He hides people and finds corners, but he can see her every move and hear all her sounds.

It would be bad for that demon to know that Brother Feng is my lover.
Will he be bad for Brother Feng?
The instant panic in her eyes did not escape the male eyes, and a ray of doubt flashed in the dark brown handsome eyes, and her face was still elegant and smiling.
With one hand in his beige suit pocket, he gracefully walked over, bent down and pointed his finger at his abdomen, gently doting on the tip of his nose and saying, "I haven’t seen you for months and you’ve grown up again."
Xi’s lips can’t help but raise a sweet smile, but my heart is worse than my sour brother Xi ‘er. If you know this, will you still like Xi ‘er?
After shaking for a few seconds, she suddenly felt her dark eyes staring at herself like eagle eyes.
My heart immediately panicked.
Director Xia always welcomes you finally got a chance to talk to him.
Is folding clothes lengqin motionless saw his one eye.
It turns out that this means that the richest man in the ball ranks fifth, and the president of Xia’s group is young and has a general manager-Xia Feng!
What is he and Xi?
She seems to like him very much.
I blush when I look at him, and my eyes are gentle.
It’s completely different from the cold attitude towards Zun Wang.
"How did you get here?" Evening barely suppressed panic and tried to calm herself down.
"I came to see your performance specially because I didn’t inform you beforehand to give you a surprise." Xia Feng looked at her with a smile. "Are you nervous?"
"Well," Xi hung his eyes and didn’t dare to look him in the face. "Today’s performance is very important and he is a little nervous."
"Evening son not nervous wind elder brother here to cheer you up" Xia Feng pet caressed her face.
Evening lift eyes smile to nod.
The theater music started slowly, and the first act was performed, and the actors came on stage one after another.
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The theater music started slowly, and the first act was performed, and the actors came on stage one after another.
"Manager Xia has performed", the director woke up carefully. "The temple has reserved a place for you. Let me take you there."
"good!" Xia Feng straightened up and winked at Xi. "Come on, Xi ‘er, I have a gift for you when your performance is over."
"Well" evening shallow smile got up and walked to the entrance.
When she tur around, that short and deep scar on her leg came into Xia Feng’s eyes.
A ray of doubt passed through his eyes …
Lengqin was just about to put the evening blue dress in the box, and Xia Feng’s eyes fell on her.
"Who are you, please?"
He sounded like a friendly friend, but he didn’t ignore the majesty and hidden edge.
"I am a temporary assistant hired by the young lady." Lengqin smiled quietly.
She looks like Min Xu today, and her face is usually as cold as frost, and she has an approachable smile.
In order to sneak into the background, she mastered all the things that assistants should do, including understanding ballet.
She cooperated perfectly.
All killers are excellent actors.
And she’s a killer. She can be a queen.
"Assistant?" Xia Feng’s elegant face showed a light smile, but his brown eyes were deliberately long and shining without saying a word.
"Mr. Xia" Xia Feng suddenly stopped him when he was about to step out of the threshold.
"I forgot to tell you that Miss Min Xu is injured in the hospital. Would you like to see her?"
"Injured?" Xia Feng steps live turned and looked at her face smile LianQu.