The stone pavilion Zhou Jia sits in the middle with an axe and a shield, and casually places a reclining stone table, reaching out and gently holding the courtyard by the fog.
The fog is not strong, but it covers the vast Liufu.
The strange fog affects the sight and perception to a certain extent, and it seems to be getting stronger and stronger to see clearly.
In Dalin dynasty, some people practiced the source art, but there was no corresponding inheritance, so there were not many practitioners.
There are fewer successful practices
I can’t believe that someone who is proficient in source art can cover such a big place on this trip. This person is afraid of cultivation.
Peige expression is not a heavy.
According to the news they got, Qin Guyan and his party should not have such talents.
Stuffy noise from outside the hospital
right after
Is a series of shouting, killing, shouting, killing, getting closer and closer, but finally being stopped outside the house
"Liu’s family dared to fight for their lives. It seems that it was really a misunderstanding." Peige looked at Liu Yuanzhong with a Gherardini expression on his side.
At this time, it’s very lively outside, but it’s mostly the Liu family’s hospital that really helps the dark guards, but they haven’t really made moves yet.
The Liu family is only a few masters among the gentry outside the city.
Interception of the enemy is a desperate effort.
"Yes, yes" Liu Yuanzhong nodded with gratitude.
"I don’t care if those people outside Liu’s home are bitter and self-reliant, even if they are bare-handed."
Zhou Jia noncommittally moved his eyes to the side yard.
While fighting in the front yard to attract attention, a line of people jumped over the wall and took the lead, one dressed in white and headed straight for the bedroom.
Around it, there is a beard, a woman and three people with strong breath, and they sprint into a triangle, and the fierce strength roared out first.
Behind them, several people followed closely.
"Qin Guyan!"
Guards around the dark guards came at the sight of people growling in succession.
Qin Guyan’s master is no match for ordinary dark guards, but the dark guards are numerous and proficient in converging attack.