Shaking his head as if to interrupt Liao Hua, Takamiya mana bit his lip tightly and said

"The scale of the earthquake caused by’ nighare’ is only the standard level. Although there are no dead people, the number is less than 100."
"That, that what …"
"The reason is very simple. I directly killed myself and said that I would give more than 10,000 humans."
Liao held her breath.
‘Priness’ and ‘Heri’, which once appeared in Tiangong City, did not take the initiative to attack human beings, although they caused a profound earthquake.
But if we can easily tear the earth apart, the monster will kill himself
It will be eASy for as players to imagine when they are terrorists.
Chapter 416 Your orders
The clock has turned three times again, and it seems that it is time for school.
As the teacher left the class, crazy three waved gently to Ye Yu while packing himself.
Ye Yu gave her a clear look. He knew it was crazy three waking him up and visiting the campus after school.
"Shi Zhi, you go home with ten incense."
Looking at ten incense a reluctant appearance Ye Yu some funny said.
"I see. Be careful."
Wuhe Shizhi nodded gently, and she was also keenly aware of the unusual place of this Tokisaki Kurumi girl in front of her. This girl made her feel fear.
"Ye Yu!"
After Wuhe Shizhi and Shixiang left, they called Ye Yu’s name Crazy Three and came to him.
"Can you show me around the school? Take more photos. "
Jiao smiled and said to Ye Yu, a crazy three girls.
The beautiful smile makes people look obsessed, just like artificial beauty, full of noble attitude and elegant manners, which strongly highlight her presence through Ye Yu’s senses
Ye Yu is not deeply absent. The girl’s beauty and girlish breath make him feel something vaguely.
"Ah … that’s no problem."
Soon return to absolute being, Ye Yu said with a gentle smile, and the latter was very happy to nod and gather together.
"So! Let’s go quickly. I’m very happy. "
Pulling Ye Yu’s arm and sticking it close to him, Tokisaki Kurumi just pulled Ye Yu out of the classroom.
At the same time, 15 meters from Tiangong City
All the Chinese ships’ Frainus’ of the secret organization’ Raaskr’ are floating.
A life-form’ spirit’ that is irregularly present and causes danger to the world.
Let them be shy and take on this funny and difficult task. The workers are now in action, although their core personnel often don’t cooperate with them.
Frainus’ central department, location The bridge is directly under the command of Qin Li, and all 30 workers are in their respective positions to skillfully operate the central console.
"The favorable degree of 455 has not changed"
"Mental state, green and stable state"
"Allowable range of minimum difference between Lingbo 15 and previous forehead 34"
"Oh, everything is fine, isn’t it?"
Captain Xi Qinli, who leaned back in the center of the’ Frainus’ bridge, said while turning a cherry lollipop in his mouth
Tie your hair with black shoulders and a dark red army. Anyway, she is a girl who plays COSPLAY under the influence of shadow.
However, the place with the bridge can’t be finished. The cute girls are sitting in the bridge department and watching their monitors leisurely.
The huge screen reflect that influence of the elf Tokisaki Kurumi.
Then, various parameters of the picture are displayed in real time in the window of the department and through AI processing text.
Yeah, it’s like GALGAME pictures.
"This time it’s a tough guy."
Looking at his face, Tokisaki Kurumi couldn’t help sighing in the piano. Even in the piano, he couldn’t help but feel a deep surprise after learning the information of the Elf Department.
And the relatively gentle ten incense and four are completely different from the most evil elves!
The picture is closely attached to Ye Yu’s side, just like a close lover. The head is so cute and askew.
"So where do we start?"
"Ah, actually, I don’t know much about the school …" Touching my head, Ye Yuxiao said that he came to school on a school day, which can be said to be a handful. To be honest, I really don’t understand the school.
"But anyway, you are not visiting the college, are you? Can you tell me your real purpose, Tokisaki Kurumi? "
"Why can’t I understand what Ye Yu is talking about?"
Tokisaki Kurumi showed some vacant expression. Although this gesture is very attractive, it can’t deceive Ye Yu.
"Well … don’t play games again. What’s the purpose of getting close to me?"
Hold Tokisaki Kurumi’s wrist and press the girl in the corridor. Ye Yu asked so grumpily.
It seems that Ye Yu doesn’t want to play any student games with Tokisaki Kurumi, and plans to make her honest in a more straightforward way.
"Ye Yu classmate … it’s really active … people are so scared." But for serious Ye Yu crazy three is still such a mirth, with a little purr, she gently rang and listened to Ye Yu, not from a tingle.
It’s really an attractive stunner, but it’s a pity that your goal is to have a cool feeling flowing slowly through your heart, and then Yuzryha Imperial regained its Qing Dynasty.
But since you don’t want to tell the truth, don’t blame me for being rude.
Corners of the mouth hook up with a unscrupulous smile immediately Ye Yushen a little more before this almost and crazy three tightly stick together.
"Oh, don’t you like it?" Looking at the girl’s painted black eyes in her arms in a condescending posture is not covered by long black hair and bright scarlet eyes.
There is no fear in a girl’s eyes or a look of fear, but a deep desire.
The girl’s eager eyes are Yuzryha Yu’s lost in confusion. What on earth is she and herself? What will have this strange feeling?
Similar to Shi Xiang and Si Nai, but stronger than the two of them.
"Well, I’m so-called, but …" I gently pulled my hair crazy and turned around to look somewhere.