Brother Pigou went out after going out, and talked with more than a dozen hands outside the room for a long time. Yang night slowly brewed here, and his right hand finally touched his left wrist, feeling that kind of heat, and at the same time he could feel that his body did have some kind of heat growing slowly.
That call fat silly hand arranged a dozen brothers walked into the room and saw Yang night one eye stare eyes came over "ah! Hey! What’s Master Yang doing? What is this? Lucky? Can you fly? "
Yang night carrying a hand chair looked up and smiled at the fat silly "stay away from me! I don’t talk to pigs! "
"oh? Quite stubborn, are you? " Fat and silly, I almost have no neck to raise my hand, so I’m going to hit him. This noble young gentleman is arrogant and used to it. I really don’t know if he dares to be energetic with him at this time!
Yang Ye’s face still smiled and cocked his head and looked at chubby. "Hey, pig, I beg you, don’t hit me!"
"Ha ha ha ha scared?" Fat silly raised his hand and didn’t put "spoiled and never beaten, right? Ha, ha, ha, look at you! "
"It’s not that I’m afraid you’ll have a hard time." Yang Ye winked at Fat Silly. "I’m sure I’ll pay you back ten if you hit me. Do you believe I can make you swollen again after ten hits?"
“**? Arrogant? " Fat silly hand gave Yang night head a "come on! Let me see how you make me swell! "
This really hurt Yang Ye. He wouldn’t have hurt, but the pain was so real that Yang Ye was angry. "You try again?"
"You and I dare not, you bastard! Do you think I dare? Dare! Dare to hit you! " Fat silly staring eyes shouted and gave Yang night head three slap.
Yang Ye’s toothache and toothache are puzzling. How can he hurt himself? What surprised Yang night even more was that he was always touched by his right hand behind his back and his left wrist cooled down a little!
What’s going on? Did the old lady play me? Yang night, I’m finally in a hurry. It feels like a horse is coming and it suddenly cools down. Can’t I still transport my abilities freely in this world?
"What? Come on! You are a gentleman and I am afraid of you? " Fat and silly, like a villain who has achieved success, it’s awesome to be able to beat Master Yang, a famous family, and talk to the Daoer brothers in a few days.
Yang night fight! I broke free with my strength-I almost broke my thumb. I really didn’t recover!
"Ah ah? What makes it so hard? Be careful with me again ~ ~ ~ I will stab you to death! "
Yang night was completely dumbfounded. He looked up coldly and took a look at Fat Silly’s face. The horse burst into a beautiful smile. "That … Fat brother, I’m all right. You’re tired. Go and have a rest." There’s no way to damn it. Red seal is getting cold. Yang night’s heart is uncertain. It’s fucking painful to be beaten!
"Ha ha ha ha ha true his mama a wimp! What about your arrogance just now? " Fat silly said and raised his hand. "Believe it or not, I can also make you swollen?"
The voice just fell and the fat body was slammed. Suddenly, I leaned over to one side and plopped to the ground. Yang Ye was stunned. Sister Jingjing had turned red in front of him and shouted, "Don’t hit him!"
Jingjing has been sitting in the chair next to Yang Night. Although her thumb is handcuffed together, her body and legs can still move freely. When she sees Fat Silly hitting Yang Night again and again, she suddenly gets angry and even herself is inexplicable. It seems that she really saw her children or relatives being bullied. She got up and rushed over and knocked down Fat Silly.
"What a fucking surprise!" Get up from the ground with fat and silly strength. "Thin as a photo, is there such great strength?" Said the fat silly clap pants Yin insidious smile up again "are you lonely? Trying to get my attention? Want to do something to kill time? Hey hey that how not bashful … "
After more than half an hour, Brother Pigou came back with his boss. His dozen hands also patrolled the outside of the room and greeted him with a grin and bowed repeatedly. "Hello, boss! Brother Pigou is back! "
Leather dog is also face base smiled and bent down to stretch out his hand to let the boss into the room and then turned to stare at fat silly "nothing? Hey? Why do you look like you have a nosebleed? "
"ah? Oh! Brother Piggy, I … Hey, hey, I tried that little lady of the Yang family’s "fat and silly smile apologetically", which is really unusual! No wonder Master Yang can watch! "
"You fucking bastard!" The elder brother of the leather dog gave the fat silly a box on the ear "said don’t touch the hostages! Pig brain! "
"I’m sorry, Brother Pigou, I’m sorry …" Fat silly kept apologizing, staring at Pigou, and he saw that the boss had entered the room and gave Fat silly a punch and hurried after him.
The boss has walked into the room before Yang Ye and Jingjing Jie. Yang Ye saw this leather dog and their boss almost laughed. The boss was wearing a black coat and a black fur hat, wearing a pair of black sunglasses and a pair of black coarse linen masks-his whole face was black. I don’t know what relatives he died.
Brother Pigou has already rushed over and smiled and rubbed his hands next to the boss. He asked, "Hey, hey, how’s the boss?"
"Well, that’s right." The boss nodded behind his back, then turned and walked outside the house, saying, "Take the goods to Gu San."
Yang night and Jingjing sister’s head were covered again, and the black bag was pushed out of the room. There was a great bump in the car, and two people were held hostage. Yang night felt in the dark and walked into a door, and was pushed by the stairs. Finally, she stopped and was surrounded by a flurry of footsteps.
The head pocket was picked. Yang Ye finally saw what seemed to be a hall. There was a door on the left side of the hall. He and Jingjing were all surrounded by leather dog hands in twos and threes, including the fat fool. Everyone kept their heads down and looked at their toes.
Jingjing elder sister’s head pocket has also been picked, and her eyes have been looking at Yang night with surprise and curiosity.
Leather dog and another strange man came in talking and laughing from another side door of the hall. Their eyes fell on Yang Ye and Jingjing at the same time. It felt like seeing a lot of money, and their eyes flashed at the same time.
"Hey, Big Brother Gu San?" Leather dog walked into the hall and asked with a smile.
The man named Big Head also smiled like a leather dog. After that, he smiled only in skin but not in flesh. "Oh, third brother talked to the boss about things. The horse is coming."
"Ha ha, this is a very neat thing, except that Miss Nan Rong heard that Miss Yang was also tied up?" Leather dog flatters