"Hey hey, are you telling the truth?" Little syren didn’t expect dry elder brother to be so frank hey hey smile asked.

"That also asked when I cheated you! Don’t worry, I will definitely satisfy the third brother! " Dry elder brother said nobly
"Hey, hey, that’s right. You said that if you agree with my brother at noon, I will do this to you. My ears don’t hurt …" The little witch doesn’t look like lying to herself. She immediately grinned and touched her ears.
Brother Gan is really the little witch. That little face is really changing in June. It hurts a lot. It hurts brother Gan. Of course, it’s white. Just now, the little witch was joking with herself, so she smiled and said, "It’s okay. I was just joking with my third brother in the afternoon. He said, can I disagree? Who knows that my third brother is so uncooperative that he even found you to snitch …" Brother Gan said with a sigh, just like how much he suffered.
"So that’s the way it is. I misjudged you. Humke Lao San, see how I can clean him up!" Looking at elder brother gan’s injustice, the little witch said lovingly that she was about to pay her mobile phone to call her third brother and reprimand Ke Yong, but she was stopped by elder brother gan.
"Ha ha, I really don’t blame the third brother who let me not make it clear in the afternoon!" Brother Gan was very generous and said that it was a grateful cry to hear the little witch! If Qin Xiaowan is not around, I can’t wait to rush to give dry elder brother a passionate kiss.
"Good, good, good, good. After a tiring day, go and wash the water. I put away the laundry and put it in the bathroom …" Qin Xiaowan Xianhui said to the dry elder brother and handed the bathrobe to the dry elder brother, who took it and walked into the bathroom.
"Good little sister wan when I was a bad person you be a good person! Hum ….. "Said the little witch who was jealous and pounced on Qin Xiaowan. She twisted into a ball with Qin Xiaowan and giggled.
"Giggling what ah how can I steal your thunder! Why don’t I sleep on the sofa tonight and make room for your little Xuan? " Two people disheveled lying on the sofa Qin Xiaowan smiled at the little witch suggested.
"Oh, what are you talking about? Just make room for us to let him sleep on the sofa. Anyway, he is used to sleeping …" After hearing Qin Xiaowan’s words, the little witch said with a red face, but the little eyes couldn’t help but look at the bathroom with flowing water.
"Giggling is still pretending. As the saying goes,’ parting is better than getting married’. Don’t you want to?" Qin Xiaowan continued to tease the little witch’s red face and she knew what the little witch thought.
"Oh, sister Xiaowan, what do you want? Let’s see it …" The little witch didn’t expect Qin Xiaowan to be so bold and immediately turned her face to the visual disguise.
"Ha, ha, come on, my good sister, I don’t know. Hey, hey, it’s agreed that I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight. You two have a room …" Looking at the little witch and a kannika nimtragol, it seems that shy Qin Xiaowan laughed and teased and made a decision for the little witch alone.
Of course, the real little witch wanted to, but because of Qin Xiaowan, she always had to consider Qin Xiaowan’s feelings here, so she kept suppressing it. Today, since Qin Xiaowan took the initiative to come out, the little witch was of course happy, but she still felt a little guilty and said, "But Sister Xiaowan …"
"Oh, I know what you’re trying to say. You don’t care about me. I’m very satisfied that you can let me stay …" Qin Xiaowan interrupted the little witch and said with gratitude.
"Thank you, Sister Xiaowan. Hello, I’ll remember …" The little witch stared at Qin Xiaowan for a long time and said that she became more and more realistic. Qin Xiaowan was cute and less annoying than when she first came. She did find that Qin Xiaowan really loved her brother. This is enough to love a person and what to occupy. Good things to share with good men are even more so.
"Hey, hey, what am I doing? I should do it … that is, you should pay attention to the influence of the sound later …" Qin Xiaowan teased.
"You’re a dead sister. You know what’s smaller!" Said the little witch, pouncing on Qin Xiaowan, creaking and twisting into a ball …
"What are you doing?" At this time, Brother Gan came out of the bathroom after taking a shower and saw the disheveled little witch and Qin Xiaowan twisting the sofa and blushing together. An idea of aversion to cold broke into my mind. These two bitches won’t be engaged!
"What did you do? Sister Xiaowan and I were joking! What are you thinking? " The little witch looked at the dry elder brother with bedroom eyes and said angrily, sitting up from Qin Xiaowan.
"Hey hey, I didn’t say anything. What are you thinking!" Brother gan looked at the blushing little witch and Qin Xiaowan teasing ya. If you are not evil, how can you know what you always think!
"You are poor! Believe it or not, I’ll let you kneeling keyboard later? !” The little witch knows that she can’t say it, but the dry elder brother took a white look at it and threatened it, but the thought of discussing with Qin Xiaowan just now made her face redder, and her white skin was ruddy and she could almost drop water.
"Ok, I won’t say it, but I can’t do it, my sister-in-law …" Brother Gan looked at the charming little witch and Leng Yan little police flower and raised his hand and surrendered. He couldn’t wait to eat the two little bitches at once, not to tease himself, but on second thought, I’m afraid I can sleep on the sofa tonight. Brother Gan thought about coming to the sofa and sat down.
"Well, you don’t watch it. Why are you watching it today?" Small syren see dry elder brother sat there for half a day also don’t talk doubt asked.
"I am not waiting for you to give me a place after reading it. Now the sofa is given by my family!" Dry elder brother took a white little syren complained
"Oh, you want to sleep. We have a long way to go. Go to my room and sleep for a while. I’ll call you when we’re finished …" The little witch turned her eyes and pointed to the door.
"Hey hey, I’m really going. Don’t forget to call me later or you two can sleep on the sofa …" Brother Gan hey smiled and went into the bedroom, and he finally managed to feel the taste of the bed. Let’s talk about it after he slept. Anyway, the bed is more comfortable than the sofa!
As soon as the dry elder brother entered the room, the little witch whispered a few words in Qin Xiaowan’s ear and ran into the bathroom to wash. Qin Xiaowan also wanted to tease. Looking at the little witch, the little daughter didn’t have the heart to sigh and continue to watch with Aly and Hu Xiaoling, but her ears kept watching the movement around her. After ten minutes, the little witch crept into the bedroom door. She hid it strangely, but how could she escape the criminal police’s little police ear?
"Hey, hey, don’t pretend, I know you’re not asleep …" The little witch came to the bed and looked at her breathing evenly and her eyes closed. Brother Gan said with a smile that she had slept with Brother Gan so many times, and she didn’t understand that sleeping with Brother Gan was more sensitive than anything.
"Why are you here?" The moment the little witch came in, I knew that I was asked by the little witch. Chapter 43 She sleeps on the sofa tonight!