Zhou Jiaxiu has reached the peak of black iron.
The mastery of posture has also reached a satisfactory level.
This self-employed top intellectual man fit achievement method also shows its rapidity.
Chapter 1 Convergence
Parents with jade branches toward the monster body gallop.
Both of them are gods, perfect generations, and they have already stood at the peak of silver, and their posture is also extraordinary.
One of them is like a ghost, and it seems to melt into the virtual body. It is difficult for the naked eye to distinguish, and only the remnants can be seen passing by.
The other man is a big man with a wooden face.
He strode forward with a jade branch in his hand, and walked half-length without shaking his feet, as if he could shrink into an inch, stepping over a hundred meters away in one step.
The monster is not far from Pingyao Town.
Both of them are advanced students, except for a delay in finding directions, and then they go straight all the way.
I don’t know when the idea that enveloped the whole Yunshan has dispersed.
The monster has also been aware of its own danger, ignoring those weak’ food’ and shrinking its strength.
The sword clanked endlessly.
It can be heard clearly even if it is more than ten miles apart.
That shock mind sword is to let all animals lie prone on the sky and the dark clouds swing, which also makes the parents’ posture not be delayed.
This sword …
Two people glances complexion is a clot.
The sword of Chongxiao is unstoppable, although it has not reached the silver level, but it must be a top player.
There’s no need for them to be weak!
"It’s Demonbane Shi Yu". The big old man is stuffy.
"I’ve seen him shoot like this, but compared with the original person’s sword, it’s more sharp and wonderful."
"It’s him," another old man knew.
"I heard that he disappeared in Yunshan for more than half a year, and the world knows that this person is dead. Now it seems that this is not the case."
Demonbane’s title sounds very bluffing, but in fact it can be crowned with this title, with the exception of biting characters.
This generation
Only one person can refer to it.
Scattered people, Shi Yu!
Sword burial demon!