The instructors looked at each other and asked Yu Anni a few questions, and they already rated her in their hearts.

Yu Xin suddenly said, "I think I still have to say one thing."
"What does the tutor want to say?"
Yu Xin smiled. "In fact, this contestant is my sister. Although she is a half-brother, she is also my sister in name. To avoid suspicion, I think I still have to say one."
They were surprised to look at YuAnNi and looked at Yu Xin.
Although Yu Anni is beautiful enough, she is still on the wall compared with Yu Xin.
Not to mention the temperament, the appearance is still a complete victory, and there is almost no similarity between the two facial features. No wonder they are half-brothers.
But if they are half-brothers, what are the two sisters? Yu Xin’s initiative to reveal the news immediately caught the attention of the program group.
This is a good stunt. Mentors and contestants are sisters.
Yu Anni’s heart is beating fast and she has a bad feeling.
Soon she heard Yu Xin say, "How about this? To be fair, I won’t grade Yu Anni this time, but everyone will give her an extra test for my sake."
This sentence would make YuAnNi face smile.
She did prepare for the extra test, but she definitely didn’t perform well just now.
If she doesn’t take the extra test, she must have entered Class B steadily. It’s hard to say if she wants to take the extra test, and her mentality is unstable now.
Everyone else thinks that Yu Xin’s suggestion is fair, and the extra test gives her a chance to perform, but it is appropriate for Yu Xin not to participate in the grading.
This also has YuAnNi know YuXin surface seems to take care of her but in digging a hole for her.
"That’s it, Yu Anni. Do you have any other talents to show?"
Xu Chi looked at Taiwan and Yu Anni’s tone was serious. He was the most demanding of the four instructors. Perhaps he came out of this program. He sang and danced at a high level and was very strict with the players.
Yu Anni knew that once the instructor asked such a question, it was necessary to show it. It was impossible to answer that she had no other talent except that dance just now, otherwise she would not be able to enter Class B. Maybe there is hope.
So she nodded calmly. "Yes, I also prepared an original song."
It’s said that it’s original, but it’s actually done by the company’s predecessors. It’s because the temporary preparation was not sufficient half a month ago that she didn’t want to take it out at the initial rating.
However, when she sang in the company, everyone said it was not bad, and maybe it would be liked by the instructors.
So Yu Anni took a deep breath and decided to sing.
She looked at the bleachers before singing.
Yu Xin is also looking at her, and her expression Gherardini makes her goose bumps.
Yu Anni tightened her body and couldn’t relax.
If she doesn’t relax, she won’t let go and her breath will be unstable.
You know it’s over when you sing Yu Anni.
The more so, the more she can’t help but see Yu Xin.
Sure enough, Yu Xin showed a sorry and sympathetic look to her, and Yu Anni’s heart immediately burned with anger.
She did it on purpose
The more she sings, the worse she gets. After the concert, the eyes of the contestants and tutors have changed. Without previous appreciation, they are all disappointed and regrettable.
Xu Chi coldly announced that Yu Anni’s final grade was C grade.
This result is expected by everyone. That dance has a B grade. If she does better in the extra test, she might be able to rush to A, but the extra test just now was really bad.
Yu Anni slouches at the stage. At this time, Yu Xin is talking with other tutors. Although she can’t hear it, she can guess that Yu Xin must be hypocritically evaluating her song just now.
Yu Anni clenched her fist, her eyes were red with anger, and her long nails got stuck in the palm of her hand. She wouldn’t just give up.
She won’t let Yu Xin succeed.
Yu Xin, while talking to the mentor next to her, looked at the platform and lowered her head. Yu Anni was in a very good mood.
She wanted to think.
"I think everyone has seen a lot of players perform just now, some of them performed well and some were not satisfactory, but so far they haven’t seen a class A player. To be honest, I am a little disappointed."
Yu Xin’s remarks actually put herself in the spotlight.
After all, in the eyes of everyone, Yu Xin is a good-looking actress who doesn’t know how to sing and dance. Everyone thinks that the program group invited her to attract bloggers’ attention and the ratings.
But what is she going to do by saying such things at this time? Is she qualified?
Even Xu Chi didn’t expect Yu Xin to dare to say so.
"Do you want a competent tutor to give us a sample? Let’s see what level the players who can enter Class A want? "
Sure enough, Taiwan has no one shouted.