenience, which is definitely not as simple as what they see now
Thought of here Cai Feng recovered a mood.
They are really able to stand tall.
Both Zhen Zong and Fu Zong people don’t talk.
There were four cases where the elder Tai asked someone to study and prevent Xian Yunling from leaking information.
Both Zhen Zong and Fu Zong know that their former patriarch called a group of people and failed to get things out.
This incident made them a little embarrassed in front of Qi Zong for a while.
You know, the ancestors lived in the heaven and the clouds, and the medicine-permeable Sect was popular, because if it were the monk, there would be no need for Dan medicine, and everyone should do well with the alchemist.
Among the four cases, the array cases and the fu cases are ranked in the middle.
Although the two clans often pinch each other, their status is indeed unshakable.
Qizong has always been marginalized.
Zhen Zong and Fu Zong Ren Ji never regarded Qi Zong as an opponent.
If this time, as soon as Xian Yunling appeared, they suffered in the hands of Qi Zong.
Now the whole clan is watching their jokes.
What kind of affection can they have for Qizong is that they have seen a ghost.
Of course, it is another matter if you don’t mix a few struggles and get to know each other and get familiar with things.
For example, Tao Ziyan, the master of Fu Zong Fu You, is a Taoist couple of Qi Zong Gao Jing, and no one can say anything about such a private matter.
Liu Yutong poked Tao Ziyan around her and winked at her. "Ziyan, don’t you go to your home?"
Tao Ziyan shook her head. "Forget it. Now we are still at the time when the audience is not pleasing to the eye. I will go to him when there is no one."
Liu Yutong "…"
Did she really ask Tao Ziyan to find Gao Jing?
The main thing is that drunkenness is not about wine.
However, Tao Ziyan didn’t have a summer vacation, and it was not good for her to go directly to Yunmingyuan to restrain her thoughts and say nothing more.