Brother Gan looked at the two stupid goods with different intentions and sneered and said, "Let’s go and have a good boat …" He said, and he was bound to turn around and leave. At this time, the two stupid goods were so excited that the man at the helm had taken out a pistol from the toolbox and was about to aim at Brother Gan’s back.

When I heard the thump, the two jerks turned sharply and turned sharply. At the same time, the two idiots should also fall to the ground. The wisps of smoke in the pistol in the hand of the jerks declared the end of the lives of the two jerks. Seeing that each of the two jerks had a loophole in his forehead and each of them had a sinister smile on his face, the conspiracy was about to succeed. The helmsman was so happy that he was about to pull the trigger.
Brother Gan sneered at two dead bodies, adjusted the rudder direction, and then walked out of the cab to play dirty with brother Gan. That also depends on whether you have the level or not. Brother Gan has been playing with big Yin people in recent years, and he has also killed them. Only you two little beggars can escape the eyes of brother Gan. What brother Gan did was to let you die happily. Who made brother Gan so soft-hearted?
When Brother Gan came back to the deck, he saw the Loyalty Hall brother drinking water in a bucket and asked, "Why don’t you stay in the cabin and come here?"
"Report dry elder brother! The scar man was tortured by Brother Cheng and passed out. Brother Cheng sent me to get some water to wake him up and continue to torture him! " The loyalty hall brothers reported
"This little city still has this luxury. Don’t come back with me …" Brother Gan is really Ouyang Cheng. He looks at the whole person in vain and really has a set of so-called hooligans who are not terrible and afraid of hooligans with culture! Not to mention a Harvard high flyers!
"Why didn’t you get me the water?" See the loyalty hall brothers and dry elder brother hands back together, etc. Along while OuYangCheng inquired.
"Get a hair water! The cabin is clean. You have to get all the water, don’t you? ! Hurry up and solve him for me. Clean up the battlefield. You follow me to the cockpit boat. A brother is here to alert the little tiger brother Yan Jie and their patients to have a good rest! " The dry elder brother took a white look at Ouyang Cheng and then took the dagger from Ouyang Cheng’s hand, directly scarred the male neck and pulled a blood, which immediately flowed out, picked it up and threw it directly into the sea.
"What are you still doing? Hurry up and work!" Brother gan looked at OuYangCheng still there and commanded
"I … not … dry elder brother, I very not easy to find a unintelligent goods want to have a good play practice knife let you throw it away for me … ah …" OuYangCheng injustice said.
"Want to practice knife after have a chance! I’ll catch you some heinous things to torture you! I’m telling you, the cockpit rudder is under my control now. If you linger here, the boat will hit the rocks later, so you can swim back! " Brother Gan said with a smile and continued to be busy throwing the body into the sea. Chapter 353 Encountering Ah Kin!
"Depend! Why didn’t you say so earlier, brother! You don’t know that I can’t swim! " Ouyang Cheng killed the people in the cockpit as soon as he heard it. Now this ship is in a manned state. Throw an automatic rifle to help scatter the planks and throw those dead bodies into the sea!
Brother Gan looked at Ouyang Cheng in a hurry and thought, Why don’t you always know how to say that? Otherwise, you can be so obedient. "Don’t talk so much nonsense and pack up quickly. Let’s go to the cockpit here …"
After two minutes, brother Gan and Ouyang Cheng cleaned the cabin, brother Gan checked the wound of Li Xiaomeng and the brother who was knocked out, and then said, "The minor injury didn’t hurt the bone, but it was a skin injury. It’s okay to stop the bleeding. Just find a private clinic to take out the bomb when we arrive in Guangdong. The little brother also fainted and will wake up after a while … You warn us to go to the cockpit and let them have a rest …" Brother Gan finished and handed the automatic rifle to the brother who was loyal to the church.
"yes! Dry brother! " The loyalty hall brothers stood at attention and replied.
"Ha ha, if you are tired, just shout for your sincere brother to come for you …" Dry brother patted the little brother and smiled and pointed to Ouyang Cheng.
"Brother Gan doesn’t take such a bully. Why don’t you take your place?" Ouyang cheng a listen to "no" complained
"I’ll do it for you, but who will I ship for? Would you? !” Brother Gan directly choked Ouyang Cheng, because Ouyang Cheng didn’t even take a boat several times.
"All right, Miss Yanjie, the tour guide and Emoko Xiao Meng, you all have a rest. It’s been a tiring day. We’ve all passed. What can I do for you?" After the dry elder brother confessed, he went to the cockpit with a full face of reluctant Ouyang Cheng.
When they got to the cockpit, Ouyang Cheng and his brother-in-law threw the two bodies into the sea, and Ouyang Cheng wondered, "It’s strange how it’s so cool when ya is dead. Is it because you were talking about meat two days before you killed them?"
"Ha ha to you! What’s on my mind all day? It’s inhuman to be unhappy when people are dying! " Brother Gan laughed and scolded Ouyang Cheng for his rich association ability. Why not say that the two guys are gay?
Looking at the dry brother laughing, Ouyang Cheng left his pie mouth and thought, who knows what tricks you are playing? It’s like your means. Who doesn’t understand it? It seems that Ouyang Cheng is despising the dry brother. Seeing that the dry brother stretched out a hand at him, Ouyang Cheng looked at him with a smile and asked, "Why are you?"
"bring it!" Dry elder brother said with a smile
"What to bring? ! I don’t seem to owe you money, do I? What a debt collector! " OuYangCheng a full face of confusion with a grievance sample replied.
"You little give me! Believe it or not, I will throw you into the sea! Hurry up and bring the bank card! " Brother Gan smiled and scolded Ya for being blind. I saw clearly that little trick of Ouyang Cheng when I threw the body just now.
"Hey hey, you said that. Why am I still doing … just leave the card with me. Anyway, you gave me the check. It’s not bad …" Ouyang Cheng replied with an epiphany.
"Roll calves for me quickly! That 100 million is for our loyalty hall. I worked hard in this card. Besides, I’ll give it to you. Do you know the password? " Dry elder brother said the flash generally grabbed Ouyang Cheng two bank cards in his hand.
"Ah … don’t rob me, don’t play like this … I didn’t know you said six twos …" Ouyang Cheng quickly replied when he saw the card being robbed by the elder brother.
"Two you head two! I think you are worse than those fools! Hurriedly help me with the boat we study … "Dry elder brother took a white OuYangCheng scold a way ya also six two remember it’s quite clear that you are stupid to the point!
"Hey, hey, dry elder brother, you have a lot of hard work. Don’t fool me. I’m an expert. The two cards are Swiss banks. At least you have to have a thousand dollars …" Ouyang Cheng asked with a smile when he saw dry elder brother put two bank cards into his polyester suit pocket.
"Ha ha, it’s not your heart. It’s too old to change it back. You’d better come and ship with me quickly …" Brother Gan smiled and checked the rudder instrument.
OuYangCheng watching dry elder brother just agnail the instrument button in the cockpit immediately stare big eyes shouted "depend! Don’t tell me you can’t do this either, okay? !”
"I said you make a fuss about a hair ah you! It doesn’t mean that you won’t do anything for a while, and you will do it indiscriminately when you can’t do it. You won’t be born to do it! Put out the lamp pants and take off everything! " Dry elder brother took a white OuYangCheng lesson way
"yes! Ok! You are really good! Dry brother I have u! " Ouyang Cheng was completely defeated by Brother Gan and kept nodding. He knew that he would never be an opponent of Brother Gan.
"Then come here quickly. Why are you still waiting for it to run on its own?" Brother Gan said hello, and then Ouyang Cheng learned to sell and drove the boat to Guangdong.
Actually, I can’t say that I am proficient in this kind of thing, but I can still drive it. I practiced it before training. It’s all similar things. When I didn’t have much time, I played very skillfully. Ouyang Cheng was very happy and sat in the cockpit, drinking the original two stupid goods, bringing red wine and pouring a glass for the elder brother who was at the helm and saying, "I really didn’t see that you really have two …"
Dry elder brother smiled and took the wine that Ouyang Cheng handed me and gulped it down. Then he picked up the telescope and looked ahead and said to Ouyang Cheng, "Now go to the cabin and tell them that the horse is going to Guangdong, and pack up the weapons and throw them into the sea …"
"What? ! It’s here so soon. Let me see, let me see … "When Ouyang Cheng heard it, he was about to arrive in the mainland. He immediately got excited and put the bottle on the side of Brother Gan, took a look through the telescope and shouted excitedly when he saw his hometown," Grandma, a bear has finally arrived! It’s better to be the motherland! I’ll inform them to go … "He said, and ran out of the cockpit excitedly.
Half an hour later, the gang leader arrived at a small dock in Guangdong to check, but in this era, some things can be solved by money, and gang leader is too lazy to bother. Directly let Ouyang Cheng throw two stacks of red bills out of his briefcase, and the port worker immediately released them. Gang leader said that you just detained yourself and had to let them go!
Brother Gan really didn’t scare him, so he called Zhang Zhentian if he couldn’t. Anyway, his National Security Bureau did so many things to make him say a word and he was too tired to die! Gan Ge and Ouyang Cheng went to a hotel after they left the port. Because Li Xiaomeng had a gunshot wound, he didn’t dare to go to a remote place. Just as Gan Ge was going to the building, he suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from behind. "Brother, is it you?"