"Hello, Hai Zong!"

The waves turned around and took back their thoughts. Seeing Zhang Yixiao’s mood suddenly improved, she smiled. "What can I do for Miss Zhang?"
Zhang Yi said carefully, "I’m not disturbing you, am I, general manager?"
The waves laughed, "Without me as the general manager, I’m still idle. I’m looking for someone to chat with. If you have anything, just say it!" "
According to Zhang, the door was locked, and a mysterious smile appeared on his cheek and he came up to the waves.
The waves one leng heart said, "This girl laughs so lewd and doesn’t want to seduce me like Liu Jingjing? If that’s the case, it won’t be fun. I still think she is a good child! "
He wants to go there! ……
Zhang Yi walked to the desk of the waves and suddenly reached out from behind with a document in his hand.
The waves suddenly said, "What is this?"
"hey! Didn’t you want me to look into that matter in secret? This is the information I found! " Zhang Yi said with a smile
The waves took a look and were not surprised.
This document clearly lists in detail the time and places that the chief culprits like to go in the three whoring incidents, and even writes down the address of their mistresses and when they have dated.
The waves looked up and looked at Zhang Yi with a smile.
This is definitely not an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl won’t get such detailed information!
This is exactly what he needs now and what he is worried about!
Zhang Yi kept a sweet smile without fear when he met the waves.
"Who the hell are you?"
The waves asked calmly
Zhang Yi made a strange gesture without speaking.
Her delicate white hands drew a big * * * and then gently!
The waves suddenly smiled at him, and he was white and in accordance with his identity!
"Qing!" The waves suddenly said
"zhengyuan!" Chapter according to connect a way without hesitation.
The waves crossed their legs, their eyes were unbridled, and they turned around. Without it, they just became solemn and bedroom, with a little teasing.
"So you are also a member of the organization!" The waves said with a smile
Zhang Yi sat across the waves with a big makin knife. His attitude was not as sweet as that of an employee who smiled at his boss. "Who said that girls can’t be agents?"
"Can no one say no! But if a beautiful female agent like you falls into the hands of the enemy … hey hey … it must be raped first and then killed! " The waves smiled insidiously.
Zhang Yi smiled and said, "When you said you were going to send someone, I thought it might be you. We should cooperate with each other. You can’t scare me like this!"
The waves waved their hands. "Don’t! We are different! You’re a spy, I’m a mercenary, you’re a public servant, and I get a commission. Hey hey, don’t forget I’m still a criminal! "
Zhang Yi laughed. "Even if you are a criminal, you are a unique criminal who enjoys the criminal world!"
"Is this a compliment or a loss?" The waves lit a cigarette and said with a smile
"There are! The most luxurious five-star hotel, the largest office and even the sexiest woman are criminals. I believe most men in the world will like to do it. "
The waves white him and Liu Jingjing things fell into the eyes of Zhang Yi.
"Come in!"
Hear knocking at the door the waves also don’t lift freely said
He is sitting in the spacious and bright general manager’s office, looking out from the French window at the far end of the sea …
The door was pushed gently, and the beautiful chapter came in with a clever smile.
"Hello, Hai Zong!"