"Shua" a piece of red light flashed around Yang night, and even his feet and ground trembled in his bag for a while.

Across the street, a lot of domain, race, clan, and class all stare big eyes. Even Yang Ye was surprised for a second. Is this the power after ghosts and gods can blend?
However, in a second, some people are eager to make contributions, and some ethnic groups have faced layers of layers and rows of monks standing in front of them. Yang Ye did not stop.
The big domain master and others flew out from the door of the domain leader’s hall. At that time, Yang Ye once stood in the footsteps straight. The big domain master looked at each other with some doubts. The shock and horror in the eyes of the big domain master when he saw him or recognized him strengthened Yang Ye’s belief.
So Yang Ye’s facial expression continued to take a step after the main flight of the big domain returned to the leading gate. There were too many enemies in front of him, and it was so dark that the outside of the leading gate of the domain occupied nearly 1,000 square meters!
So many guys, they’re not going to roll forward like that, are they?
Yang night gloomy eyes step by step to meet the vast enemy sea, but calculating the hesitated.
Since becoming a domain official, Yang Ye has gone through too many things, whether it’s a battle between hostile forces in the domain, whether it’s a domain official or an ordinary human being, whether it’s a single digit from Wu Vietnam War to The Hunger Mu Mingfeng to now, but …
Yang night a moment in the mind some hesitation and taboo impression has never been like a butcher ready to slaughter so many, so many people! At present, there should be at least 100,000 or so people of all races, right? Even if we don’t kill them all, it seems that we must kill them today.
But then things let Yang night completely eliminate the taboo in my heart, and on the spot, I realized that quite a few of these ethnic groups should be killed!
The first one to be killed is the one who first came out to meet Yang Ye with an eyebrow raised and a face of provocation and ridicule, and came to Jin Xiu Shi in the dark camp.
From the call of all the Jin clans in the mixed race camp behind, it can be seen that there is still no Nozomi among the Jin clans who have cultivated officials, and those clans are quite confident in the strength of the Jin clans who have cultivated officials, as if they saw him roar like a tsunami when he stepped forward.
"Are you the ghost orphan Red Bi?" The Jin Xiushi squinted as he walked over to meet Yang Ye.
Looking at Yang Ye in a frivolous way, "The ghosts have been extinct for so long, which is the history of the domain! And you orphan, you dare to come and die without finding a corner to live secretly? It seems that you ghosts are all idiots! ……”
Talking, this Jin Clan Xiushi is getting closer and closer to Yang Ye, and Yang Ye hasn’t stopped. It’s a facial expression coming towards this Jin Clan Xiushi to keep the rhythm step by step.
There is a distance of several meters between the two sides, but this Jin Clan Xiu Shi still talks endlessly, "Let me fulfill your wish and send you to meet your dead kin!" Let your ghost clan perish completely! You should thank me, right Remember my name before you die! My name is … "
The provocative voice came to an abrupt end!
Behind the domain clan camp, several gold clansmen cheered and cheered and disappeared instantly. Every gold clan official stared at everything with his eyes wide open and his mouth straight. wait for a while looked at everything in front of him.
It’s not just the Golden Clan who is so dark that more than 100,000 people of all ethnic groups are stupid at the moment, and it’s like a ghost to stay in wait for a while after watching it!
It is really a ghost!
Yang night was left alone in front of them, and he slowly walked over to this side step by step, with a look on his face like a knife!
And just words haven’t finished, the gold family xiushi unexpectedly disappeared at the moment! The most terrible thing is that he is behind more than 100,000 pairs of eyes and suddenly disappears!
How is that possible? Become a living person? Teleportation? Domain black hole? Hiding from the ground? All of a sudden? ! ~
More than100,000 people of all ethnic groups have suffered a great blow. The expression is like a mold, with their eyes wide open and their eyes protruding. Open your mouth and fall to your chest …
But at that time, the scene of more than 100,000 people outside the main gate of the whole domain became very quiet, and a slight step could be heard around, one by one, approaching those domain officials.
"I don’t need to know your name," Yang said to himself as he stepped and walked.
This quiet wind and now it’s as silent as a bird in shock as death. Fiona Fang Yang Night’s voice is not big but it’s enough to come out and become a thunder in the ears of those people of all ethnic groups!
But Yang night talking is still walking. The frequency hasn’t changed as if he were in front of this huge camp.
Yang night and took a few steps forward from behind him to straight down a shadow "pa" a heavy ring hit the ground splashing a thin red blood fog.
Several pairs of eyes of the tribe’s official camp were staring intently at the past and were dumbfounded again.
It’s just that Jin Clan Xiu Shi or that Jin Clan Xiu Shi has been torn apart! I can’t see what scar caused the death. My head and limbs have been displaced, and my body is bloody and horrible.
But how did he die? How to get to the sky? How did this ghost clan kill him?
Everyone’s eyes are on Yang Yeshen again!