"If the city husband …"
Sit down in peace, the cold floor is incredible.
I can’t believe that white cloth guy is Ning Xiruo who used to be so kind to himself.
The wall in my heart completely cracked at this moment.
"It’s all because of me …" Tears fell.
She shouldn’t ask xiruo’s husband to buy a white shirt.
She can ask the servants to buy it.
But she asked Ning Xire to buy it …
"Wow …" Sit quietly crying.
"Elder sister …" Ning Zi Xuan has some sufferings.
At this moment, she felt sorry for her sister.
Although the family has money
But uncle and aunt Ning are often away from home.
Ann is alone.
It is precisely because of this.
She and xiruo were adopted.
Now even our closest friends are gone …
How sad she felt.
"Mary I shouldn’t …"
"I shouldn’t …"
"All because of me …"
"The department is all because of me …"
[Recommendation]+[Collection]+[Message]/[Ten Million biepuN14 She can’t tell friendship from love.
"The department is all because of me …"
"I don’t blame you …" Looking at sitting hysterically shouting in peace.
Ning zixuan couldn’t bear it.
So cute
The children’s paper that is often filled with laughter.
Now I fell to the ground
Like a doll who can’t find a home
No soul
But as pure as an angel
Makes people feel distressed