I found Su Wei specially.

Father moved him, got his permission, and then spent an extra 1 reincarnation point.
This is the only way to enter this place. Now people can enter reincarnation.
But it seems to be a compliment to take a look at my son, even if it is possible that the two will meet again soon …
Qiao Feng looked puzzled and left in black.
My heart is quite puzzled.
Juxianzhuang chicken wagou?
This elder really looks up to me …
Even he didn’t have the confidence.
But now that I’m here, life and death have long been ignored.
He picked up Ah Zhu and pointed to the high wall and big tile in front of him and asked, "Ah Zhu is in front of death. Would you like to accompany me?"
Ah Zhu said with guilt, "I’m sorry that Brother Joe came here to kill me alone, but he will bring trouble to you to die with me …"
"Ha ha ha ha, what’s the trouble? Don’t bring trouble. It’s good that you don’t think your brother Joe is vulgar."
Qiao Feng laughed, pushed the door and shouted, "Qiao Feng worships Zhuang!"
Yang gong Bao ku
After some sophistry and calculation
Even Shi Xuan himself doesn’t know how he is so familiar with Yang Gong’s treasure library because of many means of the enemy.
To easily calculate all enemies to death.
"Is this the evil emperor relic?"
Holding the evil emperor relic in his hand, Shi Xuan was not ecstatic as expected … It seems that he has been searching for the magic door treasure for decades, and now it seems that this is just the case.
It seems that someone has made a promise to himself.
That’s a treasure more important than the evil emperor relic.
Shi Xuan suddenly stare big eyes exclaimed "bad green grace"
He doesn’t know exactly when, but he vaguely remembers the promise, as if his daughter had some.
Throw away the evil emperor relic casually.
Shi Xuanli ran to his residence with flying skill. There is a bloody BMW that can travel thousands of miles every day. If you run at full speed in one day, you can get to Qingxuan’s residence.
He felt inexplicably uneasy and always felt that something extremely important would happen soon.
It may have a great impact on him and his daughter’s life.
This moment …
With the desire for the evil emperor relic, the good thoughts in my heart have completely overwhelmed the evil thoughts.
Shi Xuan can’t wait to see her daughter as soon as possible to make sure she is safe.
Ten hours later
When he appeared in front of Shi Qingxuan.
I saw my daughter’s stunned and confused look after suddenly seeing her father … It was mixed with a few minutes and even she didn’t realize what to do. I’m afraid even Shi Qingxuan herself was not white.
"Qing Xuan"
Shi Xuan muttered
At this moment, it feels as if the whole world is rejecting itself.
Finally, I saw that my daughter, who had made him miss for more than ten years, showed a flustered look in front of him, and then her body just disappeared a little bit.
"Green grace ~ ~ ~! ! !”
When Shi Xuan exclaimed, she no longer gave a different response, and her consciousness also fell into the abyss.
Be unconscious
A moment ago, I was still outside Lingyun Cave to prevent the emperor from taking Long Mai away from the Central Plains … As a result, I suddenly lost all consciousness and didn’t even know that the enemy was like a shot.
Did you suffer the enemy’s calculation?
How high is the strength to achieve this level?
When Ming opened his eyes, he saw a pure white roof with no material.
Is the body qi still flow is not restricted … No … Rather, it is better than before, and the body skill is still ten percent left before the injury.
But now I feel that I am in a better state than ever before.
The injury and toxin have already affected him for a long time.
Someone beat me and cured me?
The name hasn’t come yet. When he is in what environment …
Ear then heard a scream of pain.
"Like a month! ! !”
Li Xiaoyao suddenly opened his eyes and cried out in pain. He was not injured, but he seemed to have suffered the most cruel punishment in the world.