What should I do?

Almost like a war, the two sides bear the price. Wen Liuquan smiled again. "Since it is transportation, please specify a transportation destination."
"This is up to you."
"Well, let’s discuss how to deal with each hammer …"
"Cargo ship! Just send the hammer man to the cargo ship in the sea! " Next to the degas school called to get up
How much more money do you idiots have to spend?
Wen Liuquan took a look at the Degas School. He didn’t say anything more in his friendship with Zhuang Dad and nodded, "That’s as you wish."
This public, of course, can’t let three catties and four liang out.
But it’s enough to deal with a few people who are sleeping soundly.
He beckoned three people from Banzu, arrested two sleeping hammers and then destroyed the roof of the winery.
"Oh, our winery!" Liu Xuan group people are dying of love.
Then I saw a hammer rush out of it and ran towards the grape field like a bulldozer.
Wen Liuquan painfully drove the hammer man behind him. He tried to catch it several times, but it seemed that the grape field was destroyed in a mess. Only then did he dive and grab the hammer man.
At this time, the cargo ship carrying Lanxi and Midi has reached the northwest ocean, and it is more than 1 kilometer away from Midi, and it is drifting on the sea.
Wen Liuquan threw a few hammers from the sky to this ship.
I just got another message from Wen Liuquan, a hammer thrower.
After hanging up, he dialed Zhuang’s words with a strange look.
Not far from reporting to Zhuang first, I just met in Lanxi Prefecture and then said,
"Master Zhuang, I just received a message from Liumangzhou. They want us to deal with Hammer Man. Should I refuse them?"
He is the only person in the manor who knows that Zhuang is practicing trumpet, and he knows that the hammer man in Liumangzhou is not far from Zhuang at all. How dare he disturb Zhuang’s pleasure?
Who thought that Zhuang was not far away but said, "What are you doing to reject them? Of course, promise them! "
"But don’t kill the hammer man. I find the hammer man very cute now."
"What?" Wen Liuquan almost felt that he had misheard Zhuang, saying that Hammer Man was cute?
Send hundreds of hammers to Heaven with one punch. Did the owner join the World Organization for Treating Hammer People?
Chapter 51 Hello, there is your hammer courier!
"Coming … coming!" When the radar finally found several subsonic flying birds, the commander of Liumangzhou almost burst into tears. Is the long suffering finally over?
"Please hurry up and destroy these hammer people. Pay them according to our previous consultation. We will immediately make a payment if the hammer people are destroyed! We mean what we say! "
Who thought of Wen Liuquan but shook his head and said, "I’m sorry that the pre-transaction method was completed. We received a warning from the World Organization for the Treatment of Hammer People that our practice ignored people’s places. Now we are no longer hammering people and have transformed into a courier logistics company."
"What?" The commander of Liumangzhou almost punched Wen Liuquan in one stroke. Are you kidding me? "Go to his grandmother to be kind to hammer people. Hurry up and think of some way to get these hammers paid well! Get these fucking hammers! "
"Then you can choose us to hammer people quickly." Wen Liuquan smiled.
In front of the Persian army station on the border of Shuangxing State
The traces of the Persian army’s big hammer man and advertising chariot have not been erased, and the damaged chariot and spilled blood have not been cleaned up. Even the psychological shadow that was abused by the hammer man before has not faded, and I saw several four-winged fighting chickens flying over.
Wen Liuquan has been much more careful since he was caught. He didn’t fall far from the ground in the middle of the fight and shouted, "Is this the Persian army station?"
"You have broken into the Persian army headquarters, please show your identity immediately! Otherwise we will attack! "
The Persian army looked at the huge four-winged chicken flying in the sky with a bad feeling in its heart.
"We are a logistics company. Here is a courier from Liumangzhou. Please check it."
Express delivery?
Is this not a joke?
Where can I send express delivery like this?
Not good. It feels stronger.
"Excuse me, what is the goods?"