There is a whistling wind in their ears.

Ten minutes later, they still landed.
Twenty minutes later, they landed.
Thirty minutes later, they still don’t know the underground.
An hour, two hours, three hours. Brady collapsed. "Shit! This hole is too deep! "
He is tired of seeing the same scenery all around for three hours.
Sammul He’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled until the fourth hour when his pupil released a light "almost touching the ground!" " His keen ears have heard a huge impact!
"really?" Brady’s eyes are shining. "We’re finally leaving this hellhole. Come on, baby pan!" He can’t wait to land, even if it’s hell, it’s better than this endless expectation
The huge impact is getting bigger and bigger. At first, it rained on banana, and then it was like a pearl falling on a jade plate, and then it was like beating gongs and drums, and finally it was like a huge thunder! Fix the weakest, Brady can’t stand it first.
"dragon catcher!"
He Tian immediately hit a dragon catcher to wrap Brady, so he was not deaf.
The impact is getting bigger and bigger. Sammul He has played a total of ten dragon catchers. Everyone is wrapped with not five dragons. The landing sound of Jinlong Waterfall with five claws is really too loud. It’s okay to listen for a while, but they can’t stand such long-term noise pollution!
Finally, lang flowers appeared in front of them, splashing high like fountains. They arrived underground!
This is a huge underground cave. At first glance, the whole cave emits ru white light, which is actually emitted from the floor. These ru white stone floors look harder than diamonds
"There’s a passage ahead!" Sammul He’s eyesight was extraordinary, and he saw a passage in the distance. Brady flew quickly without saying anything, and finally he was far away from the huge waterfall, and the sound of the waterfall became smaller and smaller.
They went on for several hours before they reached the end of the stone corridor, and there was light in front of them.
"There is light ahead! There is light ahead! " Brady was overjoyed. "We are out of the sea of blood! Darling, that Buddha should really guide our way. "
"Let’s go" Sammul He corners of the mouth also revealed a smile. Those days of blood were really miserable.
With the progress, the light is getting brighter and brighter, and after one minute, they are completely exposed to the sun! The soles of the feet are covered with yellow sand. They seem to be stepping on the beach. In front of them is a huge forest. The peaks in the forest stand tall and towering into the sky. These peaks faintly form a circle, and there is a looming palace in the middle! Huge than smoke, like a fairy palace! Shocking people!
The three men looked at each other and couldn’t believe their eyes.
At this moment, lang Chao suddenly came from behind them.
At the same time, the three men thought of something and suddenly looked back and saw behind them a piece of Wang Yang sea. The sun was shining with golden light, and layers of Xiao lang slapped the yellow beach, while they came out and the huge cave disappeared!
"Depend! What is this? " Brady was shocked. "Is everything around you an illusion?"
"Brady Sammul He, look over there! There is a quick monument! " Purple pupil suddenly came to the crowd, only to find that there was a huge stone tablet far away from them, and a layer of sea lang slapped the stone tablet.
Because they can’t see what is written on the side of the stone tablet, their brows are slightly wrinkled when they see the stone tablet, because the stone tablet is exactly the same as the blood sea stone tablet and the material is exactly the same!
"Gollum!" Brady swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "Should we still have the Mohuitou stone tablet in the sea?"? But this time it changed from a sea of blood to a desert island! "
"Bah! Brady, shut up! " Purple pupil immediately a drink "if you really write don’t go back to the big ye I slap you to death! I’m not asking you not to talk nonsense! "
Brady quickly covered his mouth with "mistakes!" He is also afraid of being hit by his crow mouth!
"Well, let’s look at it in the past." He Tianyin came to his brow slightly wrinkled.