Wu Zijie frown dissatisfied way "liu …"

Liu Lei lowered his voice and said, "Do you know what a long-term guest is? This sum is 6 million … It seems that a lot is enough for us to learn two or three Qionghua swordsmanship, but what about more? Guests need to be cultivated. "
Wu Zijie was dissatisfied. "Then what should I cultivate?"
"After all the income, let’s divide it into four and six!"
Wu Zijie decisively accepted taking out the terminal and said, "Come on, add my account, and ask me if you need anything."
Chapter 43 We can go a little deeper.
Earned enough money and got a long-term customer.
After seeing the other person added to his account, his heart felt like a little girl who finally got sugar. Wu Zijie’s heart suddenly turned white.
It seems that she is still quite satisfied with herself during this period, and the two sides will not get along with each other less, and the degree of this woman’s smoothness also makes him extremely satisfied
Give so much money as you say.
And later quietly gave him a hundred thousand big red envelopes.
Although Wu Zijie repeatedly said that he was not rewarded …
But the other party said that even if I ride a horse, I have to pay. You brought me back to the Central Asian Empire from Outland all the way. I feel really sorry if I don’t pay.
Considering the high cost in "Limit" OL, mosquitoes are meat no matter how small …
Of course, Wu Zijie was quite proud when he noticed this idea.
At that time, the construction site worked so hard to treat his mother’s uremia that he could not bear to invite a poor family for a large plate of chicken.
He has now regarded hundreds of dollars as mosquito meat.
And all this is the change brought to him by "Limit" OL.
Such a thought that Wu Zijie has a stronger sense of belonging to "Limited" OL and a heavier gratitude to Su Zhangmen.
The money giver is Tian Wei, but the goodwill is obviously brushed to the "limit" OL.
When they got back, they found Su Wei for the first time.
Inform Su Wei of the news they got. After all, the only way they can get in touch with is Sue’s head …
If it’s not important, forget it. If it’s really important, Sue’s head has a good friendship with the stone clan leader, and he will naturally be informed.
They also don’t know whether the news has any influence on the empire.
But now that we know that we are part of the Central Asian Empire, we should do our best.
"Animal control law has actually flowed to the United States of Galia?"
When Su Wei learned the news, he was quite startled, but he was not so shocked.
He didn’t know about it …