January, 2001

After the Football Association’s penalty notice came out, it was conceivable that it immediately attracted a number of fans’ widespread doubts and applause. The doubts were puzzled by the Football Association’s hasty removal of football supernova Qi Nan from the team. The applause was sent by those fans who were completely disappointed with China football. They decided to boo Qi Nan in the Football Association’s "English". In their opinion, it was better for them not to enter the national team. Although it was a pity that Qi Nan could not play for China, it was enough to see him perform in Naples.
PS, after careful consideration of Lang, paid special attention to the opinions of friends in the evaluation area these days, and finally decided not to let Qi Na join the China national team. Those who hoped that Lang YY, a teammate of China, would bow here and apologize. In reality, Comrade Xie Yalong seems to have "studied", but let him be the villain here first! ! ! Football is hard to write these days! ! ! ! It is estimated that the subscription will drop again because those readers who want to watch the wave YY China team will run away
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six Monica is back
In the outside world, Qi Na was kicked out of the world by the Football Association before he officially entered the national team, but our hero was living a leisurely life like a fairy, shuttling through the charming mountains of Niujiao Village every day. Happy hours always passed very quickly. In a once popular saying, his mother passed in a blink of an eye.
After playing in Niujiaozhai for half a month, it was finally time to go back to Naples, but when Qinan got up the next day to get ready to pack, he found that there was a heavy snow last night.
Heavy snow! ! ! Real snow is like cotton wool, snow is like reed flowers, snow is like dandelion with fluffy seeds, snow is flying in the wind, snow is like goose feather, and it is already a white world outside the house. Looking through the misty snow, Niujiaozhai in the snow is more magnificent than heaven and earth, and you can see a piece of silver. It seems that the whole world is decorated with silver. Not far from the house, there is thin ice on the Tuojiang River, but it seems like a silver belt hovering around the mountains and then disappearing at the end of the line of sight.
Qinan looked at the beautiful scenery in front of the wooden house alone, regardless of the snowflakes falling on his head. He followed the villagers in the cottage and got up quietly. The cottage gradually became alive, and the children were surprised one after another. Children all like the snow horn village children, and no exception.
The footsteps behind him stepped on the snow to make a unique sound. Qi Na looked back and turned out to be Xiu Xiu
"Is Brother Qi still going out to Naples today?" My little girl’s face was frozen with a layer of bright red by Yukikaze in the early morning and asked timidly. Looking at Xiu Xiu, she looked a little shaky and cute. Qi Na pulled Xiu Xiu and let her lean in her warm arms. He didn’t immediately answer Xiu Xiu’s question, but held Xiu Xiu’s petite body tightly. So they snuggled up and looked at the beautiful snow scene in Niujiao Village.
If a painter can see the scene in front of him, he will have a strong creative impulse in generate, which will fill every corner of the world with picturesque beauty and elegant ancient charm. A pair of golden couple-like lovers in Xiangxi Miao Village tightly embrace pure snowflakes and fall on their bodies like their pure love, forming a beautiful fairytale dream picture.
How nice it would be if I could be held here by my brother Qi and watch the snow scene like this! ! ! Xiu Xiu curled up like a kitten in Qinan’s arms and thought alone that his brother’s body was warm like a fire, and the familiar smell came from his brother’s body and Xiu Xiu wanted to moan.
"These two silly children are still staying outside in such heavy snow. Come on in." Tian Dashu came from the eaves of the wooden house. Qi Na and Xiu Xiu smiled at each other and obediently returned to continue watching the snow on the eaves.
"JiNa so heavy snow even can’t get out of the mountain road, you know it’s hard to walk at ordinary times. Last night, Snowy Road must have been covered and it depends on the snow! ! !” Tian Dashu looked at the sky and woke up in Jinan Road.
"Let’s stay for a few more days. There are still six days before the winter break of the league. I hope the snow will melt in a few days." Qi Na also knows that the road to the village is so snowy that he can’t leave. Besides, there are still six days before the Serie A game. Although he can’t catch up with the team’s pre-game recovery training, the problem of getting back before the game is not great. Qi Na has told Uncle Tian about playing football in Naples, but he didn’t say how popular he is in Naples and China. He described playing football as a very ordinary job. In Tian Dashu’s cognition, he also played football. When he was working in Phoenix, he did the same work. However, Qi Na did the work abroad, and the distance from abroad was similar to that from Niujiao Village to Changsha, the provincial capital. Where would he have thought that this trade union in Qi Na was so noticeable?
According to Tian Dashu, the climate in Xiangxi is usually sunny after heavy snow, but I didn’t expect it to be a little abnormal this year. The temperature continued to snow a few days after heavy snow, but it turned into freezing. It rained intermittently during the day and fell to the ground when the temperature was low at night, which made the weather even a problem, let alone going outside the mountain.
After a week, the weather showed no signs of improvement. At this time, Qi Na was in a hurry, because it was the day when Serie A rekindled the war, but he was still trapped in the cottage and could not go out. However, God’s will made it impossible for human beings to control Qi Na to stay at Niujiao Village and wait for the weather to clear up.
Zinan is in a hurry. Someone is more anxious than him. It’s a few days since Napoli coach Rhea made an appointment with Domenica to return to the team, but he hasn’t heard from him at all. How can he not be in a hurry? He has already learned from China media friends that Domenica was removed from the team by China. This news is something to celebrate for him, because that means Domenica can.
It’s not possible to get hurt if you don’t get drafted by the damn national team and fly around the world, but he’s a little curious that Domenica didn’t come out to defend himself. In his impression, Domenica is a warm-blooded young man, and he never said that he wouldn’t play for the national team. But this time, apart from the storm, it’s already made a lot of noise in China. Domenica didn’t come out to say a word?
Rhea’s speculation and worry continued until the Serie A replay. Indomenica was still heard. At this time, not only Rhea, but also Napoli club and fans were worried. At this time, they didn’t see Domenica. What happened to him in China?
Domenica didn’t come back, but Serie A won’t postpone the 10th round of Napoli’s away game against Lazio twice, but that was in the Italian Cup to eliminate them from the Italian Cup. Lazio took advantage of Domenica’s 2-0 beating at home to lose the core, and Napoli lost its biggest trump card. Rhea could watch the team being ravaged by Lazio on the sidelines.
When Rhea led the team to Rome, the Napoli Club was not idle. They also sent professionals to China to look for news about Dominica with Dominica’s agent argus Tini.
When I was expecting to come to China with hundreds of thousands of fans in Naples, argus Tini knew what had happened to her friend Dominika. According to reports, there was a once-in-a-century ice disaster in southern China, and the city where Dominika’s hometown was located happened to be the worst place of the ice disaster. Changsha Airport was the highway, and the road was closed because of ice. Finally, argus Tini had to move her family to fly directly to Changsha by helicopter.
However, when argus Tini went through all kinds of hardships and arrived in Changsha, he still didn’t hear from Qinan. According to familiar people, Qinan spent a day in Changsha and then disappeared. His real hometown was not in Changsha, but in some unknown mountain area in Hunan.
This news completely left argus Tini at a loss. In addition to waiting, he could pray to the Emperor, hoping that the Western Emperor could help influence the weather in China.
This is maddening. The freezing weather has been going on for more than ten days. However, Agostini stayed in Changsha and didn’t panic. During his stay in Changsha for a few days, he not only accepted interviews with several mainstream print media in China, but also interviewed several television stations with great influence in China. In these interviews and video interviews, argus Tini made some comments on shelling the China Football Association in a foreign country. Qi Nan’s agent was beneficial to do so. At one time, China football was again shaken by the shelling of Tini in argus, and his influence was second only to China people’s attention to the ice disaster in the south.
Finally, after the winter break of Serie A, when the second league game was about to begin, it raged in the south for more than half a month, and the freezing weather finally cleared up again at the end of the day.
When stepping out of the cottage road again, Qina almost didn’t know how many days she had played here. In this ancient village where there was no communication facilities, Qina felt that she was about to forget the outside world.
To go back to Naples, I must first go back to Changsha and return to Changsha Qinan. The first thing I think of is that Cai Yi’s family Qinan knows that at least ten days have passed since the appointment with coach Rhea. He also went to Cai Yi to say goodbye to them and then flew back to Naples.
I didn’t expect that when JiNa and Xiu Xiu saw Cai Yi again, the landlady seemed inexplicably excited as if she were her own family. Isn’t it more than twenty days since JiNa just wondered? How like where will you go once with them? However, after listening to Cai Yi’s detailed explanation and reading the newspapers these days, Qi Na didn’t know how many earth-shaking things had happened in the past half a month.
National team call-up Be removed from the team? A rare ice disaster in a hundred years? Argus Tini bombarded the Football Association, which made Qinan’s brain almost unable to think. Niang, this is really those so-called natural disasters and man-made disasters. Qinan has always been gentle and scolded a sentence in his heart
"oh! ! ! By the way, peony came here once to look for your message number left by Mr. argus Tini. It seems that he is still in Changsha. "Cai Yi and Qi Na dug up a piece of paper from the phone book after reading the newspaper, which was the number of argus Tini dialect.
After two days of "DuDu" in argus Tini dialect, Qinan finally heard the Tini sound in argus after more than 20 days’ absence.
"emperor! ! ! ! It’s you, Mary. It’s you. It’s you, Dominica! ! ! !” Argus Tiny’s voice actually choked. Zena was preparing to joke with argus Tiny and laugh at him for crying at his age, but he didn’t expect argus Tiny to scold him again after choking.
%……; Don’t you know how worried we are about you? Coach Rhea, your teammates, those hearts, you love you, Neapolitan fans and tens of millions of fans in China, who are worried about you, worried about you! ! ! ! Do you know that?/You know what? "Listen, argus Tiny, it’s not like swearing, it’s like talking. Qinan was moved. Although he was separated by a line, he still felt argus Tiny’s sincere brotherly feelings towards him. argus Tiny gave vent to it and Qinan asked argus Tiny where he was and told him where he was now.
Ten minutes later, an ordinary Audi car almost stopped at the street opposite Cai Yi’s house like a Ferrari racing car at F1 track. argus Tini’s tall figure appeared in Qinan’s field of vision.
At the door of Cai Yi’s house, argus Tini held a warm bear together until Xiu Xiu laughed behind him.
"Hey, isn’t this Xiu Xiu’s sister? Argus Tiny’s brother hasn’t seen you for a long time, so I have a hug with my brother. "I saw Zina argus Tiny who was looking for many days. Before I was in a good mood, I often liked to joke with Xiu Xiu. He ran out again. He let Zina" grin "and walked to Xiu Xiu, deliberately making an eagle catch a chicken, but Xiu Xiu was not stupid. She screamed and ran to the house to leave Zina and argus Tiny to care for each other and laugh.
Qi Na in Cai Yi’s living room inquired carefully about what happened these days. Just now, from Cai Yi’s mouth and newspaper Qi Na, she learned about the news that she had not entered the national team. Now, from argus Tini’s mouth, Qi Na just finished figuring out the whole incident.
For China Football Association, there is no hasty practice with the slightest patience. Qi Nan doesn’t think much about playing in France. It’s not that he is eager to do things. Actually, since he has been in this world for a short time, he hasn’t formed a deep sense of identity with this China. In his mind, he sometimes still thinks of himself as a DaSong man, a territory that includes a DaSong man in the southeast corner of the Yangtze River. Now he wants to play football happily and enjoy football instead of being forced to play football. He doesn’t have much opinion. Since China team doesn’t want me, should I kneel down and beg those senior football association officials to JiNa thought like this in my heart.
Argus Tini talked with Qinan for two hours and then hurried back to his hotel to pack up his things, and then booked a plane ticket to Naples as soon as possible. Qinan also wanted to spend a day or two in Changsha with Xiao Canghai, Sun Dasheng and Martin, and they got together again and left in a hurry. Xiao Canghai didn’t even visit the place, but he could, after all, see that argus Tini was in such a hurry to return to Naples. After all, Serie A had already played, the team urgently needed him to return. argus Tini said that after the winter break, Naples lost the first league game, which made Qinan even more afraid to stay in China
While argus Tini went to book a plane ticket and pack things, Qinan quickly called coach Rhea with argus Tini’s mobile phone. Qinan will definitely be scolded by the coach, and he has already prepared his heart. Who knows that the coach asked him if he was trapped in his hometown and did he suffer any harm? If so, he must have learned what trouble Qinan had in China through argus Tini. After the speech, Qinan was so grateful that he wanted to go back to Naples to attack the city and pull out the village to solve the coach’s urgent need. The Italian media praised Rhea.
After eating lunch at Aunt Cai’s house, Qi Na was urged by argus Tini to set foot on a trip back to Naples. Some reporters and media came to Changsha on hearing the news. Before they met Qi Na, the three of them had already taken a plane to the sea. When Qi Na returned to Changsha from Xiangxi, an eagle-eyed crowd recognized him. During this period, all major newspapers in Changsha and some people who were not fans were able to recognize Qi Na.
When some sports media in Shanghai got the news that Qinan was going to intercept at the sea airport, Qinan had already taken a plane to Rome and returned to Italy, which made these hopes get what Qinan thought of the Football Association’s punishment.
On January 1st, 21st, Italy, the weather was fine and the temperature was suitable for leaving Naples for twenty-six days. Domenica finally returned to the sight of Naples fans. The Naples media was more delighted than announcing to Italy that the patron saint of Naples-"Saint" Domenica had returned.
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven
However, Zinan returned to Naples on Sunday, but he still didn’t catch the game against Catania because he was late at Capodihino airport in Naples.
As soon as I got off the plane, Qinan called coach Rhea. The coach was very happy. The excitement was hard to hide. There was a little imperceptible anxiety in the excitement. Rhea didn’t say much about letting Qinan have a good rest tonight and attend team training on time.
I didn’t know what was in Rhea’s words until I let Qinan watch. Because Naples was drawn by Catania, a weak team, at home in the 19th round of Serie A this afternoon. It was a big surprise. You know Catania is a weak team in Serie A this season. At present, they rank second to last in the away game with 21 points after the 19th round of competition. Although Naples has no Qinan, it should be terrible to win Catania at home with the existing team. It’s a problem to get everyone to support Naples. It’s hard for Naples to live and be tied by Catania’s iron drum array. Throughout the game, Naples’s defense is not bad. From the data of five shots in Catania, it can be seen that the attack is a mess, but compared with the steady defense, the best opportunity in the game is Ravizzi’s omission but hitting the post. Although Naples is far ahead in shooting times, the shooting quality is mostly low, and many of them are nai. After the forced start, there was no connection between Qinan and Napoli in the frontcourt. Without his unstoppable breakthrough in the frontcourt, Napoli’s attack was almost impossible. After more than 90 minutes, they had to swallow the home court and get a bitter result.
Although the scene of the game was ugly, Rhea was unsightly in the post-game press conference, but it was not a point to watch. At the 70 th minute, the climax came, that is, Neapolitan pride was born in Naples youth training camp, and now Italian national team captain Fabio Cannavaro replaced San Crauser stadium. After 15 years, Naples once again fought in the battlefield. Sixty thousand Neapolitan fans witnessed this historic moment. San Crocewu, who came from the same youth training camp in Naples, brought a rare warmth to the scorching Sao Paulo Stadium. At that moment, all Naples fans were in tears, and some old fans who had witnessed Cannavaro playing football in his youth were even more excited and sad.
Fifteen years! ! ! ! Fifteen years! ! ! ! The once-dashing teenagers have now grown into mature and steady men, and Fabio Cannavaro’s actions after the game have brought the scorching atmosphere to the peak. At that moment, the theory is still in love with Naples. The man knelt on the ground and bent down to kiss him. The Sao Paulo turf had been sweating for a long time, and even the referee was moved by the affectionate actions of the big Cannavaro. He took the initiative to temporarily stop the game and waited for Cannavaro to finish this series of warm movements. Sixty thousand Napoli fans shouted the name of Cannavaro like crazy. Rhea led all the Napoli substitutes to stand up. The big Cannavaro applauded, and the players came to hug the big Cannavaro one by one to pay the highest tribute to the pride of Naples who had been away from Napoli football for fifteen years.
So the game ended in the end, but it was still watched: I talked about it because I was excited enough to see the big Cannavaro wearing the sky-blue jersey again. Unfortunately, Qinan couldn’t see this scene that excited several Neapolitans. He could see this grand occasion from the news after the game. Qinan didn’t expect to see that mature and handsome man named Fabio Cannavaro made several Neapolitan fans crazy almost more than he scored a stunning goal alone. At this time, he finally realized that he was a foreigner, because Fabio Cannavaro was the real pride of the city, but Qinan was not jealous of Big Cannavaro. After all, it was very good that he was treated the same as Big Cannavaro as a China. With this idea, Qinan looked forward to a formal meeting with Big Cannavaro, and he was going to train with his teammates the next day.
Qinan got up early the next morning to prepare for afternoon training. He didn’t touch football for more than 20 days, which was a great torment for him to regard football as his life.
As usual, he planned to walk to the training base, but when he went out to walk to the iron gate in front of the house, he immediately dismissed this year. Because outside the iron gate, he saw nearly 100 major media reporters waiting outside, so he had to call argus Tini, a "full-time driver"
When Agsti
It was learned that when Ferrari stopped in front of the door, Qinan dared to go out to deus ex to squeeze the car. Qinan quickly let argus Tini Express. When Ferrari jumped out like a crazy cow, those reporters still tried to chase and interview Nanjina, who sat in the car and looked back and shook his head with a wry smile.
"hey! ! Domonica, I said you should buy your own car. It will be a lot after today’s situation. Do you want me to be a driver every time? " Argus’s tiny rearview mirror to see Zena wry smile back and said.
"But I won’t! ! ! !” Qina also feels it is necessary to buy a car by herself, otherwise it will be very inconvenient.
"This bag is a lot of driver’s licenses in the place where I learn to drive in Naples, and it’s not a problem. I have acquaintances in it, so if you don’t buy it yourself, there are several sponsors here who want to ask you to speak for them. If you shoot an advertisement, they will also give you a sports car. Their car is actually to help them advertise. How about you choose these Italian famous cars?" Argus tini see JiNa really have such idea to strike while the iron is hot and explain one to him, by the way.
"Whatever. I just want the car to run." Qinan waved his hand without looking up, which meant to let argus Tini decide for himself.
"I am dizzy! ! ! Domonica, have a little opinion of yourself, okay? You’re a big star now. Big star, you know? What kind of car should be worn and what kind of clothes should be paid attention to. "argus Tini’s hand caressed his forehead and he was about to faint. He was a thorough language."
"The express! ! ! Yeah, here we are! ! ! ! Stop the car, please! ! ! Stop the car. "In the blink of an eye, the car had already arrived at the training base. Qi Na was busy calling argus Tini to stop and jump. Qi Na hurriedly ran to the base for fear that the reporters would chase after him again.
"More Monica! ! ! Domonica! ! ! ! Then I’ll help you decide. Then how about Lamborghini? ! ! !” Argus Tini’s words haven’t been finished yet. Qinan’s figure has disappeared at the gate of the training base. argus Tini shook his head with a wry smile at Ferrari, and he was able to leave his hand. The only player and the only cash cow chose the right car.
Dizzy! ! ! Come early, look at the swinging training base and look at the big clock hanging not far away. Qi Na knows that it’s only nine o’clock and there is still an hour before the team’s formal training.
You didn’t practice first, did you? Qinan went back to the locker room and changed clothes, then ran around to exercise, then moved all the training equipment out of the equipment storage room and put it in the usual place, and finally picked up the ball and bounced it by herself.
Picking up fish in the dry land, the golden Buddha pushes the Buddha’s top bead and the swallow returns to the nest. After being familiar with the feeling of one foot, Qinan plays several difficult cuju games. At the training base stadium, it is amazing to see a black-and-white football flying around the feet of a man in a sky-blue dress. The black-and-white elf image is controlled by a kind of vigor and dancing cheerful notes on the grass, and it is like a top pianist playing Beethoven’s 14th piano sonata.