"Don’t go again, Lan Yao. You can’t be that man’s opponent!" Mrs. Yang Lao struggled behind to owe a weak voice and shouted at Lan Yao’s chop.

Lan Yao beheaded and turned to look at several people lying on the ground behind him. In her eyes, they were all her friends.
I owe a little body and a face of worry. I’m surprised that Mrs. Yang and Mr. Guiling are lying on the ground with no scars, but life and death are uncertain. Ci Rengu and the scorching sun are still unconscious. Xiahou Chaojun and his side are constantly making their ability. The corners of their mouths are bleeding again. Muyangzheng.
How can you ignore it?
Blue demon beheaded some cold expression and looked at Mrs. Yang and said softly, "I won the red dagger if I don’t fix it. I must protect you before he comes back."
After that, I turned my head and slowly became vertical, and my arms were gradually put to my side. A pair of white wings behind me spread to both sides to reflect the sunshine to the maximum extent, which set off the surrounding sky in pure white.
Lan Yao chop also knows that he is no match for the mysterious man in front of him, and there is a big gap. He has to transport the ability of the poultry family that he just got from Emirates Ling. Anyway, combining the bird energy with his own cloud energy will definitely greatly enhance his strength. Even if he can’t beat this guy, he will have to fight for a long time!
However, it is not unheard of before, but it is difficult for birds and clouds to merge. Every time the two abilities meet, the blue demon will have a kind of pain in which the muscles and veins are torn.
But at this moment, there is no room for Lan Yao to think about these concerns again. Although this guy in front of him doesn’t seem to want to start work at present, seeing Ci Rengu and the scorching sun, Lan Yao can make it clear that those people behind him, including himself, may die if they don’t do everything they can.
Instantaneous expansion of the aura can play the blue demon chop to attack the powerful opponent. The blue demon chop has been learned
Although I don’t know who this mysterious guy is yet, Lan Yao has vaguely felt that this guy should not be the master of the big domain. It is obvious that he is sending out an aura that is much stronger than the master of the big domain.
Not a friend. This is an extremely terrible enemy.
The mysterious man Lan Yao beheaded the other side, still motionless, and the grinning mask blocked all his expressions, but it felt as if he was interested in enjoying Lan Yao’s beheading performance, as if he didn’t care about his affairs at all, or this kind of performance meant that if Lan Yao became powerful, he would threaten him and wouldn’t make this mysterious man feel a little nervous.
However, Lan Yaojian has made great efforts, and the ability of the body cloud clan has been aroused by her, and Monsieur beaucaire Ling has sent it to her body, and the ability of the poultry clan has been tested and integrated bit by bit.
That kind of pain reappears, and the ability of two different races is no less than breaking the original original shape and creating a new original body. That kind of pain increases from small to big, just like the muscles and veins are being torn by force!
This kind of pain quickly developed to the insides, and the blue demon beheaded already broke out in a cold sweat, but his face turned white, but he didn’t show a trace of expression to try to control himself, and he didn’t want to let the mysterious man see the flaw in front of him.
That kind of pain is unimaginable to ordinary people, just like giving someone a dirty transplant without anesthesia! At this time, the blue demon chop bears the same burden as transplanting and replacing all the dirty parts including blood at the same time!
Even senior Xiu Shi can’t stand such pain, but Lan Yao has another belief in her heart at the moment, which makes her have the perseverance to bear such great pain!
An instant orchid demon chop has almost collapsed, and the pain seems to have torn her apart, which makes her almost scream several times. There have been faint tears in her eyes, and her eyebrows have been slightly wrinkled, but she has quickly stretched her teeth and her eyes are more firm and cold.
Although the opponent’s strength is unimaginable, Lan Yaojian still wants to merge the cloud energy and birds at this moment to create a powerful gas field to deter the opponent to a certain extent.
Finally, the heartbreaking pain gradually faded, and the blue demon chop felt that there was a force rising. It was the power that slowly spread after the fusion of cloud clan ability and bird clan ability. At the same time, the blue demon chop body flashed a dazzling white light and a pair of huge wings were free to spread to both sides and flap gently.
The white light is getting brighter and brighter, and the blue demon beheaded her body and soon disappeared like melting her. The circle has been dazzling white light.
"Cloud power? That wing is the symbol of the birds’ high ability. Did Lan Yao get the birds’ ability by chopping it? " The mysterious man gently tilted his head and said to himself
Mrs. Yang Lao looked at all this with surprise.
Monsieur beaucaire ling also watched all this happen, her eyes flashing with excitement.
The white light gradually faded, which was like being absorbed by the blue demon’s beheading body, from a dazzling piece to a circle around the edge of the blue demon’s beheading body, and then evolved into a circle of white halo surrounding the blue demon’s beheading body, shining slightly.
And the blue demon chop slowly raised his head and opened his eyes, and the eyes shot out unexpectedly also formed two white lights, but the pupil in his eyes was dark.
A pair of huge wings stretched out as if they were wider than before, and their white feathers were also slightly glowing. At the moment, the halo of Lan Yao’s beheaded body was shining, which made her hands, feet and body a little fuzzy.
The most obvious thing is that the blue demon has cut that long hair. At this moment, it has completed the snow-white color, the flaws, the snow-white brightness, the dazzling power and prestige, and the roots are gently and fresh, and it seems like a thing.
Even the blue demon’s eyelashes have become a white color.
A circle of dazzling white halo sets off like a white jade sculpture, which makes people worship at a glance.
"Hehe, it’s really not easy for such a powerful gas field to merge with birds." The mysterious man looked at the tone but still relaxed with a bit of ridicule. "Lan Yaochop, you have endured so great pain, are you going to fight hard with me?"
Lan Yao chopped up his white eyelashes and took a gentle look at the mysterious man, which surprised him a little.
It turned out that he knew everything but didn’t attack me when I was lucky! What the hell does he want?
Thinking about the blue demon chop, it fluttered forward for a long distance, and slowly raised her hands. The two shining cloud needles were returned to her hands. But at the moment, the blue demon chop was spread out with her palm, but the cloud needles were like spiritual ones. Her palm followed and floated with the blue demon chop, and she never left.
"Who are you?" There are blue demon chop mouth gently asked forward.
The mysterious man shook his head with a smile. "Let me see how much your reality has increased first."
Lan Yao cut one leng and got up with her eyes. Although her opponent was very strong, such contempt and ridicule made Lan Yao cut her heart and raised a little anger. Just as the mysterious man finished speaking, she had already thrown a cloud needle out of her hand!
The cloud needle pointed directly at the mysterious guy, but it was still about one meter away from him. Suddenly, it stopped in the middle and then "Ka" was broken!
And the mysterious root still didn’t move and even shook his head slightly, looking regretfully!
The blue demon has cut the fire, and there is a saying that a scholar can kill but not humiliate! This guy didn’t put her in the eye, which made Lan Yao cut his heart and became furious.
Instantly, Lan Yao chopped his hands to both sides and flung them behind him, and suddenly shot out. The actual root cloud needle was divided into two points, and the sharp tip of her hand was pointed at the mysterious man.
And the huge wings behind Lan Yao’s chop also spread out, and their white feathers also changed. The surface fell off one by one, and a new layer of feathers quickly grew at the place where the feathers fell off, and the fallen feathers flashed white light and became white blades floating around Lan Yao’s chop.
From a distance, the blue demon chop is surrounded by a piece of white feathers. Those feathers are closely United like life. The blue demon chop is around the center of the core body and moves forward with the blue demon chop drifting bit by bit.
Among the many white blades, there are also shining clouds and needles waiting for opportunities in hiding.
The defense blue demon, which is composed of white blade and cloud needle, forms an iron wall around her body. When others attack her, she will be instantly chopped into a paste when she approaches the object!
In this way, Lan Yao cut his calm face and his eyes were cold and instantly started to go straight to the mysterious man!
The mysterious man still didn’t show any defense or dodge.
But Lan Yao’s beheading has taken care of these things. She hopes that this guy will underestimate her so that she can exert the most powerful force to kill her opponent with one blow!