Aside, I asked about it and even asked about it. I immediately nodded with my chest. "It is true that the handmaiden didn’t get out of the tent until the end, and she was stunned and said …"

"I know what you said is true! You go first. This matter will be dealt with as soon as possible! "
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Hector even love ze will ask element off after the tent again with him and YunMan two people!
At that time, Yunman’s mood was beyond words!
It seems that more things have happened today than this year!
Is it a coincidence or is someone getting in the way when the dust king is new here? !
"Mother, you said it would also be Hector even love songs?
I really can’t believe that he has gone mad to the point of treating Jinse! "
Hector even love ze angrily look as if to see!
But YunManWen frowned and thought!
To tell the truth, in her heart, she didn’t quite believe that it was made by Hector even’s love songs!
After all, if he is really disloyal, the situation is definitely very dangerous for him now!
But at that time she wondered what the reason was for Bai Ze’s son’s injury and Jinse’s disappearance!
Silent YunMan also ignored Hector even affection words!
And nature impulse forehead even love ze see YunMan dignified look before stride continued to say "mother, what do you think? Maybe you still don’t believe it? "
Hector even love ze so impulsive YunMan also very nai!
She looked at Hector even feeling ze low exhortation way "ze son you don’t impulse! Think about it carefully. If it’s really a love song club, what do you think is good about him? !”
"Mother, do you still want to? He must have coveted my world place for a long time. This time, when the Dust King visited the place, he wanted to get along with my son and Jinse!
In this way, he is the only one in the whole tribe who can inherit the throne! It must be like this! "
Hector even love ze little people can’t wait to personally seize Hector even love songs and severely question them now!
He never thought that what he cherished might not be valued by others!
However, it is true that even the love songs have disappeared!
He hasn’t shown up all the time, and many things are confusing, so it’s hard to be suspected and criticized by people!
Yunman’s mind is very exquisite, and her views on many things are even more unique!
That’s why she has been able to sit firmly as a tribal queen for so many years!
I thought to myself that Yunman’s ear kept chattering about Hector even in love.
As far as she was concerned, she suddenly came to the guard to report that "Princess Chen has arrived!"
Princess Dust is here? !
That’s right
Didn’t she just leave with Jinse? !
YunMan immediately looked at Hector even feeling ze after hearing the report from the guards and motioned for his eyes!
It was not until Hean Qingze quickly hid in the seat curtain of Yunman that she arranged a skirt and said diplomatically, "Please come quickly!"
Words fall on the door!
Backlight enters the figure, and the sun infects the graceful and enchanting lotus step like a flower!