By this time, I was close to them, and when I saw them, I wanted to be angry with me and say "stop"

Everyone looked at me when they heard the sound.
Xin, they looked surprised when they saw me because they knew I was angry.
Hyun and Han look at each other or take a basketball to play.
I quickened my pace and soon came to them.
I looked at them angrily and said, "didn’t you hear me say stop?" What do you take me for? Things or waving will come and go? Have you ever thought about how I feel when you do this? "
They didn’t say anything, but stayed there quietly.
I am even more angry when I look at them. "I tell you that I am a thousand ling zi bing, and I am not a thing, so you can dominate me. Don’t try to treat me as a competition prize."
"Ice me, I love you." They both realized that I was angry and said together.
"Enough love you will love me, love me, you will treat me as a prize? Love me, will you be like this? Don’t take love for granted. Do you know me? "
What else did they want to say, but I wouldn’t let them go on talking and turned around and left.
Hyun, Han, Xin, Ge, Ying, Qi Xi and Xuan all want to come after me and turn their back on them and say coldly, "Don’t follow me, I want to be alone."
Chapter 131 Black Wind
Chapter 131
After coming out of the gym angry, I walked around.
After I told them not to follow, they didn’t follow, they just stayed there.
Xin angrily scolded the two of them in the gym. "I really don’t know what’s wrong with you two?" Don’t you know that ice hates it when others treat him like a thing? I told you not to do that again. You still have to do that. I see how you are going to tidy up Ying and Qi. Let’s go home. "
Brother Hou also scolded them, and soon dragged Xuan Xi away from the huge gymnasium, leaving them two.
I went outside and said to a few people in the dark, "Chen Fengxue, you three didn’t come with me. I know you can have a holiday today and do whatever you want, but don’t follow me. I want to be alone."
"Yes" said a few figures and left them. They knew that I needed to be quiet at this time.
Walking alone on a lonely path, suddenly I unconsciously hit the cherry blossom forest. I looked at it and smiled. It seems that I really like cherry blossoms.
I forgot to admire the cherry blossoms, and my heart gradually calmed down, thinking about what happened just now.
I wonder if I was too hard on them just now. That’s because they like me. But I really hate it when they do that. Just go home and forgive them if they beg me for forgiveness.
Suddenly a fragrance came at me, and I knew what it was as soon as I called it bad. I was busy taking a pill out of my body and eating it.
Then I leaned on the cherry tree because I was fascinated by their fragrance and said coldly, "Isn’t it killing me if my friends come out and stop hiding?"
Out of the shadows, one of several people said, "You are the daughter of Qianling Group. It seems that we underestimated you."
"I’m flattered. Who told you to assassinate me?" I said calmly.
It seems that the killer was shocked by my calmness, but he soon reacted and said, "Hehe, if you hadn’t provoked our eldest lady, you wouldn’t be so assured that we won’t kill you. We hope you will come with us."
"oh? That depends on whether you have that thing. "
The boss came at me with a wave of his hand.