The horn that rushes in is a bump, which will suddenly strike the ghost guard and fly away. His eyes are violent and full of resentment.

Willy mind a tight dark scold this is not illusion cohesion summoning …
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Stubborn
The sixth floor of the building foundation is a fire cow monster beast. These opponents make the heart tremble. If the situation is really tense, they will definitely swear. The ancient Sect is full. The threshold is set on the second floor of the building foundation period. A black tower guarding the monster beast has actually got a real monster beast to act as a brain-broken monster beast. I don’t know that in fact, this demon temple transportation mechanism is just like this. Not every tower is guarded by a real monster beast. Occasionally, it will be banned. Some monsters in the area of the demon temple will naturally grow to a certain extent, and they will be sent to Guardian to save energy. Secondly, it
Of course, no matter whether it is struck by willy or not, the fire cow monster beast is doomed to live, but it will take another hundred years to start after all. Maybe the fire cow will grow to the foundation stage or the nine-layer strength. The designer of this ancient sect’s demon temple has done his best to be thoughtful and meticulous, but occasionally he will suffer from willy, who is unlucky. After all, the real six-layer strength monster beast is different from the spell to summon animals.
Critically hit the ghost guard was hit by flying at the same time, throb immediately made the other two ghost guards immediately withdraw, and it was not allowed to recklessly. The strength difference between the two sides was too great, and melee was simply a death.
Took a deep breath, offered hundreds of spectres, and surged out, forming an amazing, thrilling and screaming ghost tide.
Willy, of course, didn’t point at these spectres to kill this six-story inferno fire cow monster beast. If you want to kill this level by spectre alone, I’m afraid it’s hard to do it without thousands of spectres. Willy just wants this group of spectres to contain it.
In the whole body, black gas emerges, and the ghost * * is displayed. At the same time, throbbing hands will definitely pinch a ball of fire the size of a football. With a long Flametail, the fire cow will hit it. It’s not a monster beast, not a magic summoner. Such a huge body should be vigorous and leap to hide throbbing that ghost fireball.
Ghost firebomb has never been used since the practice of this spell by willy, but it is not without reason to deal with this fire cow at this moment. The purpose of willy is to attract the attention of this fire cow instead of killing it. It is not only impossible to kill it so easily, but also too expensive.
At the same time, I will know that this is a lasting war of attrition.
Willy’s practice of ghost firebombs is not at home, the speed is slow, the cohesion is poor, and the power can’t reach the general lethality of monks in the foundation period. There is no way to make a spell a killer. If you want to be a good one, you have to practice it for a long time before you become proficient, but it really doesn’t take long for him to practice ghost firebombs. It’s not a big problem that he is not skilled in the control of ghost firebombs. He can still do it by practicing meditation and temporarily detonating ghost firebombs.
Even when the fire cow hid from the ghost fire bomb, it exploded. The green ghost fire was still like splashing a huge spray fire. Although the fire cow hid from the ghost fire bomb, it did not hide from the explosion. However, both the explosion shock wave and the splash of the ghost fire were blocked by a layer of flame on the surface of the fire cow, which failed to hurt it.
However, the fire cow was completely angered by willy, and let it continue to attack and crit the ghost guard * * and turned to willy to attack fiercely and fiercely, while willy was stepping on the ghostly figure and passing through the ghostly shadows. The fire cow caught up with the mystery, willy drifted and the fire cow was violently intertwined, and thanks to the entanglement of hundreds of spectres and ghosts, willy was barely able to avoid the fire cow from time to time.
In a short time, the fire bull was even more arrogant.
A deafening roaring infernal fire bull gathered in a blaze, and a flame was like a dragon. It bared its teeth and ran towards willy, and its legs didn’t stop. When it was pinched, it suddenly formed a deep and cold cover, and at the same time, the ghosts around it also condensed and swept away toward the Pentium flame
Two-phase collision broke out in a air billow shock, and it also sent out a deafening explosion of the nether world * * Although it was the top of the day * * but it was not enough to be repaired by willy. When it persisted in a few breaths, it was declared that the remaining Pentium flame was broken, and it was extremely powerful and rolled to willy.
Willy’s posture is like flying in the night. The ghostly flames are constantly devouring his body, but he is blocked by the Xuan Yin Shield one by one. Fortunately, Willy’s ghostly obstructs the power and potential of a flame, which dissipates the Thai half. This makes the Xuan Yin Shield barely able to support it. After a while, the flame is exhausted, and Willy Xuan Yin Shield also declares it broken. The hair is slightly curled up by baking.
The fire of the fire bull in purgatory faded in an instant after the explosion of the trick just now. Many of them were panting and chasing throbbing. It was not as agile and powerful as before. It was not that he violently escaped and fought, and the strength of the throbbing body was also consumed. Fortunately, he was used to monty’s auxiliary practice on weekdays. Now he is far from the feeling of being exhausted and being pumped after monty’s change. He can still insist on it. Now he just swallowed a pill for returning qi. I don’t know when he has held a lingshi in his right hand.
Although the method quickly absorbs the aura of Lingshi to supplement its own consumption, holding a Lingshi does not need luck to absorb its abundant and pure spiritual power, and it will slowly invade and advance. In the long-term war of attrition, it is somewhat beneficial. If we let the ghost guards who are scattered in the vicinity encircle at this moment, we can already kill the Thai half-fire cow with both physical strength and demon power, but it is still erratic and continues to seduce and consume the physical strength of the fire cow.
It turned out that he dodged with great difficulty.
But at this time, it is much more labor-saving than the earliest. Willy can hide and silently absorb the spiritual power in Lingshi, and his face is silent.
Half an hour
An hour later.
At the moment, willy actually slowly restored his true qi to the normal level of 70%, while the head of purgatory fire cow spent a lot of time and energy and was finally dragged down to the sinus, panting and running more than four hooves. If it weren’t for the stubborn strength of the fire cow, it would have been too lazy to continue to entangle with this abnormal human.
It was not until this moment that H willy summoned the three ghost guards who had been hidden for a long time to fold up and come to Youyan. At the same time, the three ghost guards showed terrible and ferocious. Er, the momentum was neat and besieged. In a short time, they would have been exhausted, and there was not much strength. The huge fire cow divided the body and willy took out a prepared soul bead, which made the monster beast purgatory and the fire cow’s soul seal into the soul bead.
In the three ghost guards, the excitement turned into three groups of dark, horrible, cold and dense ghost fog, which directly wrapped the carcass of the fire cow and swallowed it up. Because of eating flesh and blood, the three groups of dark black fog gradually turned into scarlet, bloody and cruel, accompanied by the excitement of the three ghost guards, which made the ghost scream harsh and disturbing. If no one saw it, they might be scared to faint directly.
Just at this moment, the beam passed by, leaving a thing that willy took in and looked a little disappointed. This should be the last Guardian in the Black Tower. There is a chance that there will be a heart-washing fruit, but at this moment, the black crystal ore in willy’s hand is obviously bordered by the heart-washing fruit.
"Come out"
After all this, willy shouldered his hands and enjoyed the three ghosts who ate, but at the same time, they said in a cold and deep voice
But nothing happened.
Willy sneer at the river and put a cruel smile on his face. "Qi Feifei, don’t force me to kill you."
A ringing smile rang out like a bell in a row, and a red color passed over Qifeifei’s slender and sexy charming body, which directly appeared seven feet away from throbbing. Although Bai Zhe’s pink face was smiling at the moment, it was a little white with a strong smile. "Brother Lei didn’t mean to get angry, but his little sister wanted to see if Brother Lei could kill this infernal fire cow alone, but there was nothing bad in her mind." But she was a little guilty when she looked at those ghosts who were devouring flesh and blood in an extremely disgusting way. She was not afraid of the ghost who devoured the bloody appearance, but of the strength of those ghosts who said
"Hum Qifeifei, I’m not an absent-minded idiot. If you coax me casually, I’ll be swept off my feet. I can’t tell the difference between the east and the west." Willy snorted and looked at her with a murderous look. "I know you’ve been waiting for an opportunity, but I haven’t found a sure opportunity after waiting for a long time."
"Brother Lei, you misunderstood others." Qi Feifei’s face froze and she used her best charm to make eyes at each other.
"Stubborn, you want to die!" Willy face anger now three ghost who immediately stopped eating all set up a scarlet body toward QiFeiFei kill.
Chapter one hundred and forty-six Motome Yin Dan Ding Lu solution
"Brother, brother, I was wrong." Qi Feifei was so frightened that she lost her head and turned into a looming pink fog. "Hiding left and hiding right, however, she couldn’t escape the three violent ghosts who attacked and killed Qi Feifei in the foundation period. It would be very difficult to deal with these three ghosts, and even worse, there was another one eyeing up next to her. The strength was unpredictable and throbbing.
This array made her feel a burst of force, and at the same time, she didn’t even dare to strike back. She also knew that throb had at least seen her evil intentions clearly. If she argued with luck again, she would die faster. She cried, "Brother Lei is really a little sister. She shouldn’t be obsessed with ghosts and secretly follow Brother Lei. She is willing to make amends. You can do whatever you want."
"Hum with you this easy virtue woman deserve LeiMou? Leimou advised you to be a darling and suffer from the death of ghosts. "Willy cold hum struck him as early as the fire cow in purgatory. It didn’t take long for him to sneak up on Qifeifei with the utmost gods’ thoughts, but Qifeifei didn’t dare to start work casually. After all, Willy San didn’t move, and the ghost guards have been lying in ambush all the time, which made Qifeifei afraid to start work. It was the extremely severe fire cow in purgatory. At that time, even if she sneaked in and killed Willy, she was afraid of being attacked by the fire cow.
Therefore, Qi Feifei chose to wait for the mussels to compete for the benefits. In her mind, although this throb is very strong, after all, it is half a chip worse than herself. She is extremely confident in her own evasion and recognizes that she is lurking in the side and is in a fierce battle. She should not be found.
"Brother Lei" Qi Feifei flitted around several times, almost being pulled by the ghost guard, and her face turned pale again. "Little sister’s cultivation is * * Yin Dan Ding Lu * * She is still a virgin brother, and if she is willing, little sister is willing to give immature Yin Dan Yuan Yin to her brother."
* * Yin Dan Ding Lu * *? Willy’s heart movement belongs to a big sect, which is a well-known Sect of Yin and Yang. I have heard that this is a wonderful * * and I have to practice since I was very young, and the requirements for the quality of practitioners are also extremely high.
The power of this * * is not impressive in terms of combat effectiveness, but this * * has an extremely special convenience. In the process of practicing this * *, practitioners will gradually refine an Yindan in their own cauldron. As the cultivation deepens, the Yindan will gradually mature. Only when the peak of the late foundation is close to the bottleneck of Dan formation can this * * show its greatest advantage.
At this time, it will instantly bring great benefits to both sides to practice this method. Women can learn from Yuan Yang and integrate it into their own Yin Dan by virtue of Yin and Yang’s intercourse. There is a great chance that Yin Dan will be transformed into an all-powerful figure in then, while men will gain their lifelong refinement and accumulation in this intercourse. If Yuan Yin happens to be in the state of dzogchen in the foundation period, the chances of breaking through and promoting then will be greatly increased.
Therefore, this is a self-serving cauldron, which is quite in line with the purpose of the Yin and Yang Acacia Sect. It is better to get lucky, but two monks can be added to each Sect.
Of course, the cultivation of this * * is not unconditional. First of all, the qualification must be good enough. Otherwise, even if other conditions are in line with the poor qualification, can you cultivate to the realm of dzogchen in the construction period? Secondly, you have to have a * * body, such as judging that the * * body is a * * body. I don’t know anything about it, but I know that hundreds of spiritual root women may not be able to have a * * body. Therefore, the Yin and Yang Acacia Sect is famous, but there are not many practitioners. Of course, the Yin and Yang Acacia Sect also wanted to exchange with other sects to have a * * body brother, but no one in other top sects would want to do such a thing.
After all, once you have successfully created one for the Acacia Sect of Yin and Yang, you have a great chance of conjuring up two elixir masters. After a long time, you can’t occupy it for the Acacia Sect of Yin and Yang. However, even if a practitioner is already a figure in the then period, he is eager for the short name of * * * *. After all, taking Yuan Yin, which she has accumulated for a long time, is an extremely rare elixir. For example, it is not necessarily an exaggeration to upgrade from the first floor of then to the second floor of then. Of course, the effect is best when it is in the foundation period of dzogchen. At this time, this dose of elixir has an effect of increasing the probability of Dan knot, far exceeding that of Tianjian elixir.
Of course, willy can’t be unmoved. Of course, he knows that his spiritual qualifications are limited. At present, it is very difficult to break through this card on the second floor of the foundation period. It is very conceivable that if the second floor of the foundation period peaks into the then road, it will be a difficult thing. Don’t be sharp, it’s yourself. Even those talented people in this generation have suffered a lot. They have worked hard to practice until the foundation period. The last generation of dzogchen was stuck at this crossing. In the end, Shou Yuan ran out of depression and died. There are countless people who have passed through the river.
Seeing that willy seems to be frowning and indecisive, Qi Feifei is dark and scolds the raven, but at the same time it is even more sorrowful and pitiful. She shouted, "Brother and sister are not only willing to hand over Yin Dan Yuan Yin, but also willing to serve the elder brother for a generation."
Unexpectedly, throb is still tempted, but it reminds her of Ding Wanyan’s stunning and gentle appearance in the back of her heart. Two people’s vows of eternal love sounded in her ears, and her face suddenly became cold, which made the three ghost guards speed up the attack. "Qi Feifei, don’t play this game with Lei Mou. If you let you go today, you will be unintelligent to make others kill Lei Mou .. What is good to hear, but it is not good for Lei Mou, but a game will also bring him fatal disaster …
"You are still dead and clean.
Throwing down, drinking a hand, raising a hand, and gaining momentum for a long time, the wheel screamed at her with a sob, pharynx, sadness and sorrow.
After all, Qi Feifei is a top-class sect-born brother * * * Although the attack power is not strong and the fighting capacity is weak, the ability to defend and escape is not bad. The pink fog can’t stop roaring and hard to get a sudden blow. After the ghost Weiyi’s knife, his body is flashing outwards. At the same time, a piece of satin like silk HongLing floats around her body and suddenly spins around like a snake and shoots out and rolls to the wheel of throbbing and silencing.
The green light and red light hit together and gave a sharp tear. The wheel spun and tore until HongLing was torn up and castrated. The cold breath was dissipated, but it was already scared that Qi Feifei was pale and panicked. It was the first time in her life that Qi Feifei felt the distance from death. Those powerful brothers were so close that she was spoiled and coaxed a few words one by one. Unexpectedly, this throb was not only extremely powerful, but also hard as iron, and she was indifferent to how to grieve and beg for mercy.
Although willy covets * * Yin Dan, that thing won’t be available until the peak of dzogchen in the late period of Qi Feifei’s foundation. Even now, even if it absorbs her Yin Dan Yuan Yin effect, it is generally so far away in the late period of foundation. How can willy be controlled? When the whole body is ghostly and big, it flashes like a ghost, blocking Qi Feifei’s retreat, raising all ghosts and moving the method.
Hundreds of ferocious and ferocious ghosts, ghosts and ghosts are screaming like insects, and they are as dense as a tide, sweeping away at Qi Feifei.
Qi Feifei’s heart is dying. Although with her posture, HongLing’s protector can keep the group of spectres out for a while, and she can barely move and dodge the three ghosts to attack and kill, but this is ultimately her greatest temporary reliance on flattery, as if she can’t do anything for this man who is as cold as ice.
How can a young and pretentious woman like Qi Feifei have the will to die generously? When my face flashed with malicious silver teeth, I cried sadly, "Brother Lei and younger sister are willing to open their hearts and let you sacrifice your heart and leave a brand."