With the two of them back home, they planted a busy dish, because they had to make room for a small pot of honey, and Ma Liang also changed the honey to another pot.

Although Wang Cui’s legs and feet are inconvenient, it’s not wrong to get to work that neatly makes Ma Liang feel ashamed and clean, and his cooking skills are also very good.
When the vegetables came back, it was almost time for dinner. Ma Liang remembered the autumn chill and had to pick her up, so she knocked on the door at school for a long time before she went to the door. Ma Liang was startled.
Because she was wrapped in the door, she looked a little weak, and then she climbed back into bed and curled up, exposing her head outside.
Ma Liang directly touched her forehead and found that she was badly burned. She must have got wet and then blew the wind. She didn’t have her own constitution and was sure to catch a cold.
"It’s so hot. Let’s go to see Dr. Liu." Ma Liang thinks it’s safer to do so
"It’s cold," she said, wrapping herself tightly.
"You have to get up first if it’s cold. You have a fever and it’s a little high. You have to see it," Ma Liang said
"Don’t want to move" she closed her eyes.
"You are sick and have to move. You will become more and more serious here." Ma Liang felt that she was really like a child at this time.
"Just get me some cold medicine," she said in a daze.
"No, you’re burning badly. If the cold medicine doesn’t come, you’ll be late. You’d better get a fever needle." Ma Liang said that she felt that she was much hotter this time than Su Yuyao.
"I don’t like injections to take medicine," she insisted.
"You have to ask the doctor if you want an injection. Just get up and endure for a while. Everyone is still waiting for you to have dinner." Ma Liangnai said, but she opened her beautiful eyes like hiding in the room to prevent the wolf and the little white rabbit.
"After the injection, my ass will be very painful. Never play." She hid herself in the quilt:
Chapter 426 Tangle treatment
"It’s too late for you to get up first, so you’ll be in trouble." Ma Liang tried to pull her up, but she hid herself so tightly that even her head was covered. I didn’t expect her to be so afraid of injections.
Ma Liang had no choice but to reach out and touch her hand along the edge. I didn’t expect her hand to shrink, and Ma Liang grabbed several times. It’s all like this. Ma Liang didn’t believe in evil today. When he stretched directly into it, he suddenly felt that he was holding a soft thing like a small mountain peak but very elastic, and his hand could not help but grasp it very comfortably.
There is also a delicate touch through the cloth.
"Don’t don’t" autumn slight chill force sound across by Ma Liang didn’t hear clearly a little lust touched for a long time to react and hurriedly pulled out his hand and there was a residual temperature, but it was embarrassing.
I just did it on purpose, but sometimes I can’t help it.
So I was carefully pulled to see that her original feverish face was even more red and delicate, and a layer of charming water mist in her eyes covered her eyes, which was particularly hazy and moving, and instantly melted a man’s heart. Ma Liang quickly left her eyes, which was terrible.
"Don’t be sexual. If you are seriously ill, it will be too late." Ma Liang naturally avoided the embarrassment and said seriously.
"You don’t say so seriously to hide that you just did it. I said I wouldn’t go if I didn’t go for an injection." She had already gained insight into Ma Liang’s little mind.
"I really don’t want to go, then forget it." Ma Liang went out and went to the door. The room was also bleak. I don’t know what autumn chill felt a sense of loss, although I really hated injections.
She stretched out her hand in the quilt, then touched her chest, took two breaths gently, and let go. Lying on her side, her beautiful legs moved wittily, as if she had been in bed in high school, and something flashed in her beautiful eyes.
But now it’s not easy. The more I wrap it, the colder I feel, and people are a little groggy. The gas in my nose is boiling hot.
Ma Liangzhen left the autumn chill thinking that he would grind more for a while, but he didn’t expect to give up so soon. Sure enough, he still didn’t mind changing to Su Yuyao. He should be able to do something coercive, even if Pepe did, but he can hope on him now.
Time is limited, but it is also what she values most. She doesn’t want her parents to be disappointed, so she resolutely agreed to this way. However, her parents know that her heart is struggling. She dare not say that she is cautious and keeps it occasionally online. There is also a netizen who can’t see her. Ma Liang is the first person in reality to tell her.
However, the netizen wondered when she had met several times, but the other party refused Qiu Xiaohan and felt that it was better not to meet, because it was very cautious for the secret to be known to others, and she still didn’t trust that person.
In fact, she is quite at ease with Ma Liang, who has known her familiarity since high school and still has the same personality, and after contact, she found that he is very reliable.
She really didn’t come, so she left. She opened her eyes and looked at the direction of the door. She listened carefully. Except for the occasional blowing, there was no footsteps or motorcycle sound.
With a wry smile, she wants to cooperate well, but people’s personality is always naturally revealed, and it will be very tiring to deliberately create it, and there is no real possibility.
What she wants is that she can really like Ma Liang, get rid of that emotion that has been haunting her, and everything needs to be true.
I don’t know how long it will take her to sleep. It helps a woman to feel weak in that groggy state. At this time, she actually hopes that Wu Zhilong can appear, but it is a fantasy that he takes care of himself.
Thinking about all this, I can’t help but cry.
But at this time, there was a movement outside, a low motorcycle engine, and then it came to an abrupt end. After a while, I had footsteps and quickly wiped my tears and pretended to sleep.
"Teacher Ma, I’m very busy." A man sounded like Dr. Liu.
"Dr. Liu, I can’t help it. She won’t get up anyway. Please come here as long as you can. Then you can make some house calls," Ma Liangting said shyly
"Ahem, forget the house calls. I made an appointment with the widow on the west side of the village to visit her." Dr. Liu sent out a message that all men know how to laugh.
Ma Liang also knows that Dr. Liu keeps a good relationship with some women in the village.
"By the way, Dr. Liu is afraid of injections. Is there any other way?" Ma Liang asked.
"If the fever is severe, it must be the best to get an injection to reduce the fever, and then we have to observe that if the fever comes back, it will be fine. If you can’t get it back, you have to find a way. If the effect of taking medicine alone is not good, you will be in danger when the fever is serious. It will take so long to go out to the village, and it may be too late," said Dr. Liu
"Listen to the doctor, then." Ma Liang nodded, and both of them pushed the door at the door. Dr. Liu had a box with something common in it.
"Autumn slight chill wake up, I’ll call the doctor," Ma Liang shouted, and autumn slight chill opened his eyes and felt that he had just sweated.
"Take your temperature first." Dr. Liu took out a thermometer, dumped it, handed it to Ma Liang, and handed it to Qiu Xiaohan.
"It’s clamped in the armpit." Dr. Liu said, looking at the boxes of clothes and shoes in this room, it’s almost like a store, and his eyes are quite poisonous. I can see that these things are quite delicate and expensive. I can’t help sighing in my heart. First, there is a beautiful female teacher and this is another beautiful female village official. Is it popular for big girls in the city to run to the village now and they are all with Ma Liang?
I’m a master of reading women myself, but compared with Ma Liang, I just picked up some leftover flowers, which should not be leaves. This person really needs to pay attention to his life.
After a while, the autumn chill handed out the thermometer and Ma Liang brought a towel, but let her wipe it herself.