One by one, the Ukrainians showed embarrassed expressions.

With his head down, he didn’t speak one by one.
Lord Hong snorted at them and asked, "Did you just listen to what your daughter-in-law Wang said? Do you want your daughter-in-law Wang to help you draw?"
After a while, one of the Ukrainian population was "no one"
Zhang Ting heard him this answer eyebrows tight cu into a ball "no one? What do you mean? "
Just now, the person who answered slowly raised his head and looked at Zhang Ting. He summoned up the courage to look directly at Zhang Ting. "The child is gone when he is very young. We want to draw a picture for us, and then we can find someone according to this picture."
Zhang Ting Jing almost didn’t scare himself off.
After a while, Zhang Ting’s face was in distress situation. "I said, do you think too much of me, Zhang Ting? You want me to paint your portrait, but there is no painter. Are you Ukrainian? Am I a fairy? Do you paint whatever you want?"
When the Ukrainians heard Zhang Ting’s angry words, they were all nervous.
"Please calm me down. We didn’t mean to draw this child. It was taken away at birth. We searched for it for more than a year, and it didn’t decline until yesterday when we saw that the monk painted your emperor vividly. We thought for a night before we came up with this idea."
"How do you want me to help you draw? You don’t even know what that child looks like, let alone me. You want me to draw a child that I have never seen before. Do you think this is possible?"
Zhang Ting felt a little sympathy for their experience, but she couldn’t just couldn’t. It was impossible for her to draw a person she had never seen before.
Chapter 795 This is you!
"We can say it out. We said," Just draw as we say. "One of the Ukrainians looked at Zhang Ting nervously.
Zhang Ting sighed and looked at these hopeful eyes. Zhang Ting bowed his head and thought about it.
"I can help you draw, but I can’t guarantee how similar the people will be."
"We are very grateful to you for agreeing to help us draw without asking for a pure heart." Several Ukrainians showed happy expressions on their faces when they heard Zhang Ting’s words.
To Zhang Ting is a fierce thanks.
Then Zhang Ting led them to the backyard of Hong Wangfu.
According to these people, it is a little difficult to describe Zhang Tinghua one by one.
After an hour of painting, a baby appeared in this painting.
"Do you look at this portrait?" Zhang Ting stopped his brush and called several Ukrainians not far away.
As soon as Zhang Ting dialect fell, several Ukrainians flew over to Zhang Ting like a gust of wind.
"This nose is very similar to this eye, and this eye is also similar." Several Ukrainians chattered around this painting and studied it.
It didn’t take long for these Ukrainians to look at the Zhang Ting side with the DPRK, "like it."
Zhang Ting listened to their answers and the corners of his mouth went to smoke.
It is estimated that the painting child can find more than a dozen of this kind in the capital.
However, since several of them have said that they are alike, there is nothing for her, and she can help others here.
"Since it looks like that, you can take it." Zhang Ting wanted to send them away.
When these Ukrainians listen to Zhang Ting’s words, where will they not be white? This is driving them away.
Although the faces of several Ukrainians were not unhappy, they still stared at Zhang Ting with grateful eyes.
"Pure-hearted Buddhist, thank you. What we said just now will always count. If a pure-hearted Buddhist has something to help us, Ukraine will try its best to help us."
Zhang Tingchao smiled and nodded at random.
Now she wants to ask them to leave here quickly.
Finally sent these people away. Zhang Ting was relieved all over.
Hao Ren was heartbroken to see her so tired.
I told the Prince Hong and his wife that while it was still dark, I took her and three children to sit in the carriage of Prince Hong’s Mansion and quietly left the capital.
Zhang Ting has been playing with three children since he took the carriage.
She also said that this man is going to take her to the streets in the capital.
After walking for a while, waiting for her, she found that it was quiet all around, and it was not like lifting the car curtain in the capital street. When she saw Zhang Ting, she found that they were not walking in the capital.
"You three stay here and play with your mother and go out." When you go out, Zhang Ting told the three handmaids to take care of them inside and put them three little guys in place. Zhang Ting came over to Hao Ren outside the carriage.
"Where are we going? Aren’t you going to visit the capital? " Zhang Ting came to Hao Ren and looked at him and asked.
Hao Ren, who was driving the carriage, glanced at his wife sitting beside him and smiled. "I think you are very tired today. You have to live a clean life. There will be many people coming to see you in the house to avoid those people. I’m going to take you and the children to stay in the villa for us for some days."
Zhang Ting’s eyes lit up when he heard this.
"It’s thoughtful of you to call me when you get there." Zhang Ting turned to the carriage and went in with a satisfied smile on his face.
The three little guys in the carriage are still playing with their toys like Zhang Ting went out.
Looking at the three of them so sensible, Zhang Ting walked over and picked up the three of them and kissed them hard on their three chubby cheeks.
In a short time, three little guys came to the carriage to play, giggle and laugh.
It was dark, and a carriage stopped outside a village gate.
The keeper of the villa hurried out to see Hao Ren take out his token, and Ma respectfully invited Hao Ren’s family of five into the villa.
The people who guard this village are a family.
Xing Guo
She is also the former consort of Princess Hong.