"Ha ha, I am satisfied with your words, no matter if I am Lengling, I have received your sincerity, even if I die, I think I should regret it!" Listen to Ye Han sincerely answer LengLing suddenly smiled, which is obviously not mixed with any sincere joy. The only thing that is convenient is a sense of sadness.

Staring at LengLing Ye Han’s heart, I can’t help but worry about LengLing’s words just now. If she is a white man, it’s not hard to think that she is determined to die!
Death can’t solve everything, but sometimes death is also a way to escape everything. No matter if a person dies, everything will never be freed!
"Linger" thought of this, and Ye Han’s heart was suddenly busy with a wry smile. "If you really have this plan, I won’t stop you, but don’t worry, from the moment you get married, I am determined to want you to live and die together!"
Ye Han paused and immediately added, "Although you are not the first woman in my mind, you are also the most important person in my heart!"
"The most important person?" After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling asked consciously, "What you said is true?"
"Every sentence is absolutely false, I can swear it!" After a pause, Ye Han listened to Lengling and immediately nodded his head and replied.
Nai shook her head and doubted Ye Han’s words, but swore that she didn’t want to touch so much for Ye Han’s words ~
[7] 【 Borrow Dan to save lives 】
It’s not that Lengling doesn’t want to believe any more vows, but it’s actually because she knows that vows are a binding reason. If this oath is true, Ye Han is bound to live under the oath in the future.
After all, Ye Han had broken an oath before, because of which he once wanted to forget everything, but in the end he didn’t get what he wanted!
Seeing Lengling so, Ye Han knew that he had said more, so he gave a wry smile, "Well, you got this fire Yuan Dan, and now I will return it to you!"
Listen to Ye Hanyan Lengling suddenly Bai Yehan. Now that you have said so, it is appropriate to give her a choice. Do you want to save people or not? Then she makes this decision.
For Ye Han this practice LengLing and refused to busy Ye Han hands fire yuan Dan to take immediately then slowly at inflammation hin line.
Eyes rested on Yan Xin’s body, and Lengling immediately hesitated and immediately looked at her arms. Ye Han saw a face of concern and looked at Yan Xin’s heart naturally with a feeling.
Nai shook his head and Lengling didn’t want Ye Han to continue to suffer, so he put Ye Han gently on the grass and then slowly came to Yan Xin’s quiet place.
Hands slightly raised fingers slightly stretched out a light blue light instantly draw whew and shot into Yan Xin’s body.
At the same time, Lengling will pick up Yan Xin and then come to Yan Xin’s back. She will pick up from the grass and then gently break her lips and slowly put the fire Yuan Dan into her mouth.
Yuan Dan’s entrance, Lengling, did not dare to hesitate. She came behind Yan Xin and slowly exported her vitality, and then slowly guided Yuan Dan to enter her body.
Looking at Lengling’s vitality entering Yan Xin body didn’t get any obstacles. Ye Han was suddenly surprised and immediately listened to Lengling’s wry smile. "Do you feel strange?"
After listening to Leng Ling, Ye Han nodded his head consciously, and then he listened to Leng Ling and said, "You don’t have to be surprised. Don’t forget that we are all women. Even if he and you can’t integrate, we belong to the yin and cold body!"
"So it is!" After listening to Lengling’s explanation, Ye Han suddenly felt suddenly and then added, "No wonder I have been trying to help her but you can do it!"
"Ha ha Han Er, don’t worry, I won’t have his thoughts, no matter who will appear around you and want me or your wife, that’s enough!" Slightly glanced at a face suddenly Ye Lengling had put Yan Xin back on the grass and immediately smiled at Ye Han and said
After being said by Lengling, Ye Han was suddenly surprised. Before Lengling was still full of grievances, she suddenly became so suddenly.
Yes, one thing Ye Han really heard Lengling say is that it’s enough for her to be Ye Han’s wife. It’s no big deal, but Lengling added the words "heart"!
Words in the mouth are often used to deceive people, but words in the heart are the most sincere. Naturally, there are still some people who are willing to deceive themselves.
From the words of Lengling, the cold is already white at once. She hopes that she can stabilize Ye Hanxin in her heart. The importance is not to want to occupy his heart.
Think white Ye Han immediately also relieved a lot of little Lengling can think like this, the situation has improved a lot, even if he will encounter other emotional entanglements in the future, such a sad scene will probably not happen tonight!
Sighed a leaf cold release blunt LengLing smiled "it would be great if you could think so! It seems that I Ye Han can’t escape the emotional entanglement after all! "
After listening to Ye Hanyan’s cold words, he shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Cold son, you don’t have to be so emotional. This kind of thing is not what you want!"
After a pause, Lengling added, "Just like we did a year ago, I would never have thought of meeting you and becoming your wife!"
After LengLing said so, Ye Han was suddenly one leng and then a sigh "alas! Linger, I, Ye Hande, can marry such a good wife and children as you! "
Think about getting married. Lengling has always been a good wife and mother. Ye Han can’t help but feel a sigh of emotion, but he can’t help blaming himself for such a situation.
I promised that I would never do anything wrong to him again under any circumstances, but now I didn’t expect to hurt him again and again
The night before his wedding, he may have been able to get drunk and make trouble to comfort himself, but now, is it because he ate Lingguo by mistake that he became angry and happy?
The same excuse, even that, can be borrowed once. If you talk too much, it will become a sophistry and even be regarded as a lie.
Ye Han’s heart is full of guilt about Lengling, and maybe this guilt will never go away.
Later, he also admitted that he would be single-minded about Lengling in the future, so that he could smooth out these guilt places before making that oath.
But the plan couldn’t be changed. Just when he wanted to face Lengling wholeheartedly, Yan Xin suddenly broke into his heart, and at the same time, it was extremely unusual for him to happen.
"Linger, maybe I will owe you this life!" Thought of here Ye Han heart suddenly move eyes unnatural looking at LengLing immediately is a face of nai bitter.
Looking at such changes in Ye Han’s face, Lengling is naturally very white. Although it is not too much, Ye Han has become a department in his heart.
Private giving made Ye Han feel very guilty, but Lengling also felt a little guilty about it. After all, at the first moment he saw Ye Han, he had a little bit of profit besides moving his heart.
Looking at Ye Han’s extremely cold body, she once thought that it was to help him with Ye Han’s extremely cold body, so please torture him with body fire energy.
Yes, perhaps, it should be said that all plans are changing, and her feelings for Ye Han have changed from a little distracting thoughts at first to a sincere effort now.
However, she really paid for Ye Han, but she didn’t want it. Even though she has forgiven Ye Han now, she will still leave a little regret in her heart.