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Chapter one hundred and sixteen "Yang night make the sea ()"
Meet the guard.
◎ Encounter cold hands
Encounter a sea monster
Little Nan has landed on Island No.1, crying all the way, carrying the bag back to the resort hotel, crying and taking the ladder back to his room, taking a bath in the bathtub filled with water, then combing his hair carefully in front of the mirror, wiping his skin care, squeezing a zit in the hidden place on his forehead, and then calling the hotel to order a table. After eating for a long time, he made himself a cup of coffee, got up with a coffee cup, went to the window and looked at the sea view, drank the coffee, and finally remembered something, and threw himself into bed and continued to cry.
Someone was crying. There was a knock at the door. The door was wiped with tears. It was his brother. The high-stubborn young master’s face was piled with laughter. Outside the door, he saw his sister with red eyes and tears. When he was nervous, he smiled and asked hastily, "Oh, my sister?" What’s going on? What are you crying about? "
This question made the little girl feel even sadder. She cried out in a wide breath. "Blare … brother … Li, Li … Li Huai, he …"
"Li Huai? Who is it? "
"Just … blare … that’s it, that’s it … surfing with you … blare blare …"
"He!" High dense suddenly enlighted nodded and one leng "? What happened to him? Sister, did he bully you? "
"No … he, he is dead."
"Dead? How to die? " High stubborn unbelievable looking at little nan.
"I … I kill, kill, kill" The little girl sobbed.
"ah? You! ?” High stubborn frightened a little boy’s hand and walked quickly into the room. After pushing the little boy into bed, he carefully walked to the door. The door poked his head out and looked around at the janitor. He walked up to the little boy and said seriously, "I have been thinking about killing people all day. I didn’t think about my sister. Do you really dare to do it?"
"I didn’t mean to … I didn’t … I accidentally pushed his water." The little girl sobbed intermittently. "He accompanied me to steal … steal the ore and was poisoned … and then I touched it … and he said … I pushed it …"
"Stealing ore? What ore? " High stubborn interested.
"It is the kind of gold ore produced in Jinshi Islands …"
"What? Where! !” High stubborn eyes shone with dazzling light, and straightened up before the child.
Small nan got a fright and turned around and pointed to a corner with the black bag "just … just there"
High stubborn hungry tiger pounced on it, quickly turned over the bag and pulled out a stone from the inside to lift his eyes and stare at it like a rare treasure. "Is this it?" This is Gangjin ore? "
"elder brother! Don’t move! Stones are poisonous! " Small nan wait for a while looked at Gao Cong and dug out a piece of ore, and suddenly woke up and cried in his hand.
"ah? Poison? " High stubborn face turned white with fear, as if it had passed. I shook the stone and threw it on the carpet. I watched my hand for a long time and got it in front of my nose to smell it. I squatted down and looked at the carpet carefully. The stone reached out and touched it carefully and smelled it again. "Sister, you scared me to death! What poison is there? The surface is just ordinary seawater! "
"What?" Small nan one leng quickly said "impossible! Li Huai was poisoned when he took the stone. It was so scary! "
Gao Qian glanced at the stone and smiled. "Hey, hey, sister, you are too simple. Ha, ha, ha. You should learn to be as smart as your brother." Gao Qian said and looked at the stone in his hand and asked, "Sister, why did you steal this thing?"
"I … I want to make Brother Ming Feng happy. He wants this kind of ore." Little Nan is still puzzled at a loss. Brother Li Huai took the same toxic stone. Why is it so toxic?
"MuMingFeng? Haha, don’t talk about him. Who doesn’t want this kind of ore? "Gao Qian squinted at the ore in his hand and said gently," Sister, can you give me a piece of this ore? "
"You want it, too?" Small nan leng "but there are many pieces in the bag. Take a few pieces and go."
High dense excitedly raised his hand ore "hey, hey, ha, ha, ha, with it, I can let a lot of people around me! I can mobilize many underworld gangs. I do things hahaha. With such a small piece of gold ore, I can start a war! What are the five families! "
Gao stubborn grabbed his waist and shouted that he suddenly found out that wait for a while, the little girl, knew that he was a little rude, so he concealed his ecstasy and went to Xiao Nan seriously and said softly, "You must never tell anyone about the murder of your sister. Wait for your brother to find a way to remember it?"
Little nan nodded obediently and looked at Gao stubborn with tears in her eyes. She shook her head and waved her hand slowly out of the door, and then a burst of crazy footsteps ran farther and farther outside.
Little Nan wouldn’t have thought that this was the last time she saw her brother Gao stubborn, who left the Jinshi Islands that afternoon to do something important for himself. Later, Gao stubborn cheated many people because of fake gold ore and was hunted down by the world gangs.
Finally, it is said that he fled to the North Pole and was taken in by an "AIDS chicken mill" tribe, holding a stone all day and staring blankly at the ice and snow.
After Gao stubborn left, the little girl began to cry in the room again. It seems that she definitely killed herself. She called herself Li Huai Yang Ye. She was not finished because she killed someone. It was more guilty. She remembered Yang Ye’s kindness to her. She remembered Yang Ye’s heroic attitude when she was surfing. She remembered Yang Ye’s desperate protection of herself. She remembered Yang Ye’s getting the ore at the expense of her body. She remembered Yang Ye’s sensational words before she pushed the water. She remembered Yang Ye’s intimate contact with her body before she left. I didn’t know this. Department stroked Yang night hold down the position in the mind very regret to the sea outside the window crying "that although you are a little lewd, but you are so good to me and I killed you meowed … you! If you can come back alive, I’d rather let you touch it. Do you hear me? "
If Yang Ye heard this, he would be ecstatic. Unfortunately, where can he hear it now? Our self-defeating master swims at the bottom of the sea-he’s lost.
Watermelon and an egg! Where the hell is this? You can’t tell the difference between the east and the west! Yang Ye cursed for a while, surfaced for a while, dived into the bottom of the sea for a while, and finally couldn’t tell the direction and couldn’t find the location of Island One.
"mom! What about the island? Where’s the island Give me quick land! Soak me to death! "
After repeated several times, Yang Ye’s patience finally went completely crazy! I dived deep into the bottom of the sea and played with my life, rowing my limbs regardless of direction and position. It’s over. I’m swimming crazy! When you see a living thing swimming around you, whether it’s fish, shrimp, crabs, insects or some unknown animal, you try your best to catch up with others until they swim to the bottom of the sea until they cramp and sink to the bottom of the sea. When you encounter a bigger and fiercer size, you dare to compete with him. Go and beat each other up, scrape scales, break fins, cramp and destroy gills …