The old army tried every means to send him to the factory. Before he left, he urged the old army to win glory for him. The representative here is not himself, but to send him back to the old army and hundreds of comrades in the old army!

He was eliminated without even touching the edge of the power armor. Where did he put his face? Where does the old army face go? To put it more seriously, no one in the old army can hold his head up again.
Wen is the first and Wu is the second. Even a small sports house is full of all kinds of competition. Antonli is just a microcosm of the big environment.
It was not eliminated and did not meet the requirements. Finally, the hospital compromised and arranged for the eliminated students to drive armored support vehicles, which calmed the eliminated students.
Antonli stubbornly refused to leave the mobile suit house and also had his own ideas.
The first batch of students in the institute of dynamic equipment has included most of the elite of the army, and a group of students may not have such a high average quality.
However, the expansion of the armed forces will not be delayed. Sometime when people are short, they will think of them. These eliminated students will have the opportunity to get power armor if they want to stay in the hospital.
Cowboy needs no explanation!
Yip hon didn’t mind to explain the situation of the mobile assembly yard. There is no doubt that the tone ordered, "Shen Haoma asked what happened to the dam."
Shen Hao hurriedly dialed another number.
Yip hon kept shaking his head. He also has a mobile phone, but at ordinary times, he can contact relatives and friends at most, and then Bai Xiaoting and Professor Qin in Beidu will never carry out the words-there is an armor in the car, and it is not a problem to directly contact the North if necessary.
When I got through to Shen Hao, I immediately asked, "What is the situation of Laoliang Factory?"
"A nest of beetles broke into the reservoir and there were insects. The details of the headquarters are still unclear."
"White" Shen Hao hangs up and repeats what he got.
Yip hon stare big eyes "this is over?"
"That’s all I know now," Shen Hao said
"Didn’t the factory install several sets of machine gun towers in such an important place?" Yip hon incredibly asked
"It was installed, but it was full of power equipment. The machine gun tower was so wrong that it broke the equipment," Shen Hao said
"How did the beetle get in?" Yip hon doubt unceasingly.
"I wonder too," Shen Hao said. "Now is not the time to investigate the reason. How did the key get the beetle out!"
Yip hon frown "no emergency plan in the city? Is there no backup source? "
It takes a lot of effort to arrange the machine gun tower in the urban area. Even if the Suihe municipal government doesn’t consider stopping, the North will not ignore this when making a defense plan, will it?
"There are six emergency vehicles, two of which are our troops, several of which are departments and a number of small gasoline and diesel engines."
"How long can it last at most?" Ye hanwen
"It’s hard to say if you haven’t tried it," Shen Hao replied
"Urban stop must have had an accident. Let’s get there now. It’s better late than never. Do our best …"
"It’s not like that," Shen Hao interrupted. "Workers can’t get into the repair equipment without getting the beetle out, and it may cause the explosion of the equipment in the beetle, which will have more serious consequences."
"White" Yip Han nodded. "How long will it take?"
"Two minutes!" The steering wheel turned sharply, and the armored vehicle was another drift.
"Get ready to fight!" Yip hon yell one or several people will just take off armor to wear again soon.
Xiao Yuan muttered, "Fortunately, there are still more than half!"
Ye Hanma said, "You woke me up and changed the pool bag!"
"No, captain!" Xiaoyuan’s sad name
"Hurry up and don’t delay!" After that, the boot device replaces a large number of pool packages behind it.
Xiaoyuan’s face is sad and he is resigned to changing the full-power work for twenty minutes.
Chapter 39 Underwater Demon
The pool has always been a short board of power armor. When the high-power armor lasts, the power armor research group has not worked hard, but the actual effect is very limited.
After the outbreak of insect pests, the country increased investment in power armor research, and the research group carried out a large number of experiments on various pools, and various new pools and concept pools took turns, but the results were not very satisfactory, either the technical level was not up to the requirements, or it was safe, but it was not worthy of the name.
On the whole, whether it’s safe or not, even if the research group was established by the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Equipment, the balance between the two could not be found.
However, the problem was not solved illegally. After several consecutive executions, Thunder formed two different pool schemes.
First, when carrying out a dangerous war, to ensure its own safety, it is necessary to make the small-scale safety pool avoid being destroyed by external factors such as high temperature and breakdown.
Secondly, carrying out the routine of catching giant mosquitoes, for example, can make a large number of ordinary ponds package
However, the two schemes have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thunder players think that the endurance of ordinary pool and the safety of safe pool are equally necessary, so they make a two-one suggestion to the research group.
The so-called combination of two tanks is not to combine the two tanks together, but to get inspiration from the fighter’s auxiliary fuel tank. Once the two tanks need to be armored together, they can be thrown away like the auxiliary fuel tank and left in the tank to join the battle.
However, the proposal has just been handed in, and the research group has not yet come up with a new design scheme.
Where did Shen Hao know that there were so many twists and turns in Chi Bao? It was strange to ask, "What? Was that pool bag upset just now? "
Yip hon smile don’t smile to pull the corners of the mouth "shouldn’t ask, don’t ask"
Shen Hao immediately shut up.