"Broken array? You also said that it is not easy. "Yan Liang shook his head a few times, and Xiaoli died a lot."

"When I just sacrificed blood, I suddenly thought that we are not without this pure body blood!" Looking at her Weiyuan lower their voices.
Yan Liang slowly raised her eyebrows and looked at him. Her black and white eyes were full of words "You?"
Weiyuan moved his eyes to look elsewhere. Obviously, it was somewhat embarrassing "hmm"
Yan Liang twisted his eyebrows and didn’t really believe that "this matter can’t be nonsense."
"Of course I know if I am myself." Will he not know if he is pure?
Yan Liang still doesn’t believe very much that she hasn’t seen a rich young master who is in his twenties or a fish Wei Tiankuo or too late. At the age of thirteen, there was a warm bed maid and there was more than one.
"I say yes, that is, if a man has a woman, he will be you." Wei Yuan doesn’t want to dwell on the question of whether he is pure or not. There is nothing to say that he is.
Yan Liang nodded slowly when he said it was true.
"In that case, so be it." She is pure, that’s for sure. All men and women have it.
"But for the time being, this discussion should be kept secret. This broken array is very dangerous. You and I must never go in." Weiyuan glanced at Xiaoli in the distance. He would never let Xiaoli sit outside and enjoy it.
"It’s natural that nothing happens in this world." Yan Liang naturally agreed that if Xiaoli got a large sum of money in vain, she would go to the front unless she was crazy.
Wei Yuanxiao raised his right hand and patted her shoulder. Although several layers of gauze were bandaged, it didn’t seem to affect his activities.
Yan Liang didn’t respond, more like he didn’t feel him move.
Weiyuan Xiaoli adjusted the scattered forest, and the two sides gathered together without smoke.
They fought for a long time, he destroyed his fief, he didn’t let him go, and many guards died in each other’s territory, which was no less than a great hatred
However, at this time, it sounds like a joke.
However, Weiyuan Xiaoli seems that none of those things happened before. Generally, the smoke from both sides seems to be invisible to them.
Yan Liang also didn’t speak. Xiao Lihe was not very at ease, but obviously Weiyuan and Xiao Li were equally alert and alert to each other.
It’s not easy to get together.
Each side has a team of people who have been tracking the silver transport team. Some people from this side have joined together and set off to catch up with the poison in this forest. There are many people moving forward, and each side has scattered powder, but it has forced these poisons back.
But there are still people who are unwilling to give up and wait and see, looking for opportunities to take a bite.
"If this happy meeting is also a very good end, I hope that the king of Weijun will not destroy my fief again. It seems that the king of Weijun has a lot of things to do and has to take time out to figure out how to destroy my fief. Then I can also’ kindly’ give the king of Weijun some body double." Walking side by side, Weiyuan Xiaoli walked behind the team, and it looked very leisurely.
"The master of the Five Emperors really made a replica that looks very much like me, but it’s a pity that I was shot dead by Yan’s head before I saw it with my own eyes. I hope that when the Five Emperors do such dirty things again, they’d better find kung fu, and their minds are all good, otherwise it will be a real wave." Wei Yuan smiled, but his eyes were cold as if the north frost.
Xiaoli glanced at Yan Liang in a strange way. "Yan catching the head has a good eye. Remember that it’s unusual to easily tell the truth from the truth in body double." Few people can find him in body double.
Yan Liang didn’t want to participate in their dialogue, but since she talked about her body, she wouldn’t say, "The master of the five emperors’ hands is really fierce, but it’s hard to draw a picture but it’s hard to draw a bone, such as the five emperors’ insidiousness, and you can’t imitate body double."
"There is no need to catch the head and swear!" Xiao Li obviously said that he just praised the average person, which is rare. Besides, he or she doesn’t know each other very well.
"Telling the truth can also be recognized as swearing. It seems that my five emperors are different and have nothing to say." Look, I didn’t look at him without changing Yan Liang’s look
"Birds of a feather flock together. Since things can be said, then don’t say that you are not only sorry for yourself, but also uncomfortable for others".
Xiaoli took a look at them and then really stopped talking. Since there is something to say, he doesn’t have to have nothing to talk about.
Towards evening, the rain stopped, because one day, there was still rain dripping in this forest, which was particularly wet and cold.
It looks warm in the south, but it’s worse after the rain than in the north.
Suddenly, the first two agents came back, one was Weiyuan and the other was Xiaoli.