What kind of drugs did you give him? "

Shinohara snow suspicious Su Ling bursts of light smile, so her mysterious eyebrows are full of laughter!
Seeing that Shinohara’s curiosity is getting heavier and heavier, Su Ling didn’t hide her explanation. "It’s no big deal!
This will come down to you and Huang Yin-li making a fuss!
He has also been trying his best to fear that Huang Yin-li will suddenly abdicate and make way!
That’s why I’m so worried. If I expand it, I’ll let him believe it!
Besides, at the beginning, he calculated the account between me and Lao Huang. Although I won’t calculate it with him, I still have to teach him a lesson!
At the beginning, I actually said that if he didn’t help me, I would send him to the South Xia Kingdom as a man by the way. "
"ah? Ling, are you serious? !”
Shinohara snow froze and stared at Su Ling just like watching a monster!
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"ah? Ling, are you serious? !”
Shinohara snow froze and stared at Su Ling just like watching a monster!
However, Su Ling smiled more proudly. "What’s wrong with this silly old man who dared to calculate at the beginning? I have to have this consciousness!
The more important reason why he will decide to help me is that I told him that I got Phoenix Gate Truth in the deserted city!
I also said that if he didn’t agree, I would learn from the moon and set up an array and throw it directly into the sea! "
At this moment, Shinohara Snow can’t admire Su Ling!
She looked at Su Ling as if she had seen a ghost!
Good half xiang she silently swallowed saliva dry smile "ling I’m glad I’m your friend!
A ….. Law thing I can not make at will? It’s scary! "
Su Ling contentedly touched her belly and smiled like a kitten. "Come on! Law is to deal with outsiders!
And I’ve recently discovered a lot of secrets there!
Don’t worry, I’ll give it to you together when I understand!
By the way, let May and Jin Yan learn!
If these two little guys can master all the essence, they will be enemies all over the world!
Hey, do you think we have mastered such great skills, and we can dominate the world? "
If you don’t say that pregnant women say everything is right!
Shinohara snow mouth twitching at Su Ling eyes flashing rivers!
At this time, she has prayed in her heart that the child in Su Ling’s belly must not be a freak!
I’ve been listening to her mother’s nonsense every day before I was born. What can I do if I let Su Ling take care of the children herself?
This matter will naturally not worry about Shinohara Snow!
God knows that when Su Ling’s second child is left, Huang Laosan feels that his whole life is complete!