"Help you check your leg injury."

Zhou Yi replied, "I am not serious. If I am serious, I have to be sent to the hospital immediately."
"If you help me, do you know how to heal?" Xiaoxiao is a white man. She knows that she must be treated when she is injured. After hearing what Zhouyi said, she asked vaguely, after all, Zhouyi is too young.
"Who can’t handle the wound when practicing martial arts?" Zhou Yi asks.
At this time, Xiaoxiao really felt some pain in her leg, so she was ready to let Zhouyi hurt her. Zhouyi said yes, kungfu practitioners usually have some special ways to manage injuries from falls.
Xiaoxiao hurt her right leg. Because she was wearing leather pants and boots, she took off her boots first, so Zhouyi came to Xiaoxiao Yuzu.
Xiao Xiao is a little taller than Xiao Loli and Zhang Xuanxuan, but Zhou Yi found her jade feet equally charming. Her ankles are so delicate and feminine. If there are many men in this world who would rather be trampled to death by this foot, no one will doubt it.
After taking off her boots, Xiaoxiao rolled up her leather pants and slowly showed her calf with amazing arc in front of Zhouyi.
Snow-white skin and perfect leg shape make Zhouyi feel suffocated and dare not stare. Xiaoxiao’s legs are really a beautiful scenery.
Xiaoxiao continued to roll his pants and Zhouyi reached her perfect knee bend. Zhouyi had an impulse at the moment. He wanted to continue to think about Xiaoxiao’s thighs and wait for thrilling beauty.
"It’s a sharp pain in the knee bend. Since you say you know how to treat falls, help me. If you can’t cure it, I’ll get even with you."
As far as Zhouyi wants to continue this beautiful scenery, it is time for Xiaoxiao to stop moving and say that she is still angry with Zhouyi, and she is still upset that Zhouyi hurt her.
Zhouyi didn’t speak. He gently put his hand on Xiaoxiao’s knee to check Xiaoxiao’s injury, but when he came into contact with Xiaoxiao’s skin, his heart throbbed. Because Xiaoxiao’s skin was so tender, it was a blow to break his reality. Imagine that a 20-year-old woman with strict training would have such delicate skin.
Xiaoxiao’s knee joint was a little red and swollen, but Zhouyi was distracted by Xiaoxiao’s blowing, and he rubbed his hand at Xiaoxiao’s knee bend for a long time without saying a word.
"Hey, what happened to my leg? You hurry up and check. Dally, if you can’t, just send me to the hospital. "Xiaoxiao rubbed his leg for a long time in Zhouyi but protested without speaking.
Xiaoxiao said that Zhouyi had converged his mind and carefully checked Xiaoxiao’s injury.
Although Zhouyi has never studied medical skills, his grandfather, Master Zhou Shan, still has some experience in treating traumatic injuries. In addition, he also learned some acupuncture from the mysterious old man who lived in seclusion by the West Lake, and the law enforcement office was not a medical novice. He carefully examined Xiaoxiao’s knee joint and sighed.
"What happened? I can tell you that today I asked for leave with General Su Lao to visit the West Lake. Now, if I limp back, the general will definitely ask me what I did. You must cure me today and let me go back without being discovered by the general, otherwise I will never stop with you. "
Xiaoxiao stretching his mouth and said
"It’s not a big deal. Don’t worry. It will take you half an hour to recover because your leg is dislocated." Zhou Yixiao said.
Real Zhouyi is really worried about Xiaoxiao’s serious leg injury. Now he has a certain understanding of Xiaoxiao. If Xiaoxiao really wants to be hospitalized, it is estimated that he will not end with him, and he will be in trouble.
"Then help me to reset the joint quickly."
Xiaoxiao was relieved to hear that her leg was dislocated, otherwise it would be really bad for her to limp back to General Su Lao, who said when she came out that she was not allowed to find Zhouyi again.
Zhouyi nodded and grabbed Xiaoxiao’s leg again. Suddenly, Xiaoxiao’s knee joint shook a few times and soon reset.
Zhouyi shook a few times and sweated, and her face became a little pale, but she kept biting her teeth without giving a moan or shouting a pain. It took a few minutes for her face to gradually improve after the knee joint was reset.
Dislocation is like this. First, it hurts like a broken leg. Of course, if the joint is correctly reset, the pain will soon disappear, and it will take half an hour to recover.
Of course, this requires joint reduction, and people are skilled. If there is a deviation in joint reduction, it will be troublesome and will definitely leave sequelae in the future.
After Zhouyi helped Xiaoxiao to reset the joints, no horse left his hands and massaged Xiaoxiao’s knees.
"My legs are all connected. This guy isn’t trying to rob me, is he?" Xiaoxiao thought that she was considering whether to give Zhouyi another kick.
"Don’t you have a first aid kit?" At this time, Zhouyi said, "Take some alcohol out and I’ll get one for your knee joint so that your leg won’t leave any sequelae."
After I came to Zhouyi to help Xiaoxiao’s leg reset, I had to leave immediately and go to school. But just now, he arrived at Xiaoxiao’s absolutely beautiful leg, and he didn’t want to leave any damage to such a beautiful scenery. This is just going to send the Buddha to the west to get a massage for Xiaoxiao’s knee joint
"It turns out that I misunderstood him. Although this person is lighter than me, it is not a place. At least his strength is strong and his heart is not bad."
Xiao Xiao thought, and then told Zhou Yi where to put the first aid kit in the car. After all, she is a soldier. If she wants to be in the best condition, no sequelae are allowed in her body parts.