But Wang Mu also retains some fine traditions in this world, that is, even if new souls are born, the old souls will not disappear, and they will also enter the reincarnation of the underworld, which makes Tushan industry still have a place to use.

There are always some big demons who will become attached to human beings for a long life, but human beings will soon die of old age. This is caused by the comprehensive reasons of human physique, practice direction and thin material for longevity in this world.
Tu Shan’s renewal method is to give those demon families a chance to be with their loved ones for life and death.
No matter how developed the world is now, the most powerful demon race and human beings are gathered here in the original circle or the absolute cultural center.
Almost every generation of Aidao Alliance will have strong experts to provoke the Terran beam to deter the pack, and those who dare to infringe on the creatures outside the Terran circle will accept the Aidao Alliance’s iron fist sanctions.
But Lu Chen didn’t kill the creatures outside the circle. He killed five ancestors and didn’t carry out a different massacre outside the circle. Because the world is vast and endless, on the other hand, the creatures outside the circle are kind. Lu Chen can’t kill them all differently.
He believes that it is impossible to remove the threat of the five ancestors from those small miscellaneous soldiers outside the deterrent circle with his powerful force. Besides, he painted a new circle and didn’t want to invade it
Later generations of human beings and demon families have the courage to go out of the circle and open up foreign territory, which is also thanks to his deterrent.
In fact, after more people outside the circle contact, people find that people outside the circle are not unable to communicate. Peace and communication are all about building a foundation of strength, and only when both sides are equal can they live in peace and communicate.
500 years have passed, but now there is no large-scale war among the creatures outside the circle, although there are still frictions. Moreover, some creatures outside the circle have learned from Tu Shan’s tree of bitterness and set up their own private businesses, choosing the symbiosis mode of Terran and Demon to get what they want.
Birds flying across the sky and crowing resounded through the sky, causing the bitter tree to drop a few petals and slowly drift down in the breeze, and finally the dark hair stopped.
There is a woman leaning against the tree, wearing a blue and white fox fur coat, with high square forks and a pair of long jade legs. The sun shines through the mottled shadows of bitter branches and leaves, hitting the white legs, and the flesh and blood are evenly stopped, as warm as jade, with a hint of mystery in it.
The spring breeze blows the petals of the fallen face and falls down the white neck into the deep valley again.
The woman’s face is slightly red, obviously with the huge wine gourd Jie beside her.
Such a beautiful woman is drunk in the tree of bitterness, but no one dares to look at it for the second time, because the female temperament is cold and dusty, and the ground is frosted not far away.
And those who come to the tree of bitterness to seek marriage also know that this is Tu Shan’s second in charge and the leader of the demon clan’s demon alliance, and the strongest demon clan, Tu Shan Yaya.
This Lord has a very vicious record. He once slaughtered many powerful people in the war outside the circle, and he was also very efficient and overbearing. He was notoriously unreasonable.
In this way, when the third young master proudly came to the country, she was able to hold down a little bit, but in the past 500 years, she has become the first person in the demon race, and no one dared to provoke her.
"Sister Yaya, how do you get to the tree of bitterness when you drink? This will affect our business."
An elegant sound sounds a little nai.
A woman in a long green dress walked to the tree of bitterness, and a pair of squints made people wonder what she was thinking. The newcomer was Tu Shan, the third master of Tu Shan.
Today, people who come to Tu Shan to seek marriage feel that they are blind. After all, it has been rare to see Tu Shan’s several housekeepers personally handle the business in these years. These sisters have been washed away and shrouded in mystery.
"I didn’t stop them from wishing, did I?"
Yaya tilted her head and her delicate cheeks were slightly tipsy. "Let them do what they should do."
A face of nai has a big feeling that my sister is really a little drunk this time. She says that if you sit here in such a scary posture, who will dare to get close! ?
Who doesn’t know that the demon leader has a cold temper and will be beaten up if he doesn’t like it? Now, who dares to make a wish without looking at you?
It’s hard for them to collect all the money for running a business in Tu Shan first, but they can’t go on like this. But what if they have to be complained in case the other APP makes a bad review?
But she knows that in recent years, with the popularity of Daotuan comment software, people have paid more and more attention to the evaluation of businesses. It is not easy to find someone to brush a brush and praise them. Tu Shan has always been trying to make customers 100% praised.
If Sister Yaya is drunk now, then she will see a lot of bad reviews.
What kind of headlines such as’ The Devil Occupy the Bitterness Tree Tu Shan Store and Bully Customers’ will definitely be popular in China.
"Yaya, I know you’re a little upset, but won’t you have a lot of fun when you come back at the beginning of Oriental Moon?"
Tu Shan persuaded her that she was going to be reincarnated at the beginning of the Oriental Moon recently. Recently, Tu Shan was going to renew her relationship with Red Sister, and Yayajie was a little upset. After all, she and the Oriental Moon were not very good at it because the other party had taken away her favorite sister.