Guess the ice phoenix treats everyone as a granary. He’s not the only one who picks them up for two days. They come here overnight without stopping.

deal with
Should I come or not?
Strange calls come and go.
Zhou Jia and Tianhe hid in the depths of the frozen ground and looked extremely ugly.
Ice phoenix group!
This time, it was not the silver seventh-order peak ice phoenix, but a dozen ice phoenix groups took advantage of the night to attack.
In response to the ice phoenix’s possible attack on the team, it took a long time for everyone to find a shelter to hide.
Saving your life naturally does everything you can to hide it.
However, in the face of the strange cries of the ice phoenix group, it is not uncommon for people to be found one after another, even if they are hidden in the hard ice, they are chiseled out and swallowed.
"Don’t …"
The night screams constantly.
A six or seven-foot-long ice phoenix descended from the sky, its paws clasped to the ground and its white eyes looked at the black spots on the ice.
There seems to be doubt in his eyes.
Tianhe held her breath and did not move.
Zhou Jia looked up and looked cool. The ice phoenix looked at each other through the thick ice.
It seems that something is wrong. The ice phoenix tries to peck the sharp beak of the ice layer and easily lift a layer of hard ice.
Tianhe’s fingers twitched tightly and grasped Zhou Jia’s sleeve strength.
Although the face is not the first seven-order peak ice phoenix, it also has six-order prestige. She is like shrinking around a cat.
Life can be almost suppressed by fear.