Yang Xu see Yang night pushed the door and came in and hugged eldest brother excitedly shouting "elder brother! Heroes! It is almost impossible for Yang Shan, a tigress, to admire men! "

Yang Shan came over and gave Yang Xu a kick and smiled and said to Yang Ye, "Big Brother, I told Yang Xu that he still doesn’t believe it. I have to ask you in person!"
"Ask what?" Yang Ye reached out and broke Yang Xu’s arm and looked at Yang Shan and said, "It’s no big deal. It’s just as scary as being told by her and Uniform Xin."
"Who said!" Yang Shan pouted, "Yang Xu, you didn’t see the kick from Big Brother!"
"Elder brother tell me about it! Talk about it! " Yang Xusong turned his hand and walked towards the rhinoceros leather sofa near the bedroom wall, saying, "You don’t want to give us a fight coaching class when my former dad saw us chatting …" Yang Xumeng turned around and squinted and nodded, "Oh ~ ~ I know! Did you secretly learn from that fight coach behind my back? "
"What fight coach? Are you a martial arts friend? Big brother, that’s a fight! " Yang Shan excitedly took a Yang night chest.
How far away and unrealistic it is for the noble brother to fight, how full of curiosity and yearning for a word. After listening to this word, Yang Xu has sat on the sofa and jumped up again. "Fight?" How exciting! Brother, tell me again! "
Yang night looked at his younger brother and sister, looked at Yang Xu and Yang Shannai, smiled and shook their heads. What’s the big girl fighting? Isn’t it a wonder? It’s worth their fuss. Hehe, these pampered young ladies may not be alive if they are thrown into the street casually.
Although the thought is ridiculous, the burning pain in his left wrist can become more and more obvious. Yang Ye clearly realized that this must be the domain owner looking for him, so he took a few steps before pulling up Yang Xu and reaching behind Yang Shan with his other hand, pushing the two of them to the door and sliding the door. He smiled and said, "Go to sleep, let’s talk about it!"
"Why, big brother, you’ve never done this to us!" Yang Shan leng a become wronged.
"Brother, what’s wrong with you?" Yang Xu reached out and grabbed the door edge. "I’m not leaving until you tell me!"
"oh! Don’t make trouble! Don’t delay my business! " Yang night impatient with a wry smile up brain a trick "that ….. wait for even jasmine to come over"
Yang Xu and Yang Shan leng an expression became weird at the same time.
"Ha, ha, ha, I’m talking about elder brother, you’re putting more emphasis on sex than kissing." Yang Xu smiled and stretched out a finger at Yang night.
"Hum! I still regard you as a hero! The whole rogue pervert! " Yang Shan looked a little red and glared at Yang Ye. "Eldest brother, you are almost lewd than Yang Xu now!" Say that finish turned unter den unter den a brisk walk.
Yang Xu pulled his neck and shouted at the door, "Oh, who are you talking about?" And turned to look at Yang night with a smile "elder brother told me that day! Let’s talk about tonight! " Then he turned and ran out, shouting, "Hey! The tigress in front! Who were you talking about? You! Hey! I call you … "
Yang night once again breathed a sigh of relief and slowly locked the door. He was afraid that Evelyn would come to him later, even if Evelyn didn’t come to Xiaoxiao, it would be troublesome.
I adjusted my mood. Yang night walked quickly to the health room and went to the front of the stone carving mirror. The burning sensation in my left wrist became more and more intense. Yang night simply took off his shirt and saw that the bracelet on my left wrist was red and spread, and my whole body was hot and the front surface rippled slightly like water waves. After a pause, Yang night slowly extended his hand toward the surface …
"You’re here." The domain owner was desolate, with a red robe and white hair on his cheeks fluttering like the wind stroking him.
But Yang night didn’t feel a breath of wind. The scene in front of him was completely different from that when he first saw the domain owner. The roots were all desolate, but the edges were invisible. Like hay, the domain owner smiled and the red sunglasses in front of Yang night were still so ridiculous. It was Mrs. Yang Lao next to the domain owner.
"Old lady!" Yang night excitedly called and pretended to be a rule and nodded to the domain master "domain master"
"You’re late." The domain owner wrinkled his nose and shook the bridge of his nose.
"No! Domain master! Look at the plot! I was entangled for a while before I was a little late! " Yang Ye spread his hands to express his grievances.
"Well, it’s good that you can take the initiative to come so soon, saying that you are enjoying the reward and haven’t forgotten that you are going to finish it for me, hehe." The domain owner smiled and walked a few steps closer like Yang Ye.
"oh? Domain owner? I have it? Really? " Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. To tell the truth, he was a little scared, but more curious. He knew that helping the domain owner to finish it meant that the domain owner would give him some special power. He decided that it was definitely a very enjoyable thing!
"Yes, although you are a novice, you must have someone to exercise." The domain owner changed a serious voice. "Now you have given yourself some abilities. Now I can tell you that your official name is Red Bi, which belongs to the ghost clan and the Buddhist nun.
"Wait a minute wait a minute! What is all this mess? Why am I called red dagger? Still a ghost family? What the hell is an official name? " Yang night hurriedly motioning with his hand.
Mrs. Yang Lao came over and put her hand on Yang Ye’s shoulder and said with a smile, "You’re not the only major in the night domain. You belong to the ghost family like me, and each generation of scholars should have their own official name. It is stipulated that since you are selected by the domain master, you should accept all this and help the domain master to complete your official position."
"I … I …" Yang night puzzling aftertaste "that I’ll be called red Bi after repair? What about our ghost family? You don’t want me to finish anything alone, do you? "
The domain owner also came over and smiled quite vaguely. "Yes, it is that you are alone, and the ghosts are not doing things with the domain owner, and my ethnic groups are not qualified to cultivate officials. I haven’t seen them complete a difficult task for the first time. Work hard!" Domain master said also patted Yang night shoulder.
Yang night heart a cold "is really me a person? Domain master, I am your work, so these will not be life-threatening? "
The domain owner smiled. "If you are careful, there will be no danger."
Yang night heart more cold thought you this is not nonsense? Worry turned to look at Yang Lao lady.
"Come on, Red Bi, don’t worry. It’s the first time you go to the root office. You have no experience. I’ll let Xiupo help you. You can rest assured." The domain owner pulled a snow-white long charm.
Yang night stared at the domain owner and scolded you for being an old pervert! I cann’t believe I’m being carried out alone. I’m still with a group of people. Isn’t that a narrow escape?
"Good night, I will help you by your side." Mrs. Yang touched Yang night’s hair and gently encouraged her.