This extremely high-speed ghosting technique has the same effect as the posture of Blue Sky and Molin, but there is something higher about Yang’s posture, that is, these figures continue to move to disturb Mo Ran’s visual judgment to the greatest extent.

Mo Ran froze and faced Yang from the illusion, and the ghosting still seemed to enter the quiet realm.
Three figures rushed from three directions at the same time, but Mo Ran’s eyes closed.
A figure on the left is Yang Li. He Ling Fei kicked his leg to Mo Ran’s waist.
Seeing that the leg is about to hit the ink, Ran suddenly turned his head with his eyes open and swung a punch to hit Yang away from his knee.
This foot Yang Li will punch even if he can kick in the knee. Seeing the strong psychic power of Mo Ran’s fist, Yang Li dare not recklessly give back the attack leg. At that time, his breath was disordered and he was very embarrassed.
Mo Ran didn’t retreat this time. He seemed to notice that Yang Li’s breath was not adjusted at the moment. Instead of closing his fist, he tried to make an arrow and rushed to his fists. Every punch was hit by a psionic fist, and Yang Li retreated repeatedly.
"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.
"It seems that I’m going to use the real collar." Yang flew back and adjusted his breath. He didn’t rely on luck to mix up the ink tower, so he quickly found a chance to fight back.
"Shout" Mo Ran punched Yang from the chest, and his strength increased a few minutes because he saw that Yang was a little stumbling, which was a golden flaw.
Unexpectedly, this punch was as bad as hitting a cotton ball, and I didn’t know how to spit it out.
Ink ran a little surprised in my heart and felt that the cotton ball became as hard as steel and jumped back.
"Wow," one mouthful blood spurted out of the ink. Ran was accidentally attacked by Yang Li, a more powerful psionic power, but was injured and dirty.
Yang Li relentlessly saw Mo Ran retreat, and his spike stretched out in his hand and shouted, "Spike spikes!"
After the Mohist Tower tempered, the spike was more powerful. At that time, Yang Li smashed the Shen Buhai fireball with one knife and shocked four buildings. Now his spike was more powerful than a hundred times at that time.
Mo Ran watched the spike rush to his chest and didn’t dodge. His eyes closed, and he was dead this time. He hoped that Mo Lin could walk away safely in order to be dead and not wronged.
But Mo Ran didn’t wait for the dagger to stab into his chest, but heard Yang leave an amazing roar.
Ink jean valjean looked up and saw Yang from carrying spike in front of himself, but stopped at a slap distance from his chest.
You can see Yang’s expression on his face, Mo Ran knew that he was struggling, but Spike didn’t know what was blocking him, so he pushed his luck.
Mo ran doesn’t know what’s going on, but he still jumps to one side to avoid the spike.
"Shout …" Yang suddenly stopped a loose in front of Zhengli, and he almost rushed out.
Hold your step. Yang looked away as if he were scanning around and growled, "Who is it?"
Three figures came out of the dense forest. The first one was Mo Lin. He looked coldly at Yang Li and said with anger, "Mo Ran is not your enemy. He is your compatriot, your classmate and your partner!"
Yang from the eyes and ink Lin intersection seems to be an explosive spark to glare at each other, and he is not to be outdone. "This person has been deceived by you and is no longer a Mohist."
"Bullshit!" Ink Lin and ink RanQi way
"Yang from you have gone astray" Sandy looked at Yang from sighed.
"There’s nothing for you here!" Yang from see los Sandy is angry.
Genius, beauty, honor, ability, all this should be mine! Yang Li stared at Mo Lin and roared in his heart. He had never been so angry as he is now. He wanted to tear Mo Lin to pieces and then watch Luo Sandy cry so that he would feel relaxed and frank.
Los Sandy shook his head and stopped making Linghu purple comfort. He grabbed her hand and said, "Let Molin handle it."
Two women retreated ten paces behind Molin and quietly watched the game without taking part.
Mo Lin and Yang Li hesitated facing Mo Ran and walked beside the two women. At the same time, they said "thank you" to Mo Lin.
"When did you become so polite? I should thank you." Molin’s words contain many meanings.
Although Mo Ran doesn’t catch up with Mo Lin face to face like Lin Bo and coolie, Mo Lin knows his difficulties and he can stop Yang from pursuing, which proves that he still regards Mo Lin as a brother in his heart.
With Mo Ran’s behavior, Mo Lin feels that it is enough. He never asks more of others, but if others have a drop of water, he will respond with a spring.
He doesn’t know whether this is kindness or chivalrous. He knows that he appreciates the love of these friends in the world. If everyone can think like him, will there be hatred, killing and hell in this world?
"Why did Yang leave you to chase me?" Mo Lin said lightly that if Yang Li didn’t stab him on the cliff that day, he wouldn’t have fallen off the cliff. Sandy wouldn’t have lost his hair overnight. Every time I think about this Mo Lin, I wonder if he should have saved Yang Li.
However, how many times did I recall that Mo Lin admitted that he would still save Yang from him and Yang from some discord, but he still felt sorry for Mo Lin to watch Yang from dying.
But at the moment, Yang Li is a little cruel. At the beginning, he stabbed Mo Lin in the chest with a knife. If there were no micro crossbows blocking Mo Lin, he would have died long ago. Now he has made this fatal stab to Mo Ran. Mo Lin finally can bear it.
Is it Mohist to regard human life as dirt? Is it Mohist genius that Yang Li is so grumpy? No wonder there are thugs like Gong Yu.
Such a person is not worthy to be an ink writer. This is the idea in Mo Lin’s heart
Yang Li said slowly, "You Mohist traitor dare to poison the giant. I will let you blood out today."
Molin said, "Jushi has been poisoned by the corpse controller. I’m going to find the essence of wood. If you stall me here, it will make Jushi’s life more dangerous."
"Bah, when I was a three-year-old child, did you want to escape?" Yang Li shouted.
"In that case, you don’t have to say anything. If you have something, stop me." Mo Lin is no longer polite to Yang, and there is really no need to endure this kind of person.
Ink Lin said and turned to two women and ink ran said "let’s go".
"It’s not that easy to leave", so Molin turned around for an instant and Yang left.