But she’s not.

When she grows up, when she comes back to China again, he will forget her, even worse than an ordinary old friend.
Or she never stayed in his memory.
But her memory is so clear-
She still remembers the little boy who was always famous in front of her. She still remembers that when she was forced to join the mandala organization, the only courage she had to live was to hope that one day she could cross her legs in front of him and say,’ Hi, we meet again! Are you better?’
Five years ago, because of her outstanding performance in the organization, she was selected by the organization to go back to China and sneak into the 23 rd military industry and the cold house to steal information. But her heart has always been towards the cold owl. Otherwise, with her mastery of information and her excellent work, she would have won the promotion and trust, and she would have become his right-hand man. Where else would there be today’s game?
Wait for a while stared at the ground and she was crying.
The consciousness is getting more and more blurred, but the memory is getting clearer and clearer. She still remembers sitting on the steps of a cold house and wishing.
If my second cousin can smile at me, I’d rather die for ten years.
If my second cousin can play with me, I would rather lose my life for ten years.
Is the little girl dreaming that her cheeks are red or her eyes are watery and clear? At that time, she would not kill anyone, but she would be moved by a certain paragraph in her pocket, and she would also shed tears in her subconscious.
When did it change?
Both her parents died that year …
I vaguely remember that she made wishes to the dead in the training ground with a strong smell of blood in a foreign country.
If she can return to China alive, she is willing to die for ten years.
If she can be with her second cousin for life, she is willing to give everything for even losing her life.
It seems that the wish didn’t come true. Her life is finished!
Along the way, her heart was pumping pain and bleeding.
Once, she was able to wear a stone, but one day she would be favored by him. The truth is so cruel that it can be a dream of finding the moon in the water.
I was nervous for several months when I fled, and my nerves actually relaxed.
It doesn’t matter to her as a result.
My mind was twisted a little, and then she straightened it again and again. After that, she seemed to be exhausted to the extreme. Two soldiers dragged her and narrowed her eyes slightly, feeling that everything should be over …
Consciousness is blurred after all …
Night lights and even chickens are the time when blood wolves are cruel.
In the sharp pain of stabbing Lala, I wandered around and woke up.
There is a rushing water in my ears, as if someone is washing their hands.
Where is she? Is he dead?
Try to open her eyes, and then she saw the white window with carp.
It’s dawn!
Section 465
It’s a pity that she no longer has a bright sky and fresh air …
Now she is a prisoner!
She sniffed, and a thick smell of blood came on her face, which stimulated her to sneeze greatly. She gasped in pain and she was suffocating.
Breathing deeply, she tried to raise her hands and struggled only to find that being tied to a bed in the shape of a Chinese character is not an ordinary bed. Strictly speaking, it is more like a stretcher when a hospital pushes a patient.
Her eyes hurt a little. She cried too much.
When she opens, she simply closes again.
What, she’s not dead? Why not let her die?