When Zhang Tao looked at the people in this temple, he asked again, "Answer me, do you know that we have come to Morningstar Pavilion? Haven’t you been following us? " Speaking of which, he doesn’t seem to split the reputation of the holy one at all, which actually releases a powerful murderous look.

"I used to sleep, but the smell of people in your temple made me unbearable any longer. Even if I fled to the ends of the earth, your smell would wake me up," said the cracked saint lightly
"Do you want to die?" The saint’s eyes were cold.
However, the split sage root ignored it and turned to look at Zhang Tao. "I haven’t seen you for many years, and you have become a saint from the original congenital doll. You are worthy of being his brother."
The word "elder" is all grateful, although he is not his master.
"Needless to say, go and do your own thing." The cracked saint said with a stare, and everything around him returned to normal, but just now the eagle elder also chased him. "Deputy Temple Lord?"
It turns out that this peak saint is the deputy temple master. He is the peak, so isn’t the temple master the boundary? It is hard to imagine the great strength of the temple in the depths of the prairie.
"You just kill this little guy, but you are a one-star saint. You are a three-star plus grassland witchcraft. If you lose, don’t come back." Although the tone is dull, it is full of confidence
"It’s the deputy temple Lord’s adult". The eagle elder said that he would lock his eyes on Zhang Tao. He was full of bloodthirsty meaning, but Zhang Tao’s expression cracked. The saint sighed slightly "Be careful". Obviously, in the face of opponents at the same level and the other side, there are strange and unpredictable witchcraft cracked saints who are also overwhelmed. But he is not very worried about Zhang Tao’s safety. After all, Zhang Tao is the younger brother. Is it so simple to get rid of people?
Frost feather flies to the distance quickly, but Elder Eagle is chasing after him, but he doesn’t notice that Frost feather’s speed method is still pulling him closer, but he doesn’t think so much. "Haha, where can you escape?"
Soon Zhang Tao is more than ten miles away from the cracked saint. In the distance, you can feel the strength of the two peak saints just like your eyes. But at this time, Zhang Tao stopped to fly over Zhang Tao’s head with frost feathers.
"Don’t want to run away? Have you realized it? " His three-star saint plus witchcraft, he felt that he was not worried about Zhang Tao, but Zhang Tao’s mouth gave me a strange smile.
"Do people who are dying laugh at themselves like this?" Elder Eagle was slightly upset, but he still made sarcastic remarks. "There are two friends in Chennan, the owner of Morningstar Pavilion, and the black bone saint and the silver fox saint. I’m afraid they haven’t appeared yet. Is it run out of luck?" This is also the topic of Zhang Tao’s heart. Now, in the morning, some people fake Han Chen and die, even in the morning, South born to die.
I am still too careless. The temple plan is not to solve the Morningstar Pavilion on the day of the wedding banquet, but to take such assassination means to solve all the troubles with absolute strength and thunder power, and then to control the Morningstar Pavilion by Yi Chenmu. It is a vicious means, so that the Morningstar Pavilion will be rooted in the shadows.
This is really too dangerous, because if the temple does the same thing again, I am afraid that many people in the whole overseas land will be eroded by the temple bit by bit and eventually become a temple day.
"You say them? It has been solved by the people of Wanmo Tower. How can our Kaku be mindless and break in? " Eagle elder is very proud "do you know? They were all tortured to death by a group of people, and the huge gap and despair made them blow themselves up. "When you hear the words of the eagle elders, Zhang Tao can imagine that the Magic Tower will gather together the saints, and the two saints will definitely be surrounded to death."
"I wonder what would happen if you were beaten by a group?" Zhang Tao suddenly asked a strange question.
Eagle elders are all one leng and then say with smile, "If you have this thing, the elders don’t mind bowing to you." At this time, the strength of the two peak saints in the distance is soaring, and Zhang Tao can clearly feel that two great forces have caused great pressure on the whole world like Optimus Prime.
"It is hard to imagine the power of the peak saint." This kind of power seems to destroy the world. Zhang Tao can feel a thrill more than ten miles away. "It is not appropriate to stay here for a long time!" Make up your mind in your heart, and then, regardless of the death of the eagle elders, three orifices broke out in Zhang Tao! Double orifices! Master! Emperor-level knowledge! Add the aura of heaven and earth into the body.
Zhang Tao suddenly changed from a small one-star saint to a strength comparable to that of a five-star saint. You know, the gap between each star is extremely huge. Zhang Taoke has crossed four levels instantly, and the face of the opposite eagle elder suddenly became stiff. He didn’t expect Zhang Tao to have such a secret technique and a green Dan animal. I’m afraid it’s a little troublesome. The more you think about it, the more ugly the eagle elder looks.
"Why? So you’re scared? It’s still early! " Suddenly, Zhang Tao’s neck with Mishu Tower suddenly flashed three figures flying out.
"hmm?" At this moment, the eagle elder was completely messy. How did these three people come out? Are you juggling? Big change, huh? ###!
After many days of stabilizing the body and adding poison fruit, the poison cloud finally came out! The king almost opened his eyes when he entered the instantaneous poison cloud of Mishu Tower.
Absorbing another poison, practicing for years, suppressing Jia Dan and the cold of heaven and earth made the poison cloud break through the imprisonment and become the first poison-killer who can control the body poison.
Not only that, but the powerful momentum actually matches the level of the ten-star saint in nine planets, and even in the face of the ten-star saint, it has a fight.
On the other hand, Nanguang was originally an intermediate Samsung. Although its strength was greatly reduced after the resurrection, it has been nourished for several days, and now it is also the saint of nine planets.
Wang! Because the special constitution of Yin pulse Sanqing is not to break the orifices, but a kind of cold sublimation. Although it is a one-star saint, its combat effectiveness will never be weaker than that of a two-star saint! Then cooperate with Zhang Tao, the strong one who can reach the five-star saint, and let the eagle elders lose their fighting confidence immediately.
"Do it quickly!" Zhang Tao didn’t want big sleep to delay playing with each other at this moment. Elder Eagle resisted desperately. After a few seconds, it was still a tragedy. He was hit on the forehead by a poisonous cloud and the toxin instantly swallowed his body into a pool of stinking sewage.
"Go!" In the distance, the fighting at the summit of the Holy One is still escalating. There is a strong wind blowing here in Zhang Tao, and there is no hesitation. Four people and an animal are flying rapidly towards the south.
Night! It’s so long. Four people in Zhang Tao flew for a long time and finally came to a rocky forest. This stone forest is not big, but hiding alone is enough.
Perhaps it was a coincidence that Zhang Tao found a subtle smell. Perhaps it was because the noodle man found himself and others that a little emotional fluctuation exposed his position.
"Is it Han Xiong?" Zhang Tao’s breath was not too close to cause misunderstanding.
However, there was no interest in it. Just as Zhang Tao was going to continue to ask questions, suddenly a true spirit formed a flying knife and rushed to Zhang Tao in their ears.
Consciousness slant head to avoid flying knife and cut off a little hair. Zhang Tao hasn’t said anything about poisonous clouds and Wang’s face is cold. Of course, they won’t allow people to start work on their husband.
Seeing the poisonous cloud with thick colors on his hands is shocking. Wang’s hands are as chilling as ice! Zhang Tao has stopped their violence. If these two men attack inside, Han Xing will die.
Just now, the trick must be Xuanqi Valley’s signature trick. "Brother Han, who are you?"
"I know you are temple people, and I won’t let you go even if I am a ghost." Listening to Han Xing’s tone is like a desperate person planning to jump the wall. Zhang Tao is surprised in his heart. I’m afraid he is going to blow himself up. If so, it’s really a big joke. Although I don’t know that Han Xing doesn’t believe in himself, he must not blow himself up.