"Ah, I heard that several people in the standby staff at Ximen seem to have fainted."

"Hey …"
"Ah-no, they still realize that those guys are sitting on the ground like their legs are weak and can’t get up … Ah, it’s crazy to drink and play yesterday. It seems that they can’t do anything, so we have to send someone to change shifts here."
Orc male staff naidi put his hand on the back of his head.
After listening to what he said, Aina felt inexplicable and uneasy, and she hated the tension and ran back.
Am I too neurotic?
Listen to that audience mixed with cheer and screaming, she looked up at the huge arena standing in front of her.
It’s like a monster howling from deep underground haunts Eina’s eardrum.
Chapter 51 Gentle frost
"So in the face of such a situation, how far can you …?"
The adventurer who is famous for his bravery in monitoring the staff of Ximen Guild’ Ganesha Family’ has now lost his strength and fell to the ground limply.
And they guarded the original monster cage in the big room, which has been set up. Not long ago, this beauty god has released all monsters.
Freya’s fighting ability is in the world. She is a hand-tied god.
However, she has an abnormal degree of’ beauty’. No, she is a spokesperson for’ beauty’
Legal reason controls power. Even the gods can resist this overwhelming dominant force without saying anything about human beings or Asians. If she has the will, she can plunge people into the abyss of ecstasy.
This time, she put this power in some wrong direction.
She made her opponent’s consciousness blurred and literally became a "wimp" and a "charm" regardless of gender. She can also play this trick if they want to take a similar sneak attack.
The purpose of doing this is simple, just for fun.
Bao Wang w w w b a s h u 7
This is a bit of a chat goddess who wants to see how far this child she is interested in can achieve.
"White flaws … let me pity the figure. Can I see your frost bloom this time?"
Ye Yu and Hessia wandered around the arena, but it was a pity that Heer was still not found.
"It must be back? Na Na Ye Yu, let’s go inside and watch the performance? "
Hessia said, narrowing her eyes and urging Ye Yu.
"Want to see it?"
Ye Yu hesitated slightly. Although he really couldn’t stand the lively atmosphere, if Hessia was so looking forward to it …
Then go.
Just as Ye Yu was thinking this way, a sound stirred his ears.
It’s not a cult uproar that hasn’t cooled down yet, but another urgent shrill sound.
"… scream?"
When this soliloquy comes from Ye Yu’s mouth,
Then the deafening sound went around.
"There are monsters, ah ah ah ah!"
As if frozen, full of peace and noise, the avenue suddenly became quiet.
Then Ye Yu saw it.
From the arena to this side of the road.
With the sound of kicking Shi Zhuan, a monster with pure white fur is rushing here rudely
It seems to be searching for something. When he saw Hessia, he gave a roar and then stepped over with a jerk.
That step is instantaneous.
The crowd formed a fence and screamed and fled.
"… Ye, Ye Yu"
Keenly felt what Hessia was so frightened and shouted Ye Yu’s name.
Ye Yu clenched the girl’s hand and then quickly released it.
"Stay away from me"
Unusually calm, I am curious about what monsters will appear here and what happened, but now I have time to master these situations.
The most important thing now is to get rid of this monster before the casualties expand.
Although it is a monster that looks terrible, there is not much difference between the reality and the encounter with Mino Taulos.
In other words … That’s it. The monster is really … too weak!
"No … don’t I don’t want to leave Ye Yu"
But a little Yuzryha imperial in distress situation is Hessia not only didn’t leave but also jumped on himself.
Don’t make trouble, okay? I told you to stay away from me because I was afraid that the frost would hurt you later.
For such a long time, Ye Yu also roughly understood the characteristics of his mastery of magic. He was not able to control the frost as Hessia said. In fact, at the moment when his magic was released, he still did not distinguish between the enemy and the enemy
However, he himself seems to be infected with such a threat of frost, and he can also help others to erase this threat
But what he can do is to remedy it afterwards. At the moment when the magic was released, the damage was actually suffered.
Although it was that moment, Ye Yu didn’t want Hessia to feel that pain.
And the deepest feeling for such pain is Aiz Wallenstein, who still has some apologies for accidentally hurting the girl Ye Yu.
At the moment when Ye Yu hesitated, the gorilla-like monster Silver-backed Ape was caught with a palm toward Ye Yu and Hessia.
Let’s run first
Gave up the attack plan Ye Yu holding Hessia turned and ran with the crowd.
Because the giant silverback ape is inconvenient to move in the street, it can be easily thrown off through some alleys.
The street has long been in serious chaos.
The crowd around screamed and fled around willy-nilly.
People scurried about, scrambling to get out of the avenue
Although he got into the alley, the silverback ape didn’t seem to give up at all. The goal was directed at Hessia and chased him again.
"What is chasing us? Is there anything in us that attracts it?"
Ye Yu so soliloquize looked down Hessia incredibly still laughing.
"I can still laugh at this time, my Lord God."