Gu Qian bowed his head and his eyes flashed a little. Even if they left him, he might not be able to stay in the city. Thinking about his frown, he just wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Chu Lingyang. "The news is that it is suspected that Mo Yan’s appearance is not quite sure. Why don’t you first ask my Chu family to find out if you are sure, and then send a letter to three people? After all, your identity is unusual. If you are out of the crowd, you will not be able to do it. "

"…" Three family brothers heard here.
When I heard this, I fell into deep silence; It’s true that Gu Huai’s status is very noble, but it’s something special. I don’t know how many people and pairs of eyes are staring at them, and I’m afraid everything they do is under the noses of others.
When Chu Lingyang saw it, he bowed his head and threw out a sentence again. "Don’t forget that Princess Jinxi of Xia Liangguo is weak, but she lives in Linlang Pavilion for illness all the year round!" That’s why they have been able to find people secretly for years, not because they are afraid of gossip, but because they don’t want to defile their baby sister’s name.
"Then I’ll be with you." Gu Qian didn’t want to wait for Gu Ji and Gu Chu to refute again. "If anyone doesn’t know that I’m from the main city of Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce at the end of today, I’m also white. I have to go out for a tour, so I think those people won’t say anything."
"… all right!" Gu Ji frowned and looked at Gu Qian with a deep sigh.
When everything is arranged, Chu Lingyang and Helou, Gu Qian led Mo Yu and his party to travel lightly and quickly in the direction of Jade Snow Mountain. It is not as good as heaven to travel in Dai Yue. When they arrived at the foot of Jade Snow Mountain, the villagers found out from their mouths that there was a killer who came out of Jade Snow Mountain three days ago. I don’t know what he was carrying, but they dared not go near Chu Lingyang and Gu Qian and wanted to ask again, but those villagers were secretive.
"What do you think of Gu Sanshao?" Sit at the foot of Jade Snow Mountain and rest in a simple tea shed. Chu Lingyang bowed his head and lowered his eyelids. A sharp mans quickly passed away. After all, Mo Yan had stayed at Gu Qian’s hands for so many years, and Gu Qian must know Mo Yan better.
"If that person really has something that goes deep into the snow wolf clan, even …" Gu Qian bowed his head and frowned. He knew Mo Yan, although he had a special status; Force repair is slightly stronger than yourself and Mo Yu, but it is absolutely not able to retreat from the depths of the snow wolf clan.
Let’s not talk about it later. We both know it.
Chu Lingyang also has some doubts. The Chu family was also the guardian of the family in those days. He naturally knew the identity of the descendants of Mo Yan, but even the descendants of the family did not have such a thing. That ….. Is it wrong that they received the news? Chu family has been asking for information for so many years, but there has never been a mistake.
"Master, what should we do now?" The complexion seems to be ugly and the tone is dignified; Without a trace, the four eyes of the building are opposite, and then they quickly bow their heads and have already had a dispute in their hearts.
Chu Lingyang bowed his head and looked up at the towering snow-capped mountains with thick cold. Even if they were strong protectors, they couldn’t help feeling cold at the moment. Those villagers who live at the foot of Jade Snow Mountain all the year round wear animal fur to make fur. As if thinking of something, he vomited heavily.
"Let Heng Wu Chamber of Commerce pay close attention to this person everywhere. Once you find out about his whereabouts, the young master will be rewarded." When Gu Qian heard this, he put a coarse porcelain tea bowl in his hand and spit it out on the table, but he threw it forcefully. He didn’t believe that this person had come out of the Jade Snow Mountain Snow Wolf clan. He must have been seriously injured and couldn’t have left any clues. If that person wasn’t Mo Yan, it would just be if he really didn’t want to miss the only chance to find his sister.
"You also immediately ordered the master to check!" Chu Lingyang has the same sonorous tone.
As it turns out, they are indeed right. Chu Jiali, the Chamber of Commerce in Hefei, soon found out Mo Yan’s whereabouts, and a line of five people soon chased him away from Mo Yan.
Coming out of the Jade Snow Mountain, Mo Yan was already seriously injured. Even though he was aware of those tails behind him, he didn’t have the time and energy to clean them up. Even though he moved the family secret method and successfully got the golden lotus from the Snow Wolf clan, he was still not shocked. The last war of the Snow Wolf King was not because his wife was in the production period, even if he was not so easy to escape, he had to return to the valley of sorrow while he still had a breath. When calculating, he had been away for more than a month.
The breeze caresses the green hills like clouds; Baiyun youyou Yao Cao low back
Sitting in front of a small bamboo house in the valley of sorrow, two tigers lie lazily on Gu Jinxi’s side, and a left and a right tiger’s eyes are half narrowed. It’s very comfortable. Gu Jinxi’s legs are holding a basket, and there is a piece inside that looks very small, and his clothes are stitched with a stitch and a line, but his eyebrows are tightly wrinkled. Mo Yan has been away for a long time this time, and she is worried.
Suddenly, Pearl, whose finger blood was pricked in her hand, slipped down her fingertips. Gu Jin sunseeker suddenly felt to draw a chill; Looking at her left index finger, which was almost poked into a beehive, sighed deeply and put the laundry list on the stone table. I don’t know what, but she always felt something was wrong in her heart, as if something was going to happen.
"ouch!" All of a sudden, the original look carefree tiger seems to have got up from the ground like something exciting, and his hair stood up and roared in the direction of Taniguchi.
Gu Jin sunseeker root unguarded by such roars to frighten fierce hand clutching his heart; Looking down the line of sight of two tigers, but finding nothing at all, I can’t help but look at them lightly. "Xiao Huang Xiao Ai, what are you doing?"
Who knows that the original Gu Jin Sunseeker was very obedient, but the tiger eyes were uncharacteristically staring at Taniguchi’s direction, and he was ready to enter the combat preparedness posture at any time. The front of Gu Jin Sunseeker turned out to be like Gu Jin Sunseeker’s protection. After Gu Jin Sunseeker saw it, he couldn’t help but have a slight brow.
Is it that someone is looking for it? But there was a master in this sad valley, Taniguchi, who arranged the array method in those days. If I didn’t know that it was impossible to break the array method, suddenly she seemed to think of something and suddenly felt that her heart was in her throat. She took two steps forward. Did Mo Yan come back?
But the two tigers are very familiar with Mo Yan, and it is important to know that they have been eating in the valley for years, but they are all prepared by Mo Yan. If the bearer is really Mo Yan, they should not be like this.
"Hey!" Xiao Huang once again drank in the direction of Taniguchi.
In the dusk, Gu Jinxi can vaguely see the figure stumbling towards the bamboo building; Her heart couldn’t help hanging tightly. If someone really finds her, she can’t keep two children. Although Xiao Huang and Xiao Ai are adult tigers, they are no match for those martial arts experts. Her face suddenly turned pale and her heart hung in her throat.
It seems that I feel that Gu Jinxi is afraid of Xiaoai’s huge head and gently rubs Gu Jinxi’s legs, which seems to be somewhat comforting; Xiao Huang is in front of Gu Jinxi.
As the figure is getting closer and closer, the strong bloody breath comes to Gu Jinxi and feels that his heart is in his throat; But she didn’t come to scream yet, but when she came out, she saw the familiar face from the messy hair of the man.
"Hey!" Xiao Huang is still in an attack posture. Seeing that the man is getting closer and closer, he is becoming more and more manic and sharp with sharp teeth and claws. Shining in the afterglow of the setting sun
But Gu Jin sunseeker can no longer consider his previous step to directly hold Mo Yan’s shaky body and look at him covered in blood. His eyes are red "Mo Yan Mo Yan you …"
"Miss" Mo Yan’s whole person is holding on. At the moment, he saw Gu Jin’s sunseeker and suddenly the whole person slackened off and passed out directly.
"Mo Yan Mo Yan!" Gu Jinxi suddenly felt that she was all panicked. Mo Yan has always taken care of their mother. Although she knew what Mo Yan wanted, she would give it to herself in this life. Her few feelings in this life have been given to that person who exudes coldness all over; Mo Yan himself must know what he said. He never said anything, and he was always silent.
Xiao Huang and Xiao Ai seem to have found a familiar smell from Mo Yan’s thick bloody breath all over, and immediately put an end to it.
Gu Qingyi in the small bamboo building heard that her mother, who had never been calm, lost her voice and ran out, only to find that her master was covered in blood and lying in her arms. The young man had not experienced these things, and he suddenly looked pale and was at a loss. He came to the fundus with deep concern and fear. "Is Master Niang he okay?"
"Nothing will be okay" I don’t know whether to comfort myself or others. She has just pumped Mo Yan’s pulse. His body injury is really heavy, and his insides have been hit hard. She doesn’t even know how he insisted on going back to the valley of sorrow.
Almost half-supported and half-pulled, it was difficult for Mo Yan to get back to the room and was busy boiling medicine for Mo Yan. And medicine dust left those with or without them to Mo Yan’s dead horse as a living horse doctor
For two whole days and two nights, Gu Jinxi didn’t sleep a wink to keep Mo Yan’s bedside; Constantly praying for the pale, she owes Mo Yan too much in this life. It is already unclear. Her eyes are red and tears are dripping down the corner of her eyes.
I don’t know if God really heard her pray for Mo Yan to come back. On the third day, she miraculously woke up and looked in good spirits.
"Mo Yan, how do you feel when you wake up?" Seeing Mo Yan wake up, Gu Jinxi felt that his heart was about to jump out of his throat. Turning to the little man who just arrived at the door, he said, "Yi Er, go to the kitchen and simmer the medicine in the fire and be careful to burn it."
Gu Qing anecdotes should be trotted away quickly.
Mo Yan bowed his head and his mouth was somewhat bitter. Naturally, he knew that he was afraid that there was not much time left. Simply, he had found a medicinal material that could solve Gu Jin’s chronic illness. But he also knows that if his young lady knows that this medicinal material is her own life, she won’t do it. Instead of telling Gu Jinxi, he raised his hand with a shallow smile and gently rubbed Gu Jinxi’s hair. "Miss, don’t worry, Mo Yan is fine."
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker bowed their heads and was silent, and her eyes were red with tears. Pearl’s eyes seemed to be in tears at any time.
"Miss, don’t be sad. This injury is just shocking …" Mo Yan’s lips pursed slightly, and it took him a long time to manage. He wanted to say that these injuries did not matter. Can be said to look back at Gu Jinxi’s burning eyes and think of Gu Jinxi Qihuang’s medical attainments, but I couldn’t help bowing my head and being in a coma. I don’t know if she has already known her situation for a few days. What’s the point of saying more? Thought of here, his mouth felt a bit bitter.
Gu Jinxi didn’t speak, but those crystal clear talking eyes made Mo Yan feel like a knife. The whole room was suddenly silent, and the sunshine outside the small bamboo house was charming and warm. But the atmosphere of the house is depressing and cold, which makes people feel terrible.
Crystal clear tears drop by drop down the face less than the size of an adult’s palm.