After lunch, Fengyang and Hu Die Inn proposed to go to the barren hills outside the suburbs of Taiwan for a visit.

"It’s too bold and unrestrained for you to take me to the barren hills one day?" Hu Die smile happily said eyes flashed a sly look.
"When you arrive, you will know that" Feng Yang’s mouth is marked with a meaning of not smiling.
"Others lay down their lives to accompany you. I’ll lay down my life to accompany the pervert today." Hu Die hey hey smiled. This kind of smile made Feng Yang feel that this girl had any intentions for herself.
When they left Taicheng, they went straight to a mountain on the outskirts, which was hundreds of feet high. They were as light as a swallow, and the top of the mountain didn’t look very strong, so they held their heads high at the top of the mountain.
There is no denying that the peak of this mountain is sparsely populated, and the wind is crisp and the air is mixed with mud and leaves. The breath is refreshing. The peak of this mountain overlooks the prosperity and magnificent scenery of Zheng’ an City, giving people a feeling of sudden broadening of mind. It is a perfect place to play field battles, and it may also help cultivate feelings and increase endurance.
"We have reached the top of the mountain. Tell me what you want to do?" Looking at the edge of the mountain peak overlooking the whole Zheng Ancheng windy Hu Die asked with a smile.
Looking at his back like this makes Hu Die suddenly feel that this man is like galloping in the sky to rival the God of War. Although his back is long and depressed, it gives people a feeling of perseverance. It seems that no matter how hard the wind and rain are, it will shake his deep roots.
"You should show up after such a long time, right?" Feng Yang didn’t answer Hu Die stopped and didn’t say a word that puzzled Hu Die.
"Yes, it’s really a shame to find this." Then a faint sound came out of the Woods
Hu Die looked around and found a dozen people coming out of the Woods. The first person was Wei Cheng, the leader of the typhoon gang.
"It turns out that this guy has long known that he was stared at by the typhoon gang and deliberately led people to this deserted mountain top. Is he so confident and not afraid of being countered here?" Hu Die couldn’t help playing the drums in her heart. She hadn’t seen Feng Yang start work on this young man’s strength. If it weren’t for her personal experience of treating seriously injured people, she felt that she wouldn’t come here with Feng Yang. She was also worried that Feng Yang wouldn’t give her life to herself if she was warm and lustful.
"It seems that you really have an emotional appeal to come to such a place for a tryst, but it just gives us a chance to kill without paying for it." Wei Cheng revealed a fierce smile. "I have investigated your roots, and it is not that Taicheng headhunters dare to pretend to be headhunters."
"Come with these martial arts?" The wind Yang casually wiped his chest as if by magic, and he had a stack of Wushu in his hand.
If not, there is an undisguised greed in Wei Cheng’s eyes. He presses his heart and says, "Since you are a wise man, it will be easy. Give me Wushu and I will let you get away."
"That’s really thank you." Feng Yang drew a cold evil smile at the corner of his mouth. "But since you’re here, I’m not going to let you leave."
"Arrogant idiot always tells you that you want your woman in Wushu today, so do we." A dog leg around Wei Cheng said with arrogance and eyes staring at the wind, full of disdain.
"Really?" Wind Yang corners of the mouth outline evil smile more and more show’ yes’ tone has just come from his mouth and the figure has disappeared, but when the word’ do’ is exported, there is a flash of thunder and thunder. The dog leg cried and stood still, but the wind Yang figure has returned to its original place and knew that when the wind Yang returned to its original place, he thought of a strange broken wind.
All this happened at the speed of Shi Huo, so that everyone could not keep up with their eyes. In their eyes, the wind raised their body shape by disappearing, and in the blink of an eye, his body shape by appearing in the same place. In the blink of an eye, his roots did not move.
Everyone is very confused. What the hell just happened? Nothing seems to have happened, but what about that wind just now?
At this time, a mountain breeze suddenly hit and blew all the people’s hair, but it was strange to set off a pungent smell of blood.
A strange sound sounded in everyone’s ear, and Wei Cheng felt that he was sprayed. A Shui Ze turned to look at his eyes and suddenly he was full of horror and surprise. The younger brother’s head, who had just spoken in his sight, was blown off his neck by a gust of wind, while blood was sprayed like a fountain, just like being caught in the rain.
"I’ll take it in my hand, Wushu." Feng Yang joked and laughed. No one ever saw where his sword was and when he drew it, everything was weird and creepy.
"Kill me in the wilderness and kill him, and no one knows." Wei Cheng really doesn’t believe this evil, and he has no choice but to have such a huge interest trend in eleven high-order Wushu.
In an instant, more than a dozen young people rushed at the wind and seemed to want to push it to the cliff.
Feng Yang doesn’t want these little characters to show the phantom Feng Ling’s figure moving like a ghost when there are too many waves, but there is still a phantom in the same place, which is exactly the same as his real body, until Wushu hits that phantom and distorts it, and everyone finds this problem.
But they found that the speed of the problem was obviously too slow. When the phantom was torn, the white figures had already shuttled through the bodies of more than a dozen people, and at that moment, more than a dozen people flashed through the dazzling purple swords.
For a moment, the wind has returned to its original place, and he has a purple sword in his hand to cut the dragon sword.
I have to say that this dragon-cutting sword is really a peerless sword. Although it is not a magic weapon, the power and advantages of the dragon-cutting sword in Feng Yang’s hand are brought into full play, which is not much different from the real magic.
A good horse with a good saddle and a good sword naturally needs to be accompanied by people who know the sword, so that they can give full play to the great advantages of this sword, and Fengyang feels that this sword will raise their swordsmanship to a higher level.
"Bang bang bang"
When the wind rose back to its original place, a dozen people suddenly stopped moving, one by one, keeping the attack still. For a moment, a dozen people’s bodies exploded almost at the same time, but one person was wounded by a sword that was not fatal but affected the combat effectiveness.
Wei Cheng has been blindsided. He really didn’t see that this guy turned out to be a hidden strong man. Now he suddenly seems to be deliberately leading himself to this lonely mountain top to kill people, right?
It was Wei Cheng’s death who never thought that the strong man himself was just following him. What reason did he have to kill him?
However, he will not be white in this life because the wind suddenly moved Wei Cheng, who had no resistance consciousness, raised his arm, but when his arm was raised by one inch, it fell down.