"You can think so, but I won’t admit it."

Talk in the summer of Milla and mercilessly drank a mouthful of wine "good young man or don’t think too far, think too far will bring you despair!
There are some things in the Blue Star Department’s extraterrestrial battlefield, including now, that I don’t understand, so don’t think so much. "
"Extraterrestrial? What is there outside the earth? " Xu asked back.
"There are confidentiality regulations. I can’t tell you what I see from outside …"
"You have already staged a coup, and you still care about the confidentiality regulations?" Refusal rhetorical question
"It’s not a literal secrecy regulation, but a very mysterious secrecy regulation! You can understand the deeply implanted subconscious confidentiality regulations and understand the spiritual contract! " Xia Milla said.
"Well, I want to know if I can improve my strength as soon as possible. I don’t know anything if I go to another place to have a look.
I’m not saying that your current strength is as high as 90% if you go to another place to die.
You pick a few things here. "
Xia Milla pour out that things in the leather bag that he just took out.
It’s a bunch of things that have no brilliance at first glance, but have an amazing brilliance when you look closely.
The smallest grain size and the largest peanut size are very small.
There are more than 100 grains.
"What is this?"
"You saved my life. I don’t like to owe people, and I don’t know if there is any chance to return it. It’s good to return it to you earlier.
This is my thanks to you.
You can’t take them all. Just pick five or six pieces. "
At the end of the summer, Milla added, "This thing is very expensive."
Looking at Xu back puzzled eyes Xia Milla took a forehead "look, I forgot you don’t know this.
This is the source crystal
This is the source crystal that I killed the extraterrestrial beings with quasi-stars or accumulated various attributes by other means in these years.
This thing is helpful to practice.
But also has a certain increase in combat power. "
Speak Xia Milla suddenly picked out a diamond-shaped lotus crystal and handed it back to Xu.
"This piece is a relatively pure spiritual source crystal. If you wear it next to your body, it is best to stimulate the spirit slightly when it is close to the head position.