Zhuo Qiang is confused. Ye Chuchu is secretive all day. I really don’t know what she is doing.

"Actually, the most important thing for us now is to cure your amnesia first. When you return to normal, everything will be white." Ye Chuchu continued to explain to him when he saw that Zhuo Qiang was still very hu.
"Cure? Is my disease easy to treat? You give me a needle every day and I don’t see any effect. "Zhuo Qiang certainly hopes that he can restore his memory, but it doesn’t look easy.
"You can rest assured that it is not too difficult for me to find medical equipment to cure your disease." Ye Chuchu knew that she had no medical box in her hand and said nothing.
Jing Tian, a taxi to Nanxi, is also chatting with Huang Xue Yao.
Although Jing Tian doesn’t know what happened to Zhuo Qiang, she also vaguely knows that he may be in danger, otherwise he won’t hide his head and lu tail and don’t even go home.
She didn’t want to know too much about what she had done to Zhuo Qiang. Since Zhuo Qiang didn’t want to tell her, she wouldn’t ask.
Even if Zhuo Qiang did something bad, she would never call the police to arrest him, which is beyond doubt
Zhuo Qiang not only saved her, but also saved her family, and even solved major troubles for her cousin Huang Xueyao. She can’t repay these things even if her life comes to her.
Now Zhuo Qiang has a strange disease, and she naturally helps him. This is not only a kindness, but also a deep affection for her.
A lot has happened recently, and Zhuo Qiang suddenly has a beautiful foreign nv child around her. Although she is very sad, she still believes that Zhuo Qiang will give her a reasonable explanation.
"Ye Chuchu face injury is how did that happen? I’ve always wanted to ask, but it’s inconvenient. Do you know what’s going on? " Jing Tian remembered that Ye Chuchu’s beautiful face had so much scar that he couldn’t help but feel very sorry.
Huang Xueyao shook his head. "I don’t know that Zhuo Qiang doesn’t remember anything and Ye Chuchu doesn’t say anything. I don’t know what caused it."
"It is said that Ye Chuchu’s skill is so good that he shouldn’t have been injured. What would it be for?" Jing Tian is puzzled.
"But she’s loyal to Zhuo Jiang, and she has not only been taking care of him. You see, she has arranged all kinds of things so thoughtfully. It’s really a good nv child." Huang Xueyao has a good impression of Ye Chuchu.
Jing Tian was silent for a moment and said, "What are the strong players so loyal to him? And Zhuo Qiang is with Ye Chuchu. I’m not afraid of anything. She will steal Zhuo Qiang? "
Huang Xueyao laughed. "Yeah, I’m surprised you left them alone. I’m really not afraid of what happened."
"It’s an intuition that Ye Chuchu takes care of Zhuoqiang, but it really looks like a sister." Jing Tian realized that everything Ye Chuchu Zhuoqiang did was difficult for her to do.
"Oh, I haven’t called my dad yet. I really don’t know what they are worried about for so many days." Huang Xueyao quickly took out his new mobile phone and called her dad.
Jing Tian, when they were about to arrive at Nanxi, Nanxi Zhang Junjie was angry with his hands at this time.
"What do you do to eat? Dozens of brothers, Dong Yuan City, hun, even took less than half of the city for two months. Don’t you really want me to do it myself? "
"Brother Zhang" A young man with a hair cut like a peacock screen said with a bitter face, "That boss Lei is so fierce that he can not only fight but also be cruel enough. We have already had seven brothers injured by them, and two of them are particularly injured. Maybe this life is over. We are really a little overwhelmed."
"Okay, okay, you go out first and I’ll do something." Zhang Junjie kicked some people out.
Recently, Nanxi, a gang led by Zhang Junjie, was completely stable, and then attacked around several counties and cities, and developed his influence.
Brothers, although there are more and more sites, there are also many difficulties and problems.
The most important thing is that the reaction of gangs from all sides is extremely strong. Although Zhang Junjie has made a lot of efforts in various techniques and strategies, there are several die-hard Zhang Junjie who have to turn to Zhuo Qiang for help.
But strangely enough, Zhuo Qiang never called or texted Zhang Junjie Nahanbi as if he had disappeared.
However, he later learned through various channels that the Dongfeng Pirate Corps seems to have suffered an unprecedented blow and may have been destroyed.
How is that possible?
Zhang Junjie wouldn’t believe this. Who can compete with Wen Zhuo?
But what happened next made him feel bad, too
A large number of armed police and even the army suddenly appeared in the front of Nanxi, and the Nanxi was controlled like an iron bucket, and all the gang departments lay down their nests and never dared to move again.
After many inquiries, it turns out that these people are not cracking down on gangs
Through Zhuo Qiang’s parents, Zhang Junjie, I learned some details and finally came to a conclusion that they were probably targeting Dongfeng Pirates.
Just when Zhang Junjie was more frightened, these people suddenly withdrew overnight and disappeared.
What’s going on? Zhang Junjie also had a lot of speculation. Maybe these people really came to Zhuo Qiang, but he didn’t know why they stopped in the end.
But at this time, he has confirmed that Zhuo Qiang will not be too optimistic even if he does not encounter unexpected circumstances.
To his surprise, according to the information reported by his brothers in the past two days, many strangers suddenly appeared in Nanxi city. These people are neither businessmen nor migrant workers but look like plainclothes policemen.
So he would think that because some of his men wanted to make some extra money from these people, they were all arrested by them to the police station.
Is Nanxi going to have another big lun?
Since Nanxi can’t come to lun for the time being, he has put his mind on opening up a new battlefield.
Unfortunately, the expansion of the surrounding sites has also been frustrated repeatedly, and his mood has been particularly depressed.