The waves solemnly said, "You want me to beckon and wait for the woman who sleeps with me to go from Luohu Bridge to Tsim Sha Tsui …" He turned his eyes and stared at Lin Ling’s chest sitting next to him and said, "But I don’t like it. I like you, an old woman!"

Lin Ling has been dressed a little since she was seduced by the waves and Liu Yifei. She used to wear serious dark professional clothes, but now she is wearing pretty light red casual clothes, which is elegant and sexy. She is very beautiful when she grows up. Plus, she has just carefully dressed up a face, which is elegant and handsome. A mature charm of mature women is coming to the fore. This mature woman flavor is the most attractive for men. I don’t see the mature women in each big * * net, but it occupies an independent block!
Lin Ling Jiaochen said, "Take care of your car, don’t look around, and be careful to crash. What’s better for an old woman than a little girl?"
As the waves drove, they said, "An old woman smells like an old woman, and a little girl smells like a little girl. Everyone has his own strengths!"
He deliberately emphasized the word "taste" to make people know the implied meaning of his words.
Lin Ling’s heart jumped and she felt a small warm current flowing out of her legs and wetting the peach blossom. Her body became delicate and said, "Where are you taking me?"
The waves laughed. "How about going to your house?"
Lin Ling looked up and found that the wave route was really a route to her house.
Lin Ling said, "How do you know the way to my house?"
The waves said, "I have a mouth on my nose. I won’t ask." Ask Liu Yifei, of course. "
Lin Ling said bitterly, "This Liu Yifei has partnered with you to calculate me. I haven’t settled accounts with her yet. I will tell you my home address again this time. I must scold her when I meet her!"
The waves laughed. "No wonder she won’t say haha until I begged her several times. She doesn’t like me to come to you!" "
Lin Ling said, "She still won’t let you let me? She’s my uncle’s woman. If I don’t tell my uncle, it’ll be cheaper for her. Does she still want to occupy you alone? "
The waves said, "Alas, she is a young woman, and your uncle … you should also understand the difficulties of one woman and another. Besides, I told her that your uncle acquiesced!"
Lin Ling stare big eyes don’t believe that said "no? How could my uncle acquiesce in you two? "
The waves said, "Your uncle knows that he can’t satisfy Liu Yifei and wants Liu Yifei to do his best to help him with his business. Keeping Liu Yifei can satisfy her body. Your uncle acquiesced in her finding a man if she couldn’t, and I nodded through your uncle. If you don’t believe me, you can ask your uncle …" He smiled and said, "I’m afraid you are embarrassed to ask yourself."
Lin Ling is really embarrassed to ask her uncle about this kind of thing. She knows that it is very complicated. The root is not that a woman who is not contaminated with mafia business can understand her uncle’s own sexual ability. If the most capable woman and the most capable man can do their best, he will really acquiesce in the fact that two people are unclear. This is too complicated. She is too lazy to think about the bad thing of waves. She will be satisfied if she can come to see her often.
Lin Ling looked up and saw that it was almost to her house and said, "Can you stop a car in front?"
The waves said, "It seems that it hasn’t arrived at your house yet, right?"
Lin Ling said, "Not yet, but soon. There’s a restaurant ahead. I’ll order food and let the hotel people send it to my room."
The waves laughed. "Do you often order food in restaurants?"
Lin Ling said, "I never booked it. Isn’t this where you are? It’s lunch time. I can’t help but ask you to eat."
The waves said, "Do you always cook by yourself?"
Lin Ling said, "Cooking by yourself, of course."
The waves smiled and said, "Let’s not order at the restaurant. You can cook for me! I haven’t eaten a woman to cook for a long time. "
Lin Ling felt sweet in his heart and said, "I’m not good at cooking, lest you don’t like it."
The waves turned to ourtenant glancing at Lin Ling and said, "How come! I like it if you cook it! "
Lin Ling said, "You said it yourself. Don’t think my cooking tastes bad for a while."
The waves laughed, "I also recognize the bad taste! What other dishes do you have at home? "
Lin Ling said, "I don’t like to eat stale vegetables. I’m going to buy some vegetables in front of the vegetable market."
The waves pulled the car to the side of the road, and Lin Ling was charming. He tilted his head and looked at the waves and said with a smile, "What food does my little brother want to eat? Sister to buy it for you. "
Lin Ling is four or five years older than the waves, and she has a charm of * *. This "little brother" is really unique from her mouth. There are four and a half stars with less lethal index!
The waves looked at Lin Ling with a smile and said, "Anything is ok, I want to eat most …" He didn’t say it, but he turned his eyes on Lin Ling’s sexy body.
Lin Ling criticise "little pervert! Sister bought a carp to make soup for you. "
The waves laughed. "It’s still my sister’s pain. I know I’m too weak. Cook fish soup for me to mend my body."
Lin Ling criticise while pushing the door and car "I don’t love you! You are weak because you are looking for too many women! "
Lin Ling’s figure disappears. After the waves are in sight, the waves leisurely raise their wrists and look at their watches. It’s not yet twelve o’clock, so that he can freely control everything. Now everything goes quietly as planned, and every step can’t go wrong. Once one step is wrong, all the dishes will be lost. Of course, the most important thing is that the card must be killed tonight. This move must not be wrong with money remittance. He is not very happy to have a better life. This time, without him, he will try to get Qian Linling. This move can’t be lost for the time being, and the car
Before the arrival of the last night, the quiet moment is the quiet moment before the coming rain. He should enjoy this quiet moment to better devote himself to the last night. It has always been the guiding principle of his work and life to enjoy every moment, whether it is gentle touching with women or crazy killing with the enemy!