"But how can you cope with so many people coming from the other side?"

Hearing this, Ye Han, Laner naturally understood the meaning, but she had to consider Ye Han when she looked at the figures in the west.
How can this cold brother do this? Think of others in everything, but don’t think about yourself at all
"Oh, there is no way to do this now!"
Ye Han smell speech is a wry smile. Yeah, how can you deal with so many people on your own?
But now it is obvious that he has no chance to think for himself. The enemy can’t keep them from coming, can he?
Stay back …
Ye Han can’t do this. Although he has heard this many times, it all comes from a woman’s mouth.
I vaguely remember that many times I wanted the other person to do something bad.
"Ahem … that blue son is obedient. Take her first. I’ll resist her first when she leaves here!"
I feel that I think too much. Ye Han is busy coughing and clearing my heart, and then I will decide to say it.
"No, no, I can’t leave you alone!"
Laner smell speech shook her head and denied that although she had always been difficult with Ye Han before, she felt it necessary to stay and fight side by side in this situation.
【 666 】【 Hanshan strikes 】
Ice City has been restless in recent days 【
The Han family is the source of this restlessness.
A very shocking event happened in the Hall of the Han Family before nightfall yesterday.
It is reported that a group of ice city experts went to the ice sheet to chase two suspicious characters, but they didn’t come back until evening.
The news alarmed most experts in the Chamber.
They joined forces to explore this and found that none of these masters could survive.
What kind of expert can kill so many people in a short time?
Although those people are not very tall, they can usually escape with fewer people.
However, this did not happen. Many people who went to pursue the enemy actually died together, and there was no chance to escape.
"Who could it be?"
The sound rang in the hall more than once, but no one could know the answer in the end.
It was not until this morning that everyone found a little answer.
The ice sheet is flying south with two powerful smells.
Although this answer is not an answer, it can solve everyone’s doubts.
These two smells must have come from those two people yesterday.
When they felt that the two smells were close to the ice city, they joined several masters to stop the enemy.
And these people are the masters of Hanshan’s family, Hanshan’s first cold family.
Hanshan, the leader’s heart is naturally the most worrying.
Now I don’t know if the enemy wants him to act rashly, then he can’t do anything.