Jun Chen handed the account book to Mu Junze after reading it, with a smirk on his mouth. "This is from Lin Yu."

"Lin Yu?" Mu Junze almost bit his tongue.
That little bastard?
"When did he find it?" Mujunze leafing through the books suspicious way
Jun Chen Yang Yang hand Lin Yu wrote a letter with his fingers bent and knocked on the desktop. "About the night of the raid on Chiang Fu, I found 199 Chapter 199 Lin Yu. How many attributes do you have?" !
"That she just take it out now? !” Mujunze holding books more confused way
"Her little fox is cunning!" Jun Chen sneered at Lin Yu’s writing to him.
Lin Yuxin wrote-
Your Majesty, I have already found the account book in order to wait for a suitable time to hand it over to the Emperor.
When the emperor sees the account book, the situation is under your control.
Long live the mighty and domineering emperor!
"Fox, you surprise me one after another!" Jun Chen blew on the paper, and when she glanced at the last line, her eyes slipped a little soft and she couldn’t help laughing.
MuJunZe face a stiff listen to you Chen also called Lin Yu fox and words are very … Soft.
He has a bad feeling that this Lin Yuyi Jun Chen is a disobedient little wild cat, and then he has become a fried lion and now he has become a clever little fox.
How many attributes she has! ?
And his brother …
What do you think? I love Lin Yu very much.
This …
This is not a good omen!
Mu Junze’s eyes were faintly worried and he forgot to look at the books.
Jun Chen’s eyes urged him to read it as soon as possible and digest it quickly.
"Really good! He has swallowed up the disaster relief funds in these years! " Mujunze angry books uneven way
No wonder in recent years, people’s resentment has gradually increased, and there are also some complaints about Jun Chen in the ruling and opposition circles.
Seeing that Mu Junze is so handsome, Jun Chen has also converged. Mu Junze is serious. "I slack off in the previous two years, but now he is full of wings, but I can’t sit still."
What Mu Junze and Jun Chen said is true, but he didn’t mean to slack off, because since Xin Yao died …
He was so stimulated that he fell into a coma almost overnight, and Jiang Jinxuan woke him up for three days.
And he also suffered from premature senility …
"Emperor, as Lord Lin said, everything is still under your control!"
Lingyue cool holding the sword cool way
Jun Chen squinted at him. "Do you dare to peek?"
Ling Yue wears a mask and can’t see her face, but with her straight posture and indifferent tone, her face is like frost.
"Is responsible for secretly protect the emperor! Goodbye! "
Ling Yue smelled Jun Chen’s body getting cold and flew away at once.
His flying skills even surprised Mu Junze.
"Brother, your hands are really … capable people!" Mujunze could not help but sigh a way
Feng Ling Lingyan has a wonderful group of Lingyue Lingxue, and now there is a little fox named Lin Yu.
Is there something missing?
Mu Junze can’t remember at the moment. He summed up that none of his brothers are normal.
"So you are not normal?" Jun Chen seemed to see through Mu Junze’s thought and raised his eyebrows.