Yelling at the sky and crying is strong and desolate.

"I paid taxes for setting up a stall in the city. Lord Hoburg promised to protect us!"
"We never give a discount for repairing the city wall, paving the road, arriving at work and arranging errands for Huo’s family, and we have never asked for a source of money."
"You are forcing us to die!"
A figure covered in blood stumbled out of the forest and was hacked to death on the spot by several patrol officers.
"If you have no money or food, get out of Huojiabao. There is no need for waste here!"
The patrol closed their knives and left.
A corpse with a white hair wind in Huojiabao will not turn into a walking corpse, and bones and blood stains will be left after the wind blows overnight.
Someone was walking down the street with long hair and blank eyes.
"How can you live without food?"
"City business HuoGuBao smoke thirty percent into the city to trade more malicious even into the city are dozens of source money …"
"We never said anything about what’s wrong with Huojiabao?"
"With what city people can eat, drink and be good, and they are not afraid that Bai Maofeng will not even sell food out of the city now?"
"Money home out! The ichthyosaur will not come out! LiuRenTang also out … "
"We are out!"
"I will fight with you!"
One body after another fell down.
The white-haired wind roared and could not help crying faintly.
Zhou Jiahe lay in bed with his eyes open and looked at Fang’s’ roof’, which was chopped out by the axe wind, staring blankly.
The criss-crossing imprint is like that there is not a perfect place where the world is chaotic and orderly. Everyone is like a net worm struggling in it.
Tyranny is fiercer than tiger!
Huojiabao seems to have no taxes, but in fact it is exploited by Huofu everywhere.
The source money is not valuable, but with the circulation tools made by Huo Fu’s back, you have to eat as much as you print outside.
You need to buy a booth to set up a stall.
Entering the city requires entering the city.
Don’t force work from time to time. If you don’t want to contribute, you have to pay for it.
Countless residents in the outer cities support themselves with hard work and sweat, and the high expenditure of the residents in the prosperous city supports the high position in Huofu.
It’s hard to resist the crushing strength of harsh strata layer by layer.
That’s all.
To be safe, it is estimated that most people can tolerate it.
However, Huo Fuxian did not pay much attention to the living conditions of out-of-town residents. In some people’s eyes, out-of-town people are the objects to be searched at any time
Those who don’t fight; Kill those who don’t follow.
Just like today!
Huo Jiabao’s law of the jungle never pretends. It is the relatively stable life for more than a year that makes him wrong. This is just a similar ancient society.
In fact, it wouldn’t be any different if the baron led the forces in.
Zhou Jia is lucky.
I started with a lot of source rocks when I first came to Huojiabao.
It is even more worrying when there are few active stones accidentally harvested, but most residents in the outer city are actually near the subsistence level.