Xie inch officer behind him through his body cover quietly out of the gun.

Then Wang Yibing suddenly moved when the other party saw that the certificate was in a difficult decision hesitation, exposing the Xie Cunguan who had already shot behind him.
Because at this moment, his body is moving and it can attract the attention of the other party.
Xie Cunguan did not hesitate to shoot her gun when Wang Yibing moved his body for the first time. At this time, the attention of outsiders was naturally attracted by Xie Cunguan and the gun in his hand. Wang Yibing only shot the gun and caught the gun.
At this time, the mercenary with fierce knives hit the last door of the cell under the cover of two people and three guns. Xie Cunguan and Wang Yibing threatened each other with three guns and three people walked into the cell at the same time.
But they are faced with three people who are likely to shoot at any time. Naturally, they can’t be distracted to look after the injured.
By the third fierce knife mercenaries came in to fill the gap.
This series of actions are all carried out in a regular calculation, that is, walking and attracting attention. When we see that there are few people in the film to cooperate with skilled special forces to attack those gangsters, they beat each other like wheat.
Many people say that it is the director’s handling, otherwise the special forces will not die or die very little.
It is true that it has been dealt with in the film, but it is also true in reality. Because of the special forces’ walking attention calculation, there is an optimal calculation on the spot.
This calculation is also a tacit understanding formed during long-term cooperation.
"Who are you?" The man called Han Touhan asked.
Xie Cunguan didn’t look at them calmly in the room. "Chairman Cai, please come with us!"
Cai Fengfan glanced at him and said nothing. He stretched out his hand to pick up the table and then walked to the door.
Because then he hasn’t finished reading it!
"Take your guns out slowly and throw them to the ground!" Wang Yibing said coldly, "It’s all about the country. We don’t want to kill our peers!"
At their first glance, Han Han slowly reached into his pocket and took out a small 6Si pistol to throw to the ground.
He took the lead and two other Han also threw their guns to the ground.
The fierce knife maid only stepped forward and picked up all the guns, including three injured people and a fallen man, and handed them over.
Then Wang Yibing pulled Cai Fengfan and withdrew first.
"We will call an ambulance for you!" Thank inch officer light way with both hands gun back out step by step, the last mercenary came and locked the fence.
The four people quickly withdrew from the cell, and the ga7 members have not acted. Obviously, they lost.
As soon as Wang Yibing got outside, he woke up Ge Wangyang and quickly left the building. When a line of people came to the door of the building, Cao Xin was still working with jǐng, the janitor in the building behind the jǐng Bureau. After chatting, Xie Cunguan and others quickly left the jǐng Bureau.
Chapter seventy-five Go out, Sir
A helicopter took off from Hong Kong overnight. First, it flew to the high seas. In the night, it flew over a freighter. The party directly put the gangway on the deck of the freighter, and then made a spin and flew to the sea.
"What should I do if I pick it up?" Wang Yibing, the plane, looked thoughtfully at the porthole of the plane and thanked the officer.
Xie Cunguan just came back from meditation and looked at Wang Yibing’s face and wanted to think lightly. "Then we have to go to South Korea. A few days ago, I heard that Ri Nara came back. Shibata Hiroshi seems to be preparing to go to South Korea. I estimate that Ri military base has us to go to South Korea first during World War II …"
"what!" Wang Yibing face se is not a change "that how line? What about Yan Pei? "
Xie Cunguan knew that he was with Yan Jia, so he patiently said, "Although Xu Jingsheng’s forces in Beijing and Kowloon can’t dominate the world at present, there are not many forces willing to fight hard with him. We are taking action to let him put Yan Jie’s affairs aside for a while. We can wait!"
"But how can you guarantee that he will put Yan Pei things first? What if he does it at the same time? " Wang Yibing’s eyebrows twisted into Sichuan characters.
"Shen family, Ma Guhe Wajīngs things let them at least a month without j and ng force to cooperate with Xu Jingsheng plan and in the current situation Xu Jingsheng also don’t want them to come forward to work …"
"Long Han wants to take out the data as soon as possible. Although a large military computer group can be recruited, Xu Jingsheng must take the opportunity to corporatize this computer group. On the one hand, this matter is not so easy. On the other hand, he must have lost his branch in the eyes of high-level officials for a month. He will definitely not be able to deal with Yan Jie!"
Xie Cunguan patiently analyzed, "And when Long Han re-released the data one month later, it was also the time when the interest dispute was the worst. Although Long Han was in charge, it was not easy for him to balance the forces of all parties … Of course, at this time, maybe dealing with Yan Jie became a condition for other families to acquire Long Han shares …"
"But we have joined the Wangs to believe that Wang’s ability, although it can’t be said that it will definitely make Yanjie persecute, but it is no problem to let this matter drag on for a month by paying some benefits to Long Han! And it will take a month for our company in Indonesia to be built … Then it will be interesting to see if Xu Jingsheng completes his commitment to those shareholders … "
After listening to Xie Cun’s mandarin, Wang Yibing looked up for a moment and said, "But once Xu Jingsheng Company can be as lucky as Long Han, can’t it share the autumn Se with us?"
Xie inch officer smiled slightly "this you don’t worry that he is not qualified to share the autumn se with us! But Yanjie has to suffer for two months in that Lao Yao place … "
Wang Yibing, a circle-maker, naturally listened to the ga7 structure, but comforted him by saying, "Don’t worry about that! You YanJie that person is the most tolerant of loneliness, two months others may be crazy, but she just when the practice … "
Xie Cunguan took a strange look at Wang Yibing but didn’t ask much.
He has a respect for Yan Pei in it.
"Who are the mercenaries who are good at tracking and fighting in mountains and jungles?" Xie inch officer to avoid the topic and asked
"Twenty-four people are not bad, but five of them are good at mountain warfare and jungle warfare. What’s wrong with twelve people?" Wang Yibing just replied after thinking.
"I will be transferred to South Korea for tracking and mountain jungle warfare. Although I don’t know if there is anything in those bases, I hope to do it in case of loss!" Thank inch officer light way
"Isn’t Ri a little thin?" Wang Yibing unbearable way
A total of twenty-four fierce knife mercenaries, two sent Cai Fengfan to Indonesia just now, and there are four people around them. If you transfer sixteen people from RI, there will be two people left in RI.
Although Guo Ta Lu, Xiangdong Zhu, Liu Fan and Ma Bao Er Dai Ruoxi all have some force, they still seem a little thin.
"No, it’s the intelligence collection period, mainly relying on the Longhan Intelligence Institute. They are relatively safe!" Xie Cunguan came to this conclusion after considering it for a while.